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Bellagio Shawl – Tadah!


You may recall that I went to the Unravel festival in Farnham a few weeks ago, and these are the skeins of yarn I came home with. Very restrained, I think, considering I could literally have bought something from every single stand had money been no object!

I bought the Bellagio shawl pattern from Debonnaire Yarns and planned to use the yellow yarn for it, which is a laceweight Ainsworth Prin bought from The Knitting Shed, 80/20 Baby Alpaca & Silk.

There’s something special about skeins of yarn as opposed to the balls that are more readily sold. I love the process of transforming it into a yarn cake, too. All part of the pleasure of hand knitting, I suppose.

I used a 3.75mm circular because I didn’t have the 4mm one that it required, so the final measurements were slightly smaller than those listed.

The border was an easy-to-memorise 16 row lace pattern and, unusually, it was an asymmetric design.

After completing the main border, I made a spontaneous decision to change the colourway and add in the navy yarn bought at Unravel. Making it up as I went, I included three golden stripes to break up the navy and add interest.

The ‘feel’ of the original pattern has totally changed but, as I wear mustard and navy together, this combination in a shawl made perfect sense.

The construction is slightly unusual, but I like the asymmetry of it which is enhanced by the three stripes.

A little under two weeks, and it was nearly finished.

I really must get some blocking pins, but until then, I’ll continue to use dressmaking pins and a towel on the dining table.

Here’s the finished shawl, laid out over the back of the sofa.

I did make several mistakes in the lace – not that you’d notice as the pattern is very forgiving.

Being laceweight, the shawl has a light texture and drapes beautifully.

It’s nice and warm around the neck, without being constrictive as it’s so light that you don’t really notice you’re wearing anything!

It’s already drawn lots of compliments (shawls do, don’t they?) and goes well with my Stag’s head dress – a favourite which is bearing up well considering how often I wear it.

The thing about hand knitted shawls is that you simply can’t buy them, which is why they get noticed, I suppose. I love having something unique….which is why I can’t wait to cast on another one with some more of that lovely yarn from Unravel:)

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41 thoughts on “Bellagio Shawl – Tadah!

  1. It’s beautiful – and I love the way you made it uniquely yours too. Looks like another good pattern!

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  2. That’s really lovely and looks like a lot of work! Good for you. We have the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool fair in October near here, and people come from all over the world to spend too much money on wool and to take classes etc. I haven’t been yet but hope to go sometime.

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  3. Mustard and navy is one of my favourite colour combinations and look lovely together on your shawl.

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  4. It’s stunning Sheila, I’m not surprised you have been complemented on it 🙂 ❤

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  5. Beautiful 🕊🐶😀💐

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  6. I love those two colours together and it will go very well with your stags head dress. I think you ought to grab some more of that fabric while you can and make another in case the first one wears out!

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  7. Your shawl is gorgeous. Your changes to the pattern work really well and make it unique.
    When you’re blocking are you really just using a towel? Doesn’t the piece end up pulling the towel in? I’m intrigued as I’ve still never blocked anything!! 😳

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  8. Beautiful. Love the combination of colours. 🙂

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  9. Very pretty, and perfect for the current cold snap. Enjoy the compliments – you’ve earned them 😃

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  10. This is just so pretty!

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  11. Lovely shawl. The colours look great together. What a very classy design you turned it into

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  12. This is just stunning! Love the colour combination!

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  13. Beautiful shawl. I am using an old yoga mat for blocking but haven’t got the pins either. Mx

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  14. I was just thinking that these colours are so you and would go with the dress when you wrote it goes so well with the dress! Beautiful

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  15. It looks so beautiful! I love yellow and blue together, they are great colours and the pattern is just gorgeous

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  16. The colours really work together, and it is amazing how well the lines seem to stand out. It is a classic, and will look with anything. Lacy shawls are a must have during any season. 🙂
    This one is superb. 🙂

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  17. it’s beautiful! The lace pattern is gorgeous – there is no way anyone would notice a mistake in that!

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  18. Blue and gold are a winning combination aren’t they? This is lovely, Sheila.


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