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Small Crochet Storage Baskets


When I first kitted out my craft studio I pretty much sourced everything from Ikea just to get started – their storage solutions are ideal, not to mention cheap. But, being the creative person I am, it is all a bit too functional and I’m trying to come up with ways to personalize my space with handmade alternatives.

Take these plastic tubs that are currently in my studio for example: –


They’re the perfect size – just not ‘me’.

I got to thinking about the work-in-progress basket I made a few weeks ago (below) and thought I could come up with something along the same lines, but much smaller.


I came across these little baskets here and love the different, but toning colours, and the band of cream that ties the three baskets together visually. I wanted baskets that could hang from a hook though…


After playing around with size, tension and colours, I made these three little baskets with a single hanging loop which are stiff enough to do the job perfectly.




I love them!  Sooo much nicer and more tactile than the plastic tubs. 

I will work out a tutorial for them so, if you want to make your own small crochet baskets – follow the blog and don’t miss out!


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3 thoughts on “Small Crochet Storage Baskets

  1. Thank you – I’m glad someone else likes them too:)


  2. Where can I find the pattern for these?


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