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Sunday Sevens #161


Apologies to those who missed my Sunday Sevens last week (yes, I actually got told off by several of you!), so here are two weeks worth of photos.

1. I was driving through Burrington Combe when some free-grazing cattle slowed me down. Makes a change to sheep or goats, I suppose!

2. The recent spell of hot weather has allowed for more barbecues with friends. I never say no when The Husband suggests a barbecue as it means he does all the cooking.

Mind you, it takes me an hour or two to prepare everything for him to cook….

3. Mum and I went out for lunch at a new Mediterranean restaurant near her home.

4. Very nice it was, too – the sea bass fillets were enormous!

5. I finished and blocked the socks for my brother in good time for his birthday at the end of May. For those keen-eyed amongst you, yes, these blockers are a larger size, as I find I’m getting lots more requests for men’s socks now, so I bought some XL ones.

6. I also ‘treated’ myself to a Socker’s rule with UK Imperial on one side and European Metric on the other. Handy-dandy indeed.

7. Whilst waiting impatiently for some yarn to arrive, I found myself casting on more socks with wool from my collection.

8. It pleases me greatly to use coordinating stitch markers!

9. Or just plain cute ones:)

10. A few nights later, they were cast off and blocked.

11. The new yarn arrived and will soon become another pair of socks, this time for someone in New Zealand.


12. A pint and a bag of crisps went down well whilst out in Mere. Well, you’ve got to do your part in keeping the pubs open, haven’t you?

13. The irony is that there are so many other houses in this street….

14. No.3 Son and his partner entered their first dance competition as a couple.

15. Out of four dances, they reached the semi-finals in Ballroom with the Waltz, and came fourth in the finals of Latin with a fabulous Cha Cha Cha, winning themselves their first trophy!

16. We harvested our first crop of homegrown rhubarb which became jam within the hour.


18. I also made some Marmalade for the upcoming school fair.

19. Talking of the school fair, I spent an afternoon making some bookbound journals from some leather pieces I had lying around.

20. I’ve made a start on more things for the school fair – hopefully these will be ready to show you next week.



21. Seeing as I’ve spent many hours making things, I forced myself to tackle a few of the tedious sewing jobs that I’ve been putting off for far too long. Sewing on a button, repairing a seam and taking down the hem of a pair of cricket whites all took a total of twenty minutes, yet they’ve been hanging around for weeks being scowled at every time I glanced at them on the ‘to do’ pile.


22. I’ve obviously spoiled him too much because, as I was dishing up supper one night, Hubby made the priceless comment “If it’s not worthy of a photograph, don’t bother serving it up”!

This is what he got.

23. It was our 5th wedding anniversary this week.

24. Bearing in mind the cheeky comment he made the previous night, I was sorely tempted to put this in front of him….

25. ….and this in front of me.

But I’m a nice wife, so I cooked enough for us both…

26. ….and we went out for brunch the next day.


27. Even Tess had a Doggy Full English.


Linking up with Nat at Threads & Bobbins, Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series showing your week in photos.

More next week! x


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27 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #161

  1. Pretend to give him beans on toast, please and take a photo of his face. I can’t believe you make so many delicious meals, my mouth waters. I love the leather bound journals, they look so professional. A fabulous fortnight.

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  2. Your son and his partner look great, and it puzzled me to see the ties change on him–was that fancy long one just for show and not for the speed of dancing? Good for them for having fun and doing well.

    I love the old pub, and the cows, and that your husband cooks. I might have given him a meal of beanieweenies, as my Irish friends call it, after that comment. Happy anniversary, and good for you for doing the nice knitting and handwork and even the repairs–they do sit there looking accusing when they are neglected, don’t they?

    Liked by 1 person

    • They aren’t allowed to wear diamantés in their age group (8-11), hence the plain bow tie, however they ‘danced up’ in the team event (12-16) so we bought him a diamanté encrusted tie for that, which he loves! My husband used to cook quite a lot, but now I don’t go out to work I tend to do most of it, so it’s nice when he cooks occasionally. I figured that if I could find time to do all that fun making, then I could definitely find time to get the rubbish repairs out of the way. And yes, it does feel better now they’re done!

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  3. I so want to say “Is that all You’ve managed to do in a fortnight!” But clearly can’t. And really three journals in one afternoon……. I also so want you to have a superman cape!! Is that my jade skein? It’s beautiful 🙂 #3 is doing brilliantly with the dancing. What a shame there are only two boys in that group of twelve. Does that mean the girls are partnering each other all the time? Congrats on the anniversary, though clearly you have been together longer than five years 🙂 Your wedding dress is, of course, stunningly gorgeous. Having enjoyed all the bounty from your kitchen vicariously I’m off to make me some beans on toast 🙂

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    • It actually does feel like I haven’t accomplished much in two weeks! It seems like the B+B takes up a lot of my time at the moment, so my crafting time is crammed into fewer hours rather than spread out like it used to be. Yes, that is your jade skein and your socks’ progress is documented on Instagram, although am I right in thinking you don’t do IG? There are far more girl/girl dancing partnerships than girl/boy, due to the much lower numbers of boys that dance, unfortunately. It’s a shame, but at least means he’ll never be short of a willing partner. We got married on the 10th anniversary of our first date, so fifteen years together now. Believe it or not, I couldn’t give a hoot about my wedding dress and vowed to buy the first secondhand one that fitted me – this was the only one I tried on! It was on eBay, I think, and was far cheaper than making it myself, and it was all about getting married, not about what we were wearing. Enjoy your beans!!

