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How To Make A Mobile Phone Case

Everyone has a mobile (cell) phone nowadays and cases get tatty pretty quickly what with all that in-out wear and tear, so here’s a quick guide to making a new one.

They use so little fabric and are quick to make that they would make a great present, especially if you personalise it like I have done, with a name and motif.

Here’s how: –

Cut out your motif leaving a little fabric around all sides.


Iron a small pieces of interfacing to the reverse of the motif.


Pin the motif onto the fabric you are going to make the case out of.


Drop the feed dogs, remove the presser foot and free-machine embroider the motif to the base fabric. In this instance, I just followed the curly white lines with white thread.

(You can use Bondaweb or similar to fuse the motif to the base fabric if you would prefer the no-sew option.)


Trim away the excess fabric from the motif, cutting close to the stitching.


Repeat the process for the back and add any other details at this point too – I also embroidered the name of the recipient using the machine.


Measure your ‘phone and add a seam allowance, then cut your appliquéd sections, lining and wadding to the same size.


Sandwich a layer of wadding between the lining and main fabric and pin together. Baste through all three layers.


With lining pieces facing out and motifs facing in, pin front to back.

Stitch around the sides and bottom, leaving the top open.


Trim the seams and finish neatly by enclosing in a thin ribbon.


Turn out the right way.

A strip of bias binding is then stitched all the way around the top opening edge to enclose the raw edges.



This will be winging its way to Italy in a few weeks when I have finished the matching yarn bag.


The wooly sheep motif is ideal for a yarn addict like Tajana, but you could easily adapt your design to suit other hobbies or passions.

Maybe a fish motif for a keen fisherman, or a cat/dog for an animal lover?

What would you choose to put on the front if you were making a phone case as a gift?

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VW Campervan Tea Cosy

I don’t know about you, but I love the current trend for vintage caravans and camper vans but don’t actually own one – yet.

If when I get one, it will have to be a seventies or eighties model in need of a bit of TLC so that I can “rip it out and start again” (suitable almost-pun from 80s band Orange Juice).

I’m already imagining an interior of pretty florals and spots in my favourite colours of blue, red, pink and white. The seats will be laden with crocheted throws and there will be enamel jugs and mugs on the shelves.

Bunting will adorn both inside and outside my teapot will have a proper tea cosy…except I didn’t have one until today.

And this is what I came up with….


Perfect! In fact I liked it so much that I made another one….

tea cosy1small

All I need now is a camper van to put it in:)