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New Back-To-School Dap Bags!

The Boys went back to school yesterday – they’re in the same class again as, because there are only 100 pupils aged 4-11 in the whole school, there are two year groups per class.

They’ve both had the same Dap Bag since starting nursery school at the age of three and, not only are they filthy, they are just a tad on the babyish side for two very boyish boys of seven and eight.

(For those of you living somewhere other than the West Country, “daps” are otherwise known as plimsolls or gym shoes!)

Here are said bags;

Old PE BagsDirty PE Bags

Definitely past their best!

So I decided to make them each a new one; Bertie, a camouflage one, with his name stitched on the front and a little faux leopard skin detail….

PE Bag frontPE Bag backPE Bag

….and Freddy one with an appliquéd footballer on the front.

PE Bag 2

He has masses of curly hair so this is what I did!

PE Bag detail


Needless to say they are chuffed to bits with their more grown-up bags.

I did actually photograph a tutorial as I went, but I’m not sure if I’m going to post it. Lighter fabric would have been much better for showing the stages of construction more clearly:(

If anyone would like to see how I made the Dap Bag….Gym Bag….PE Bag etc. then let me know and I’ll post the tutorial for you:)