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Small Crochet Storage Baskets

When I first kitted out my craft studio I pretty much sourced everything from Ikea just to get started – their storage solutions are ideal, not to mention cheap. But, being the creative person I am, it is all a bit too functional and I’m trying to come up with ways to personalize my space with handmade alternatives.

Take these plastic tubs that are currently in my studio for example: –


They’re the perfect size – just not ‘me’.

I got to thinking about the work-in-progress basket I made a few weeks ago (below) and thought I could come up with something along the same lines, but much smaller.


I came across these little baskets here and love the different, but toning colours, and the band of cream that ties the three baskets together visually. I wanted baskets that could hang from a hook though…


After playing around with size, tension and colours, I made these three little baskets with a single hanging loop which are stiff enough to do the job perfectly.




I love them!  Sooo much nicer and more tactile than the plastic tubs. 

I will work out a tutorial for them so, if you want to make your own small crochet baskets – follow the blog and don’t miss out!



Crocheted Basket with flower inspiration

So here is the final finished basket and, yes, I am now happy with the way it looks.


It is perfect for some of my many works-in-progress (well, who doesn’t have half a dozen things on the go at any one time?) or just for storing wool.


I came across a version of this basket here and just HAD to have a go myself. As mentioned in my previous post, I decided to embellish the less-than-invisible seam with crocheted flowers topped off by a butterfly.


It certainly is easier on the eye than the plastic carrier bag that was formerly home to my mobile works-in-progress and will look a whole lot prettier sat by my feet next to the sofa.


Now all I have to do is convince the puppy that chasing her round the lounge with a rapidly-unravelling ball of wool in her mouth is NOT the fun it seems to be.


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First Wedding Anniversary!

Hubby and I have just returned from a lovely city break in Geneva for our first wedding anniversary. Four days of sight-seeing, sampling the (VERY expensive) Swiss cuisine and relaxing in general, we are now refreshed and glad to be home again – not.


Seriously though, I did enjoy being pampered away from the six children, two dogs, eight hens and an extremely vocal cockerel, but am now thoroughly revitalized and itching to get creating once more.

I. Love. Flowers.

Flicking through our holiday snaps, I noticed a disproportionate number of flower pics, some also featuring yours truly; here are a couple of examples: –


I crocheted a basket a few weeks ago and was not quite happy with it, but not sure what it needed to finish it off. The seam was not exactly invisible and kept jumping out at me so something had to be done and, whilst admiring the Genevan (is that even a word?) floral displays, I thought “flowers”. So that’s what I did. Results to follow:)