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Sunday Sevens #163


Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series showing your week in photos as devised by Nat at Threads & Bobbins.

1. Last Sunday, No.3 Son and his partner took part in another dance competition, this time in Portsmouth.


2. They did even better this time, and achieved 3rd in Waltz and 2nd in Jive!


3. Monday was spent sewing but, as our internet has been virtually non-existent for the entire week, I haven’t been able to blog about it yet.


4. Look at the size of these scallops!


5. We only needed one each, which is just as well as they were £5 for the two.


6. While we’re on the subject of cooking, this is one cake that looks much more appetising BEFORE it’s cooked.


7. Continuing on the theme of medal success, No.3 Son’s school won the inter-school cross country event for their age group….


8. ….and No.2 Son was awarded Player’s Player Of The Year at his football presentation evening.


9. Tess had her now weekly treat of a doggy Full English Breakfast.


10. We ‘had’ to try out the menu at another local pub to see if we could recommend it to our B+B guests. It was lush, so we did.


11. Hmm, all that extra B+B bedlinen ironing has taken its toll on the ironing board cover, so we bought a new one. I hadn’t realised it was so bad!


12. After our B+B guests left in the morning, Saturday saw us dressing up in red, white and blue for the Royal Wedding celebrations in our village.


13. Unfortunately, I tripped in a pothole outside the village hall and broke my toe on the way IN – before any alcohol had passed my lips! I did the typically British thing and carried on regardless, only taking my heels off five hours later to walk home in No.2’s flip flops.


14. The village showed the wedding on a big screen in the hall, which was followed by a fabulous hog roast.


15. Three out of the six kids came with us and joined in with the patriotic colour scheme.


16. After hobbling home in the early evening, we invited some friends around for a barbecue.


17. We had blocked out the night on our B+B calendar, so some of our friends stayed the night and it was already warm enough by 10am to have breakfast outside.


18. One final photo for Pauline – progress on her socks!


That’s it for this week – see you next time!

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25 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #163

  1. Ouch! That toe looks painful.
    Love your red dress. It looks like you are wearing the top you made – full length pic please!
    Congrats to the talented dancer and runner and footballer in your family!
    All your photos of eating outside is making me think again about getting some comfortable garden furniture.

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    • It’s not too bad actually, I’ve broken lots of toes and the big one hurts much more! There’s a blog post in the making about the top I made, but I couldn’t wait to wear it. As for the garden furniture aspirations – just do it! Outdoor life is so much easier and more pleasant with good furniture that you end up spending more time outside, so it’s money well spent.

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  2. Oh look at that toe!! It should hurt a damn lot!
    I didn’t see the wedding in real time and had a stroll on it in the late evening… well, I was impressed by seeing prince Charles walk Megan Markle down the isle… one of the most tender moment I have seen recently…

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    • As broken bones go, a toe isn’t too painful, luckily, only I won’t be walking the dog for a week or so! Yes, it was a nice touch, Prince Charles walking Meghan up the last bit of the aisle. Very thoughtful seeing as her father was too ill to do it himself.

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  3. Oh your poor toe, I bet it hurts. Remember I fell over and got a black eye at the libary volunteers get together before Christmas before I had embibbed anything too.
    Love the frock, glamourous as ever Mrs HL.
    Well done the boys!

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    • Pain is relative, isn’t it, and a toe is nothing compared to those broken ribs a couple of years ago, believe me! The ensuing wine and punch helped me to forget it for a few hours anyway. Any excuse to dress up!

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  4. I find that wine can help with pain!

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  5. Lovely sunny photos – I’m thinking of moving back to the U.K. actually – the weather appears to be better there 😦
    If Tess keeps eating those English breakfasts I’ll probably have to make her a bigger collar.
    You are a brave little soldier, battling on through all those hog roasts, street parties and barbecues with a hurty toe. I trust you took some liquid anaesthetic to see you through.

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    • You know what it’s like over here, so you’ve got to make the most of the sun whilst it’s here as you never know what tomorrow is going to bring. Tess is pretty good and only eats what she needs; she rarely finishes the whole doggy breakfast and if she does, I feed her less in the evening so her collar still fits:) I wasn’t about to let a paltry broken toe spoil our fun – it’s not as if it was anything major like those ribs a couple of years back. Now THAT was pain!


  6. Ooooooooh 🙂 Who knew I’ would be so excited over seeing a pair of socks being made – they are just beautiful! Truly my heart does a little skip every time I see them. You are fabulous!! So sorry to see that toe though – and carrying on – in heels – Wonder Woman!! I watched the wedding too and thought it a real fairy tale, it was worth sitting up til 2 am for. #2 receiving the ‘Players Player’ award is the highest of accolades. Congratulations to him and to you and hubby too. It’s a skill learned via role modelling I have found.

