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Sunday Sevens #159


Linking up with Natalie at Threads & Bobbins for another edition of Sunday Sevens – a weekly blog series giving a glimpse of your life beyond the blog.

1. This b+b lark is keeping us busier than we ever thought – we had to turn people away who wanted to stay an extra night, because both rooms were fully booked! The laundry though……we would definitely explore the option of a laundry service when we move to a ‘proper’ b+b.

2. Supper made from leftovers – no reason leftovers can’t look pretty!

3. We walked to the local pub and just ordered a prawn cocktail. The landlady had run out of prawns, so came out with this huge platter of breaded seafood instead!

4. Yep, we all needed a lie down after eating that lot:)

5. We met up in Wells to give my sister her birthday present and had a little wander around afterwards. Wells is such a lovely place for a meander.

6. Aside from my sister’s birthday presents, last week I also cast on some new socks, this time for my brother’s birthday next month.

7. I rescued this beautiful cross stitch from a charity shop and will reinvent it into something useful.


9. Knit ‘n’ Natter on Thursday coincided with one of the ladies birthday and we all had cake.

10. Hubby and No.3 Son spoiled me with breakfast in bed on Sunday morning.

11. Apologies if you’ve already seen this on IG, but here’s the latest make for the doll I’m dressing for the school fair. Yes, I made the box, too:)

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #159

  1. A lot of lovely food this week!


  2. Those lovely birds, can’t wait to see what they become. I took my Christmas purse with me to Stratford full of myy beads, it was perfect and I loved it. The crochet bag was much admired at Spring into Wool at Leeds.

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  3. Now that’s what I call breakfast in bed!

    Bless those tiny little shoes – that is one lucky doll.

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    • I know, it was most welcome after a busy b+b week! I would have loved doll’s shoes in their own shoe box when I was little, so I’m hoping details like this will sell lots of tickets.


  4. Was there a special reason for breakfast in bed, or are you simply loved? The shoes are gorgeous. Your talent and output always leaves me reeling! We all know you will do something lovely with that old embroidery – but what? 🙂 The B&B is turning into a full time job already. Absolutely yes on the laundry service and a little extra help with the cleaning too!!

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    • Well, I’d been up early cooking breakfast for guests all week, so it was my turn to be waited on! Those shoes in their own shoe box should make the winner very happy. I would have loved that kind of thing when I was little. Cross stitch has been put to one side…because the sun is out!! Yes, b+b is booked 8 weekends in a row AND some weekdays, too. Two rooms are manageable, but we’ll definitely need help when we move to a bigger place.

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  5. Breakfast in bed, with a cheerful daffodil and Tess ready to help you with those pieces of bacon too. 🙂 What a lovely sight.
    That is a lot of washing and laundry.
    lol. My leftovers never look that good.
    Well done of the next “rescue” those birdies are just super cute. 🙂
    Have an awesome week and enjoy!

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    • It was lovely, especially as I’d been up early cooking for guests all week. I can’t resist trying to make food look pretty – it always looks more appetising then. I’ve got several cross stitches to reinvent, so I must make a start, but not right now – the sun is out!!!

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      • I also try, but mine looks as good. 🙂 Still tasty enough to be eaten though. And always loved.
        Enjoy the sun, the cross stitches will be around on the gloomy wet days. 🙂 Looking forward to the reinventions.
        Have a great day.

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