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Sunday Sevens #153

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series showing your life outside of the blog in seven-or-so photos, as devised by Nat from Threads & Bobbins. There are no rules, so why not join in?

1. I picked up a friend from the village and took her out for coffee for a change, as we usually call in unannounced for coffee at hers any time we walk past her house – which is often. So often, in fact, that Tess sits down and refuses to walk by without going in for her biscuit!

2. I think the Poinsettia is past its best.

3. Hubby replaced it with the first daffodils of the season.

4. How to blunt your best dressmaking shears…..

5. As the temperature dropped well below zero with clear blue skies and ice everywhere, we went for a walk around Stourhead.

6. It doesn’t look cold, but my bum felt the after effects of sitting on this rock for a photo for twenty minutes!

We hunted down a nearby pub in which to thaw out and have lunch.

7. As the temperature plummeted to around -7C, we had a warning flurry of the white stuff. No.3 Son went outside in his pants to see how cold it was!

8. Cold enough to light a fire and block a shawl that has been finished for months and languishing at the bottom of my bag.

9. I cast on another shawl with yarn I bought at Unravel last week.

10. Only a few of us made it to knit ‘n’ natter as the forecast was bad for travel.

11. At the last minute, I decided to add navy to the shawl for a bit more interest. No, the biscuits weren’t gluten free so I just looked at them for two hours without touching.

School closed early at 1pm so I picked up No.3 and three of his friends whose mothers couldn’t leave work to collect them. They alternated playing board games with snowball fights – the perfect afternoon for four boys all under ten!

12. The next morning was a whiteout.

13. I waded through about eight inches of snow to let the hens out.

14. But they refused to leave their coop for the next couple of days.

15. Another snow day, so we made the most of it with a walk.

16. Snowball fights en route to the pub.

17. Pretty!

18. Although we get a dusting every year, a decent amount of snow is a once-in-five-year event which disappears as quickly as it comes, so we don’t have chance to get bored with it.

19. Tess was decidedly unimpressed with her first encounter with snow though.

20. She knows where we’re headed and just wants to get there and curl up in front of the wood burner.

21. Faggots, peas and mash warmed No.3 up nicely and Tess found out she likes faggots.

22. Pudding!


24. More snow overnight meant the long johns came out again.

25. I made some hot mash for the hens to entice them out to eat. They hated the snow underfoot, so we cleared a path to the food and they took turns to stand in the hot mash and warm their feet in it!

26. We’ve ALL got our long johns on underneath! This was on another walk to the pub in the next village (our village has a church but nothing else). You can just see the white gable end of the pub behind the church tower in the background.

27. Lunch by the wood burner again – we always seek the cosiest spot in any pub. Yes, No.3 had a mouthful of food at the time I pressed the shutter.

28. Tess’ favourite place to curl up and pretend for a moment that she doesn’t have to go back out in the snow in order to get home.

29. Our latest b&b guests cancelled due to the blocked roads, but hubby managed to dig the car out of the driveway and get to Morisson’s as some friends were coming for supper instead. He was met with empty bread shelves, which is bizarre considering their bakery is instore.

How was your week?