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Sunday Sevens #33

Another week of Sunday Sevens as organized by Nat at Threads and Bobbins – seven photos that show a snapshot of your week.

OK, for the observant ones amongst you, it is now Monday.

And there are ten photos, not seven:)

Remember the crocheted basket I made? Fifi decided it would make a nice bed, filled as it is with lovely soft balls of mohair!


I saw this tray in the Museum Selection and just had to buy it. It sums up everything that is English in a garden, doesn’t it?


The hens and cockerel sealed the deal.


My silver tea strainer and vintage china finish the look perfectly!


Celebrated the opening of the new kitchen in our village hall with a Spanish themed supper – this is me cooking Paella.


My lovely sister bought me this fabulous vintage cake stand for my birthday last month. Not that I need an excuse to make more scones, but it’s like it was made for them.


Unfortunately, this proved too irresistible an opportunity for one naughty hen!



Having stolen and eaten half a scone complete with cream and raspberries, she flopped down inside the french windows and slept it off in the sunshine!


Tess has that look on her face that says “If I did that, I would be in my cage in disgrace.”


Hope you had a lovely weekend too!


Small Crochet Storage Baskets

When I first kitted out my craft studio I pretty much sourced everything from Ikea just to get started – their storage solutions are ideal, not to mention cheap. But, being the creative person I am, it is all a bit too functional and I’m trying to come up with ways to personalize my space with handmade alternatives.

Take these plastic tubs that are currently in my studio for example: –


They’re the perfect size – just not ‘me’.

I got to thinking about the work-in-progress basket I made a few weeks ago (below) and thought I could come up with something along the same lines, but much smaller.


I came across these little baskets here and love the different, but toning colours, and the band of cream that ties the three baskets together visually. I wanted baskets that could hang from a hook though…


After playing around with size, tension and colours, I made these three little baskets with a single hanging loop which are stiff enough to do the job perfectly.




I love them!  Sooo much nicer and more tactile than the plastic tubs. 

I will work out a tutorial for them so, if you want to make your own small crochet baskets – follow the blog and don’t miss out!