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Sunday Sevens #141


Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series showing a glimpse of your life outside the blog. 

1. One misty morning earlier this week, we spotted these three deer grazing in the field directly behind our house. They don’t normally venture quite this close, so it was a treat to see them.

2. Pumpkins were everywhere on Hallowe’en.

3. Midweek, we took No.2 Son shopping for his birthday. He’s got to ‘that age’ where he only wants money or clothes. And they can only be black or grey. 

4. Fifi started flagging after two miles, so it was just as well we took her carrier on this particular walk.
5. This is her dog’s-eye view. Not bad really, and she’s quite happy to travel this way.

6. Big breakfast for our big boy on the morning of his 12th birthday.

7. In the evening we all went to see ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ at the cinema. Beforehand, we had a fabulous meal at Caribbean Corner in Yeovil, where Ava, the owner, smothered the birthday boy in kisses!

8. No.3 Son picked up his certificates and medals after his Latin and Ballroom dancing class.

9. Whilst No.2 Son was playing football in Poole, I took his little brother out for a smoothie in nearby Bournemouth where the counter was covered with foreign currency notes. 

10. He was fascinated to find a $750,000 note from Zimbabwe!

11. We had a couple of hours before No.1 Son had to go back to school after a two week half term, so we tried The Real Greek in Bournemouth which was delicious. Sharing mezés proved ideal so we could have a bit of everything.

12. Crafting wise, the third and penultimate row has been added to my Eastern Jewels blanket, although I’m tempted to add an extra row to make it bigger.

13. I couldn’t resist this small remnant of fabric in a charity shop featuring a Black Lab called “Rover”.

14. The last metre of pink faux sheepskin on the shop roll found its way into my bag and I made another tote. I’ll probably put his one in my Folksy shop.

That’s it for this week. Tomorrow will be spent drawing Stitching Santa partners out of a hat which will be followed, I suspect, by lots of blog stalking and consequent making/gathering of things to include in the parcels – and I can’t wait!

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26 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #141

  1. My goodness, that eastern Jewels blanket has grown incredibly quickly. I don’t believe you have time to do that and live this incredibly busy and active life, there must be two of you!! Have I told you how much I love that #3 does ballroom? And of course, #2 is looking very dapper in his new clothes 🙂

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    • It’s only been an evening project where I sit down and crochet for an hour every night. It’s amazing what can be achieved in three weeks! No.3 still loves his dancing and has a proper partner at last, so they can practise together.

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  2. Where to begin with all this loveliness, that super blanket, Greek meze, fabulous fabric, super sons, I don’t know, but anotherwonderful week. Looking forward to my share of stalking!!

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    • It’s the first time we’ve done Greek as there’s nothing like that within an hour of home and it made a lovely change. I have mixed feelings about the blanket. On the one hand I can’t wait to finish it because it’s so beautiful, and on the other I don’t want it to stop because it’s been amazing to make:)


  3. Your blanket is looking amazing! It’s going to be stunning. Of course you had to have that Labrador fabric remnant – I wouldn’t have been able to leave it there either.
    Exciting to read the Stitching Santa partners will soon be revealed 🙂

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    • I’m utterly in love with this blanket, more than any I’ve done before, so it’s going nowhere other than MY sofa! I’m thinking coin purses for the Labrador fabric, in order to get the most out of it. Or maybe cut out the motifs and use them as appliqués on other things. It’s a frosty morning here – perfect for organising a Christmas swap!

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      • Ooh I meant to ask what you thought of the ‘Murder On The Orient Express’ – when I was over last week there was no escaping the trailers and mentions of it on every daytime chat show. The cast list is like a who’s who of Britain’s best actors so I’m expecting it to be brilliant. Wast it?

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      • Yes, it was ace, and they kept very close to the original storyline so no surprises of the disappointing kind. The cast were excellent, although the actual reveal of the murder explanation wasn’t as good as the earlier film. The cinematography was quite brilliant.


  4. That blanket is a work of art Shiela, I have loved watching it grow on Instagram. I have a son who has a black and grey wardrobe too (with an odd splash of bright green!). I didn’t know you had a folksy shop, I’ll check it out 😊

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  5. Fabulous week. Fifi had the right idea. Easier to just hitch a ride, and stay out of the muddy puddles, just incase she may need a bath. 🙂
    Congrats to son No 2 on his B/Day. He has good clothing else already. Well done. And congrats to son No 3 on the dancing. He definitely has talent for it.
    The foreign currencies are interesting, the Zim Dollar made me smile. 🙂
    Your blanket is stunning. I think an extra will be perfect.
    Enjoy the week and happy crafting.
    🙂 Looking forward to the #Stitching Santa draw myself.

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    • Thank you for all those lovely comments, it was a family-friendly week, perfect for half term. We were lucky that No.2 Son was home for his birthday, too. Fifi lets us know when she has had enough of walking – she just stops and refuses to move another step!

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      • I love family time. It is such a special time, even more so when the kids starts doing their own thing and are not always home.
        I wish we had such lovely places to walk with Miekie, but we only take much shorter walks. lol. The joys of living in a suburb. Lots of homes and dogs. Way to much to sniff and pause for. 🙂

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      • I’d love to see some more of where you live as I’ve never been to SA. One day…..

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      • 🙂 One day. That seems to be what I am saying as well. I have been saving up for a trip, and my daughter is suggesting Europe, since she can go with me. They have been there and know the way around.
        I am actually planning a trip to Cape Town (city at the coast, loved for holidays) and then a trip to the very east of the country to a game lodge. I shall make sure I take enough photos to share.
        And if you ever get to visit SA, it would be marvelous. Then I can meet you in person. 🙂

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      • Your plans sound fabulous and how nice that you can travel with your daughter. I shall look forward to some photos of your holidays in Cape Town and the country. Maybe I’ll just have to plan a trip specially to see you!!

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      • 🙂 You would be most welcome.

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  6. Love the blanket, but particularly like the reindeer dress that you are wearing for your dog walk.

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  7. You have the most beautiful children. I enjoyed seeing your update and a little of what your life is like.

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  8. Oh my goodness, those boys of yours are shooting up! Belated Birthday wishes to No 2. Bless Fifi – 2 miles sounds good going at her age and on such short legs. Love the Labrador fabric, you may have noticed I also have some.

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    • I know – No.2 in particular has shot up this year and will soon be my height. Not that that’s any great shakes as I’m only a short arse. Fifi still loves her walks but is happy to sit in her carrier when she’s had enough. I’ve seen the Labrador fabric everywhere so snapped this remnant up as soon as I spotted it.

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  9. We have one of those notes from Zimbabwe. What a lovely week with your family shared.

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