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Sunday Sevens #151


Linking up with Natalie from Threads & Bobbins for this week’s Sunday Sevens.

1. We took The Boys for a walk while we had some glorious sunny days in half term last week. Mind you, we’ve had SO much rain that the ground was still waterlogged and ultra muddy, much to Tess’ disgust – she hates getting wet feet!


2. Unlike The Boys.


3. As usual, Tess gets as close as is humanly (or doggly?) possible to the woodburner in the tea room.


4. Pancake Day!


5. No.3 Son ate two homemade Tiramisus after his brother declared them “Horrible – too sickly!”


6. On the subject of food, I’ve been trying to take some appetising photographs of meals for the Air bnb website.

The family wasn’t complaining:)


7. We’re still a soppy pair when it comes to Valentine’s Day.


8. The rain came back with a vengeance, but that didn’t stop The Boys spending hours over the fields and in the river.


9. Craftwise, I finished and wrote up the pattern for these little beauties and will do a blog post soon.


10. These socks were blocked and given a pretty wrapping.


11. This sock came off the needles, the second one not yet on them.


12. This month’s project for Minerva Crafts.


13. Cushions were made for the other b and b room….


14. …as was a roman blind.


15. Went to Unravel on Sunday and had an amazing time.


16. Met some colourful characters…..


17. ….and came home with lots of lovely yarn.


18. I just had to buy one of these, too!


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32 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #151

  1. I couldn’t quite believe that someone didn’t like tiramisu! What a full and busy week it has been for you – if not a little wet!

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  2. You have done so much! The Air BnB preparations are particularly impressive!

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  3. Your blog always makes me smile – thank you

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  4. Was just thinking about you, Sheila, after reading through absolutely everything on your Air BNB site and wishing myself over the pond. Your second room should be just as luxuriously comfortable as the first – looking forward to seeing it (on-line, sadly). Getting practical, what Tess needs are some tall wellies… but she might not like ’em. And more socks in your future?! Lovely & so appropriate for your climate. (We’re in for a week of heat & humidity – just opened the front door & quickly shut it.) Enjoy your cosy weather!

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    • Well, I certainly am doing my best to make both rooms of equal appeal and comfort – the second bedroom has the stunning views though! I’m chuckling at the thought of poor Tess in wellies. She really is strange for a dog, not liking a walk if it involves rain or mud. Yes, more socks are lined up and we definitely need them in England. I’ll make some especially for you if you ever feel like coming to stay!!

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      • Lol! Would love to take you up on your offer–Thank You!! Just need a bit o’ dosh for a tickey… What’s your closest international airport? Or dock, in case I have to row? 😉

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      • Ha ha! All airports are accessible in England as it’s so small – we’ve got four international ones within an hour’s drive and London Heathrow is only two hours away. I guess in the States it’s a bit different?

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      • Oh, yes, although to have international flights coming directly to an airport there are really only the most major cities – New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and Dulles (classes as DC but really an hour away in Northern Virginia). As we share common borders with Canada and Mexico their flights are a bit differently classed. Mind you, the afore written is only from observation, not hard facts of how it has all been set up!


  5. Poor little Tess! Such wet-looking feet, but it’s great she snuggles near the stove.

    It sounds like a lot of progress. Good for you!

    As a vegetarian, I would ask what’s for breakfast if the people don’t eat meat or even eggs? I’d make a nice photo of that too, just since there are so many vegans and vegetarians these days and it might increase the appeal.

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    • Oh, we’re geared up for every dietary requirement, don’t worry – we just can’t put photos of every option on the website! We clearly state that on there too, though.

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      • That’s great. We stay at a place near here that was built in 1812, and they do a really nice breakfast with fruit and pancakes and whatever else they make that day. Breakfasts are so nice when someone else makes them, and at a b&b people feel rather smug to get it in with the lodging price, if indeed they do–

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  6. I think you always achieve so much in your week and everything you make is always beautifully done and presented. My secret ambition is to wear a pair of socks made by you one day – if you want a commission at any time lets talk 🙂

    Siddy is a bit like Tess, in wet conditions. We have just come out the other side of a ‘weather event’ that wasn’t too awful for us but continues to be rather wet and he balked at going out for our morning walk today, three days in a row just a bit too much apparently! Maybe we will go later if it stops raining.

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  7. Boys and mud just go together. Love your dog and the wood stove. Your B&B room looks very smart and the breakfast very yummy.

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  8. Goodness me you have been busy and you make such lovely and beautifully presented items. You certainly have an eye for detail Sheila 🙂

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  9. Those socks are a beautiful mix of colours and they look gorgeous in the wrapping – did you make that yourself?
    Poor little Tess – my dogs don’t mind mud (which is just as well at the moment) but then they are much higher off the ground than she is 😉
    Love the roman blind – the fabric has a very French feel. When we were in the U.K. I used to enjoy making them but French shutters mean I have a loft full of unused blinds and heavy curtains now.

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    • I downloaded the wrapping which was free along with others on I sometimes feel guilty about dragging Tess out when its wet and muddy, but how could we go for a walk and leave her at home? Keep those curtains – you never know when you might need them and you’d kick yourself if you threw them out.

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  10. Still muddy, wow, and then some more rain. I can see the boys love it. 🙂
    Tess is so clever to make sure she gets the best seat. Will definitely dry out the muddy paws soon enough.
    Great lot of socks, you are on the roll.
    And I am absolutely in love with the room. Warm, stylish and so inviting. 🙂
    Have a wonderful week and coming weekend. 🙂

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    • It’s mild, though, at around 6C, so not so bad really and The Boys don’t care either way! I’m in the best place – on the sofa in the sunshine knitting socks, so I couldn’t be happier. Must finish those curtains though:)

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  11. Great to see your boys enjoying half term. It was muddy – much drier underfoot this week. Love the second B&B room and the first sock. Not going to say a word about unravel 😦 A woman after my own heart with those baked beans in a ramekin – mind, I can actually give them a miss altogether on breakfast.


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