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Sunday Sevens #160


Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series showing seven-or-so photos of your week outside the blog. I’ve been participating for over three years now and you can join in if you want! Follow the link to Threads & Bobbins to find out how.

1. It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago temperatures were registering -7C when this past week it’s been 23C – that’s 30 degrees warmer!! We soon admitted defeat and sought shelter from the heat inside the pub.

I’m wearing the lace cardigan that I made a couple of years ago.


2. This little enamel pin arrived from Helen at Yan-Tan-Tethera Yarns – perfect for a sock knitting addict like me and I love it!img_5150-1

3. Excuse the hair – I’d just got out of the shower and the sun was out so we had brunch outside for the first time this year.img_5137

4. That same night we also had our first barbeque, determined to make the most of the warm weather while it’s here.img_5158

5. My sister sent me some photos of her painting holiday – aren’t they brilliant?img_5131

6. She’s kindly agreed to paint some Exmoor scenes for our b+b when we move.img_5132

7. At Knit ‘n’ Natter, Hugh brought in his fair isle cardigan that he’s been working on for six months. You can clearly see where he’s going to do the steeking for the sleeves – a technique that leaves me full of admiration.img_5145

8. That makes my socks look a bit less impressive, I must admit. Still, I’m on to the second one so should easily get them finished in time for my brother’s birthday next month.img_1534

9. I took Mr H-L to Pip’s Railway Carriage, a unique tearoom in Watergore, as he hadn’t been before and I often wax lyrical about it.img_5153-1

10. Using the sun-dried tomato sauce and pumpkin seed pesto that we bought from the tearoom, I cooked supper for some friends. Polenta, hot-smoked salmon and halloumi, with pea shoots, in case you were wondering what on Earth it was.img_5162

11. Pudding was this dark chocolate mousse cake brushed with edible gold – lush!img_5161

12. Our latest b+b guests were able to enjoy breakfast in the garden.img_5163-1

13. Finally, I took The Boys shopping for some Summer clothes. Don’t you just love how they each embrace their individual styles?!img_5164

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #160

  1. Another great week. Wasn’t that warm weather welcome. Back to single figures in Yorkshire today. Your socks are fabby and I am envious of your badge. Steeking the very word means terror to me K xXx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes, steeking is definitely a daunting thought, but I must give it a go one day, just to say I have. It’s not as warm today, but I still don’t need socks….it’s not stopping me knitting them, though!


  2. Your sister’s paintings look very good to me and I’m sure her Exmoor scenes will grace your B&B. Have you found one now then?
    I am full of admiration for Hugh’s knitting as it stands now – even before the steeking. It’s amazing.
    I’m glad you had a chance to sun yourselves for a bit. I managed to burn myself – through my clothes so I don’t hold myself to blame – but the sun is very strong here (when it finally arrived) as we are up high. I’m coming over to the U.K. this week but I see the temperatures have dropped in preparation for my arrival.


  3. You certainly made the most of the good weather! All gone now though 😦
    I absolutely adore that pin and wow that’s a lot of fairisle!
    Gorgeous looking food as well. Can’t wait until I have time to cook properly again!


  4. That fairisle is amazing. I love your pin too.

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  5. I literally gasped when I saw all that Fairisle! Steek – EEEK!!!! I’ve never been brave enough, but lie you I would like to try it at least once.
    Mouthwatering food.
    Your sister’s painitngs are great – full of energy – what a creative family.
    Love your boys!!


  6. Love seeing Hugh in your posts – he seems a real character. Pictures are super – there is obviously talent in the family. As to the chocolate cake – what can I say? Yummy!


  7. Love your sister’s paintings!! ❤ Given that I can't even knit a pair of socks can you imagine the mess I'd make of fair isle and steeking 😀 The food as always looks wonderful and the boys handsome!


  8. Love it all, stylish boys, fab paintings by your sister and great to get time in the sun at last. A busy week all in all it would appear.


  9. How wonderful to see all the Spring weather happenings. 🙂 Looks amazing outside. One would never say you had loads of snow just a few short while ago.
    The boys are super cute, and they do each have a very definite style of his own.
    Great knitting, great food ( I love polenta ) lovely guests, and already eating outside and a bbq. Definitely a lovely week.
    Your sister’s paintings are stunning. She has such a unique style.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.
    We have a long weekend coming, and look forward to the break from work and all. 🙂


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