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Sunday Sevens #154


Linking up with Natalie at Threads & Bobbins for this week’s Sunday Sevens…

1. We awoke one morning to a digger scraping back the verge and making exiting our driveway a whole lot safer.

2. Tess went missing…..this is where we found her!

3. Cheeky little Chinese with No.3 Son.

4. Coffee and cake at Thyme After Time.

5. Just two hours after bringing home two new hens, one of them came into the house, hopped onto my lap and laid an egg!

6. Our second Air B’n’B room was finished, and we already have two bookings for it.

7. I finished off the Belaggio shawl and blocked it.

8. The second sock of this pair was cast on.

9. Back to Thyme After Thyme for lunch because…..

10. …..they do a Full English for dogs! With Tess having lost her appetite since losing Fifi, we thought we’d give it a go and she ate about half.

11. Thursday morning was Knit ‘n’ Natter at The Slipped Stitch in Sherborne.

12. Walking with Tess revealed that there are still pockets of snow resisting the thaw.

13. A pint at our local.

14. Friday saw the start of a girl’s weekend in Cornwall. Let’s just say it was nice weather for ducks:)

15. A log cabin in Deerpark Forest near Liskeard in Cornwall was our destination.

16. The next two photos pretty much sum up our weekend.

I’m lucky not to be nursing a hangover……

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30 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #154

  1. A Full English Breakfast for dogs is clever! I’m glad she ate some of it. Poor little thing.

    It does look like another busy time period for you–enjoy!

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    • She did, but, now she has no ‘competition’ for food, is naturally eating less. I’m hoping this is the new normal for her and not a long term loss of appetite due to grief at losing Fifi.

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      • I hope it settles down too. In the space of two years we lost three of our beloved older cats and still have two, so it is still a bit disorienting to know how much they actually eat or need to eat. Somehow the pattern of 15+ years sticks with me and I expect them to eat enough for five young healthy cats instead of two older cats–


  2. What a sweet hen! ❤
    You continue to amaze with how much you can pack into a week 🙂
    Poor Tess. That was a good plan of yours 🙂

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  3. Love the photo of Tess tucked up in bed, bless her.
    A hen laying an egg in your lap! Surely that must be a good luck sign or something.

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    • You’re mistaking that for bird poo being good luck – although she did that as well:) Tess has always slept downstairs whilst Fifi slept at the end of our bed, so she sneaks up now, if she can, but looks as guilty as sin when we find her!

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      • Haha! My Mum used to say that dog poo on the sole of your shoe was lucky when we were kids and there was dog poo everywhere on the streets of London. She didn’t act as if it was very lucky though when we trod it into the house – funny that.
        Don’t you just love that guilty look dogs can do? It makes forgiveness much more easy 🙂


  4. My heavens you tuck a lot into one week! The hen laying an egg into your lap has to top anything else you have ever posted about however – that is some deep connection she has made with you 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised over how welcoming all the eateries and drinkeries we went to last week were to Siddy. He was always offered a bowl of water and petted and talked to – but never any special food for him. It was always down to scraps from our plates. My heart went out to poor Tess, hiding from the noise in bed. Orlando spent last week under a pillow apparently, not at all happy about his holiday experience! As always the handcrafts are looking spectacular ❤

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    • I’m hoping she’ll be a regular visitor in the house as our current hens are a little timid and don’t sit by the fire like previous ones have done. If pubs allow dogs, we tend to find they welcome them with open arms and often a biscuit or two. Tess wasn’t hiding from noise, she creeps up to curl up on our bed whenever she can get away with it – look at how guilty she looks!

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  5. My gosh you have so much going on! I have to agree with Pauline: have a hen lay an egg in your lap is spectacular! What an amazing experience.

    I love your Air B&B room! It’s both cozy and inviting, as well as stylish. Nicely done.

    Poor little Tess. That’s a heartbreaker seeing her hide in bed and also knowing she misses her companion. I’m glad she had a little something at the pub.

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    • I certainly didn’t see the egg coming, so it was a (nice) surprise. She has found her way around now though, and lays in the nest box like the others. We’ve already got two bookings for the second b+b room! We are giving Tess extra attention, but our bed smell is obviously very strong to a dog so she must find lots of comfort there. She did have the grace to look very guilty, though!


      • Well, that egg-laying is one for the books. I’m glad she’s found her way to a nest box like the others, though, since you won’t always be available to catch the egg. 😉 Congratulations on the two bookings. I’m not at all surprised. My love to your little Tess.


  6. What a week! To have a hen lay an egg on you must be near the top of the happy-list for poultry keepers – I’ve never heard of that happening!!! Fab!
    What did you think of Deerpark Forest – would you recommend it? It looks you and your pals would have fun wherever you went!

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  7. Sounds like a wonderful time.


  8. I love Tess’s hiding place, it’s my favourite too. I think her and I would get on well!


  9. You definitely deserved a break after such a hectic week. I’m wondering if you had some waterproof yarn to keep you busy in the hot tub 😃

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  10. A beautiful week with so much happening and being made and done. And lots of outings and such lovely meals and food. Wow.
    I love the room, it is splendid.
    Well done Tess, you clever little lady. Miekie would be so happy if only she could jump that high. 🙂 she has to be picked up if she wants to be on the bed.
    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy. I hope your weather is playing along too. 🙂

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    • Poor Miekie – Fifi’s legs gave up as she got older, too, but Tess is still young and leaps from the doorway to the bed! As you’ve since seen, we have had more snow which is rare over here so late in March, although not unheard of – April and May have been snowbound in past years! We make the most of it and get out for walks as we’re not the kind to moan about the snow, after all, it disappears as quickly as it arrives.

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      • 🙂 think Miekie is a bit spoilt, and then again, being rescued from a horrible puppy mill did not help her health much. She is content with us and gets away with most. 🙂
        I am so happy to see you are all enjoying the weather regardless and just get out and do your thing. We do it too, rain or no rain or storms. Our weather is very kind and we are blessed with lots of sunny days, and enjoy the rainy ones just as much. I myself would not mind some snow, but that really only happens maybe every ten years, for a few hours. 🙂

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  11. Ha ha! Your tolerance for alcohol seems to have increased 🙂 Good to see Tess eating half her full English – but it must be such a worry to you that she’s still not eating well. What did the doggie full English consist of? I see sausage and dog biscuit, but wondering about the rest. Love it that she’s always sleeping on Mr HL’s coat and not yours 🙂
    Fab knitting and the room looks wonderful. Favourite pic, of course, is Tess in bed. So cute! ❤

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    • The dog’s breakfast was sausage, bacon and Bonios – looked good enough to eat! Of course Tess always curls up on His coat – mine is white! We already have three bookings for the second bedroom, so that’s ten in total and it’s only been a month, so we’re both pleased and more than a little surprised.

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  12. Hehe that photo of tess is great. Glad she is eating something. That hot tub sounds great, looks like you had a brilliant weekend

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    • Tess looked so guilty when she was caught between the pillows, but I didn’t make it worse by telling her off as she is still quite clearly depressed. Yes, it was a fab weekend, thanks – how could it be anything else when best friends, wine and a hot tub are the ingredients?!


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