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Sunday Sevens #162


Linking up with Nat at Threads & Bobbins for another edition of Sunday Sevens.

1. I cut No.3 Son’s hair as we were due to spend the Bank Holiday in Newhaven with one of his sisters and the forecast was hot hot hot. Now he looks like a different boy!

2. We all went to have a barbecue with another sister in Brighton in the evening sunshine.

3. Posing for the camera with his niece!

4. We spent a brilliant day at Newhaven Fort. No.2 Son walked through the shot just as I was taking a panoramic photograph:)

5. There were exhibits from WWI and WWII as well as showing how ordinary people lived through the war. The Boys were fascinated with this recreation of an Anderson shelter that many families had in their gardens and that acted as protection from bombs.

6. We actually still have an old Anderson shelter in our garden which is currently used as a wood store. I think it is now going to be restored back to its original form for The Boys to play in!

7. The Boys had SO much fun doing boy stuff, like climbing on the cannons…..

8. ….handling the rifles…..

9. …..deciphering the Morse codes….

10. ……and dressing up in camouflage gear…..

11. ….while we played silly buggers with the ‘Spy Disguises’…..

12. ….and stripping off to blend in with the Neanderthal display:)

13. On the three hour drive back, I managed to get quite a lot done on the current sock project.

14. Cock welcomed us home with an ear-splitting crow.

15. The husband had company from the hens as he made further progress on rebuilding the wall that they have systematically destroyed over the years.

16. Not bad for a city boy!

17. Meanwhile, I prepared all the food for another barbecue.

18. No.2 Son had just enough time to wolf it all down before heading back to boarding school that evening.


20. Building work has started on the barn in the field behind our house. It’s far enough away not to impact on us in any way.

21. See, scaffolding is up!

22. We took Tess out for what has become her now once-a-week treat of a doggy Full English breakfast.

23. Another day we tried a new café for the first time – Marnie’s Vintage Shop and Café in Ilminster.

24. My sister and her husband came to stay and we also had two separate lots of B+B guests this week, so LOTS of washing and cooking.

25. Craftwise, further progress was made on those socks.

26. Last week’s teaser became these cards for the school fair.

27. I was going to make a load of these for the school fair but, as they’re double-sided and take two hours each to make, decided……no.

Well done if you made it to the end – more next week!

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24 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #162

  1. Lovely to see you’ve had another great week. I really must get back into doing Sunday sevens!

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  2. Wow I am exhausted just reading that lot. Another totally fabulous week. Tell me do you actually sleep Sheila? Three hours back from Newhaven doesn’t sound long enough… hope there is no speeding ticket. Number 3 looks very smart and handsome with the new look. Food amazing as ever, have you given the baked beans to the Mr yet? Love the cards.
    Please slow down now so we can all catch up….

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    • Thanks Cathy and, yes – eight hours every night!! Hubby learnt his lesson from losing his licence years ago and doesn’t speed now, we were just lucky with the traffic. I haven’t resorted to giving him beans on toast as yet – he’s been careful with his ‘clever’ remarks ever since!

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  3. It’s hard to like you sometimes – you can even cut hair in a decent fashion! The only time I tried with my girls it was a complete disaster and I never attempted it again.
    Love the little sheep cards but I agree that two hours for school fair fodder is far too much so a wise decision to back out of the felt hearts.
    Mr. H-L has definitely done well for a city boy – we’ve got lots of dry stone walls but Mr. Tialys was brought up in Derbyshire.

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    • Ha – you are funny! They all get the same short back and sides now, so it’s much easier than cutting his hair ‘long’! I just watched the barber once or twice and it seemed easy enough, so I’ve been doing it for ten years now. Saved a fortune. I haven’t accomplished anything for the school fair this week, although I did make a platter full of scones for the Royal Wedding do, so not completely idle.


  4. So many things that are impressive – not least the amount you pack into each week! That wall is amazing. The top you made is obviously coming in very handy and looks smart and summery.
    i love your weeks, even if they do leave me in need of a lie down!

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    • Some weeks are more productive than others…but this wasn’t one of them! That T-shirt was a good make and is seeing lots of use already, as you’ve spotted:)


  5. That looks like a great week, and I agree that he looks like a different boy with that different hair, although it looks very well-done. I love the sheep cards, and I think that sock looks very ornate and elaborate–I would never wear such nice things since I would fear they would get ruined! The doggie Full English Breakfast is funny–what is in it? Tomatoes? Mushrooms? Toast? Eggs? Meats? Potatoes?

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    • We’ve got used to his new short haircut but he wants to put gel in it all the time now! Funnily enough, handknit socks are much more durable than shop-bought ones, and my toes never go through the end now I’ve got the measurements right. I’ve got enough pairs now to never wear anything else. The doggy breakfast is sausage, bacon and bonio-bites – she loves it!

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  6. Goodness where to start…… #3 is looking super smooth!! As is #2 is he enjoying his boarding school experience? He certainly looks as if he is. All the good food and ah my, those socks!! They look so soft and pretty. It is a beautiful pattern! The last little heart is so pretty, but yes, two hours at going rates and no-one could afford to buy it 🙂 I often say that when people want to buy a hand made card ‘You couldn’t afford it!’ 🙂 And it’s lovely to see Tess out and about having her weekly treat too. Is the barn being converted to a house? It’s good that your view and sense of bucolic space isn’t being intruded on. See you next week!

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    • Thanks Pauline, the new haircut was done at the right time as it’s been too warm for long hair this week – I should know! Yes, No.2 loves boarding school and, even though he can come home at weekends if he wants to, always chooses to stay at school – much to No.3’s consternation. The barn is indeed being converted to a house – the first new build in the village in over thirty years!

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  7. Lovely to see all the activities and great sunshine weather now that summer has finally settled in there.
    Your garden is looking lovely and green, and the wall looks perfect.
    I guess soon you will be having new neighbors too. 🙂
    And all the best with the goodies for the school fair, they are looking stunning.
    Have a great week and enjoy. 🙂

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    • Thanks Joey, we are loving being able to be out in the garden more now that the weather has turned, even if it does mean the grass needs cutting every week. Mind you, if the grass in the field grows much longer we won’t be able to see our new neighbours at all!

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  8. Neanderthal man did make me chuckle! And I just love those little sheep cards too!

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  9. Another wonderful week. Looks like you all had a lot of trying stuff out. Love the disguises!

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  10. Looks like you managed to pack a lot in. The fort like like an amazing place for young children.
    We did have some lovely weather this week didn’t we. Shame it has disappeared today though…

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