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    • I’m down to the heel flap on the second sock now, so should be finished soon. It’s a complicated pattern though, so not something I can pick up and just knit as I need to give them my full attention and concentrate properly to avoid mistakes. Glad you like them! The shoes actually acted like a splint, so I was better off keeping them on to delay the swelling until later. We’re proper Royalists, so loved the whole wedding thing with all the associated pomp and ceremony. A heritage to be proud of!

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  7. Good for both sons–No. 3 and his partner are doing fine, plus good for him and the lads with the running. The Player’s Player of the Year medal seems especially top of the heap for football.

    Too bad about the toe–they do break, and when we did them in martial arts class, sometimes they’d just say to tape them to the one/s next to it and it’d get better. I hope it feels better soon.

    Good for you for being able to have friends over with the B&B set-up–and you always have a ready excuse to not get descended upon by anyone wanting to stay with you for too long!

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    • Thank you, it was a good week for medals, that’s for sure! Yes, I’ve broken lots of toes/fingers and there’s not much you can do. I opted to keep my shoes on as they acted as a splint and stopped the swelling for a while. The B+B is on our terms and as such we blocked out Saturday night so we could relax completely, which was lovely as we seem to be so busy with it.

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      • It’s great the B&B is working out so well, so you can get a real idea of if you want to do it forever, or just a few nights a week etc. My fingers tend to crack and as you say, there’s nothing to do for them except not make them worse by overuse–then see if it happens again in future!

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  8. Looks like a lovely week of achievements and celebrating! Glad to see the B&B is working out well for you! Hope the toe feels better soon.

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  9. The Royal wedding was marvelous. I watched part of it here while hibernating and crafting. She looked stunning indeed. So did all of you, joining in with the colours and all. What a great day it was.
    Sorry about your toe, but I think you keeping the shoe on may have even helped keeping it nice and snug while you moved about.
    Congratulations to both boys. Fantastic, and well done.
    Enjoy the warm weather, outside time, and happy knitting.
    Hugs to Tess xx

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    • Wasn’t it great? Such a feel-good day and even better in the sunshine. It was a good decision to keep my shoes on as it definitely supported my toe and helped me get through the celebrations in a cheerful mood! I’ll tell The Boys “Well done” from Joey:) Enjoy your week. X

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      • It was great, and she looked stunning. I adored the dress and tiara. Just so stylish. They are coming to my part of the globe, and we are all keeping fingers crossed they pop into SA for a short stop too. 🙂
        I hope your toe feels better soon. At least it is warm, and you can wear flip flops. And the warm weather will help with the healing, which always seems faster in summer.
        🙂 Enjoy your week there too.


  10. What a great week for you – apart from the toe injury! I spied the tunic (or is it a dress, sorry if I said a tunic before and it isn’t!), very nice. Glad to see others joining in the Royal celebration – I wore red, white and blue on the day, watched the proceedings with a neighbour and painted by toenails red too – but didn’t add the ‘blue’ the the toe like you did!

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    • ‘Tis definitely a tunic! Wasn’t the wedding great? I was wearing red, white and navy (including the toe), so I popped into the sewing room and came out ten minutes later with a thrown-together felt brooch in the correct shade of Royal blue!


  11. Congrats to all, and specially to you for carrying on so bravely despite your ickle toe. Do hope it mends quickly and painlessly! xx


  12. It’s how funny how much you and I have in common (funny odd – not funny ha ha). I broke the very same toe in 2009 at a BBQ mis-navigating my way around an ice chest and I kicked the darn thing instead of missing it. My toe looked just like yours! Of course, I’d had plenty to drink by then so I’m sure yours hurt worse because I was quite numb. lol And I love how you all got dressed up (you looked FAB!) for a village party for the wedding! That’s awesome! I was up at 3am to make sure I didn’t miss a thing. I think it’s wonderful how an entire country can come together to celebrate something like that. Ever since the election of 2000, my country can’t agree on the color of the sky. I was watching all the royal’s faces while that minister was getting into it at the pulpit. That’s common in the States, especially here in the South, but I know that church will never be the same. Camilla didn’t know what to think! It was priceless. The camera kept catching the sidelong glances between she and Kate and I was like, ” I’d pay money to know what those two are thinking.” Very non-English ya know? Funny thing is, he was holding back! LOL Congrats to son #3 on his fancy footwork! I’m sure the skills from dance help him out tremendously in other activities. And congrats to son #2 – what a great guy! Love the tunic and saw it on MC. You were spot on to add that necklace and band. It’s very cool and I’d wear it any day. The grilling looks delicious. What a great week…except for the toe of course. 🙂


  13. Sheila, what fun to celebrate wearing royal colors. What a happy wedding this go around. Congratulations to both of your sons for their athletic achievements. They must feel proud of those accomplishments. I’ve been reading in reverse, so I’m just now seeing the tunic that goes with the red corded necklace. It looks great! Happy Sunday.


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