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      • I do have an IG account but never use it as I am weaning myself off all social media except blogging. I think your wedding dress was a most fortuitous meeting if that was the case, it really does look stunning and I was more or less convinced you had probably made it yourself – you know whipped it up in the few spare moments between looking after everything else. I think it’s such a shame too there are so few boys dancing. It’s such a good way to keep fit, become body confident and confident generally – and for the slightly older chaps, meet girls!! I remember hearing some well known male dancer saying that was why he started going to dance class and then he stayed because he fell in love with the dancing. You may feel like you are doing less, but I’m not seeing that all! I think I may have forgotten to say Happy Anniversary – so Happy Anniversary!! And I wish you many more wonderful years together.

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      • Thanks Pauline, and I forgot, I did actually make the lace bolero and train that I wore over the gown because it was strapless and armless – and I was 45😬

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  4. Happy Anniversary! ❤
    I love the journals you made for the school fair! My hzsband knows a little book binding and I’ve seen him work and the fact that you managed these three in an afternoon is incredible! To me you are like a super woman who has tousand skills and I don’t know how you do them all! 🤔🤓

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  5. Idling away your time as usual I see.
    I really would like to know how you knit socks so quickly. I wouldn’t call myself a slow knitter but, when it comes to socks, they seem to take me ages. What size needle are you using?
    Well done to Son and partner – they look adorable.
    I see Tess has got her appetite back, bless her.
    I think you and Mr. H-L can be relied on to help keep the pubs open. I did my bit for the cause when I was over there a week or so ago – no need to thank me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You may jest, but I do actually feel like I don’t have much time to make things now the B+B is getting busier and busier! I use 2.25mm circulars for knitting socks, which is about as small as it gets – sorry to disillusion you! We’ve been taking Tess to that café for a Full English about once a week now, so much so that she gets excited in anticipation when we pull up outside! Glad we’re pulling together to keep as many pubs open as possible – it’ll be a sad day when the last one closes and they become a mere memory of a bygone era…..

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  6. I had to laugh at the thought of being told off for not posting anything! Lots of lovely food and love your husbands pink pinny. Have to say that I have learnt a whole new language and seen lots of new gadgets as I read your sock making escapades.

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  7. That’s right: we never know who’s simpley, “lurking” and yet appreciate your talents by shouting out your absence on this blog! So much: how do you do it all? THAT’S something may of us would love to know!!!! 🙂

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    • I just LOVE making things, it’s that simple! It’s surprising how many empty hours you have when you add it all up and I tend to pick up my knitting all the time.


  8. Catching up for two weeks is great. Lovely to see the green countryside and wildlife, and of course the great meals and pubs too. 🙂 Even little Tess supported and it looks like she enjoyed it all.
    Congrats to no. 3 Son Well done, and congrats on the anniversary too.
    Your goodies for the school fair is coming along great, they will be very pleased I am sure with all you have made and created so far already.
    Your cooking is fabulous, and always worthy of a picture. 🙂 You even make beans on toast look good.
    Enjoy the sock knitting and love weather.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for all those lovely comments Joey, it is appreciated. I’m still busy making things for the school fair – just thought I’d have a five minute break and reply to a few comments. Not too long, though – so many ideas and so little time!

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      • Absolutely. You have stunning ideas for the fair. They are very fortunate. I remember my days and school events. Now my daughter is all grown and out of house. Probably later again for the grandkids. 🙂
        Have fun and enjoy the good weather.


  9. so much here – I think I might be a sloth in comparison! Looks as if you are making the most out of life!

    those journals look great for the school fete…. where is it? lol

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  10. Wow, you are a machine with the amount of stuff you get done!! Well done to no.3 son!! 🙂 Hope he had a fab time.
    Loving the new socks and the colours of those journals.
    Happy anniversary, hope you had a lovely time, you both deserve it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, he enjoyed every second of it, thank you, as he just loves to dance and loses himself in the moment. I’ve just realised that both the socks and journals are all the same shade of jade – obviously subconsciously a favourite of mine!


  11. Another fabulously productive week! You look SO gorgeous in that wonderful dress – what a fabulous celebratory picture!


  12. Happy Anniversary! Your dress was gorgeous! Did you make it? Please share my congratulations on your son’s dance trophy. What an accomplishment! Girl, you are a Mad Sock Maker! LOL


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