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Sunday Sevens #131

Linking up with Nat at Threads & Bobbins, Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series showing seven or so photos of your life outside the blog.

1. As Mr H-L was officially working whilst we were in Spain this time, my sister came with us and we spent lots of time together doing ‘girly’ things, like shopping in Mojacar Pueblo…..

2. ….browsing the Tuesday market in Albox….

3…….drinking Pina Coladas at midday…..

4…..late afternoon……

5…..and evening!

6. We spent a lot of time in the pool trying to keep cool both by day….

7…..and night.

8. Good food……

9….good drink…..

10…..and great company.

11. Far too hot for clothes!

12. After trying sheep brains, it was back to more familiar tapas – everybody loves calamari, don’t they?

13. One minute it was there, the next minute there was a hole on my watch bezel where a diamond used to be:(

Luckily I noticed before I went back in the pool, but the condensation had already formed under the face.

14. As usual, our holiday was over too soon and we had to go home – to this!

15. I took mum out for lunch for having the dogs for me.

16. We had family to stay for a few days and they bought me this gorgeous bouquet of lilies and roses.

17. The garden at the side of the house has gone from this…….

18… this…….

19. ……to this, so far.

20. Obviously, to ten and eleven year old boys, it’s actually a WWI trench, made all the more authentic by torrential rain and mudslides.

21. One of the first things we did when we got back was to take my watch back to Rolex for a replacement bezel. A day out in Wales was a welcome result and we took a picnic with us.

It poured down.

22. Did that stop us having fun? Of course not – we’re English and rain never stops play!

23. The Boys spent their pocket money on some old cars in a vintage shop.

24. We had a pint and a bag of crisps in a canalside pub in Bradford-on-Avon on the way home.

There are loads more photos, but I’ll stop there as twenty-four is plenty!

Enjoy what’s left of your weekend!


Sunday Sevens #130

This week’s sum-up is actually two – and comes from sunny Spain again. Linking up with Natalie at Threads & Bobbins who invented the original Sunday Sevens.

1. A whole week of glorious weather meant several consecutive days of dog-walking involving both a hat AND sunglasses – a rare combination in good old Blighty!

2. If you look carefully in the shadows, you can just about make out Fifi and Tess wondering why I suddenly stopped. I thought I’d take a few photos of our usual five-mile route, beginning with open fields and country lanes which are always traffic-free apart from the odd farm vehicle or post van.

3. We passed some cattle grazing under the welcome shade of trees. They soon came trotting over when they spotted the dogs.

4. This farmhouse features regularly in my Sevens, most recently whilst wearing the most glorious covering of Wisteria which is now over.

5. The point at which we turn around and head back towards home – the church at Blackford, our destination village.

6. The Dogs were relieved to find a stream to cool down in and immediately jumped down for a drink.

Both dogs were exhausted and Fifi spent the rest of the day snoring!

7. I managed to find some see-through wellies at last and ordered a couple of pairs to be gifted together with the hand knitted socks for Christmas.

8. Work on the decking has started! It will eventually wrap around the back and side of the house.

9. “Teachers’ gifts” are a new concept to me since my last batch of children were at school, so imagine my surprise when a student presented me with this tote that she’d printed by hand for me!

10. End of term barbecue at school, accompanied by a steady stream of drizzle. Well, it wouldn’t be a barbecue without rain, would it?!

11. Places you can crochet: in the car whilst No.3 Son is at football training.

12. Progress on said blanket.

13. We popped in to a café which we had passed numerous times but had never actually been in. They were shooting some promotional photos and asked us to pose. Looks like we’re going to feature in their advertising!

14. Mr H-L erected a new chicken coop and run for the hens. We just couldn’t get rid of the mites that infested the old one and decided that the best thing to do was to burn it.

15. Here it is in its final resting place at the top of the garden. The Girls are already happily laying in the nest box again, after eschewing the coop in favour of laying in the hedge in an effort to avoid the pesky mites.

16. We were able to squeeze in lunch at our favourite place, Holbrook House.

17. Fifteen of us met in a pub for a family meal.

18. Happy 69th Birthday Mum!

19. No.2 Son’s last day at Primary School.

20. I was gifted FIVE boxes of embroidery threads, all carefully catalogued and beautifully organised! 

21. Schools broke up for the Summer holidays later than most countries, on 21st July. Three days later we flew back to my Auntie’s in Spain for ten days, joined by my sister this time.

22. Mr H-L was working the whole time – here he is taking a ‘phone call on the roof terrace above the ‘casita’, his office for the duration. Nice work if you can get it!

23. Everyone needs a lunch break, though, so popping out for tapas was a must.

24. And, of course, long, hot evenings were all enjoyed together.

25. I’ll leave you pondering over one of our more adventurous tapas.

Yes, it is EXACTLY what it appears to be!!!


Sunday Sevens #90

This week’s Sunday Sevens comes from Spain again, although we are actually back in Luke warm and soggy England once more now which means…….

1. ……no more cups of hot water and lemon on the roof terrace overlooking the pool and this mountain view.

2. Lemons freshly picked off a tree in the garden.

3. The entrance to the weekly market in Albox.

4. A relaxed way of displaying lengths of fabric for sale.

5. I bought a couple of linen shirts from this stall.

6. I couldn’t resist joining The Boys on their second hack through the mountains – no broken ribs this year, thankfully!

7. We took The Boys for a day out to Mini Hollywood, way out in the desert region of Southern Spain, where the spaghetti westerns were filmed.

8. Twice daily live mini westerns are put on for visitors and, although The Boys have been here before and watched it several times, they still loved it!

9. The actors were very friendly (despite the dead pan expressions put on for the photos!) and encouraged visitors to join them on the wagons or horses for a photo.

10. We all loved the Can Can dancers in the Saloon.

11. Mr H-L didn’t need to be asked twice to pose for a photo with one of the dancers after the show had finished.

12. After a few hours in the blistering heat, The Boys were desperate to get to the swimming pool which was also part of Mini Hollywood.

13. A good hour was spent on the water slides.

14. It was a bit weird to see all this water in such a dry region.

15. A welcome beer on the porch outside the Saloon Bar.

16. The Boys went riding again the next day, while Mr H-L and I explored Partaloa village.

17. Two very hungry boys were more than happy to go for tapas after riding.

18. This little lot didn’t last long!

19. Back ‘home’ for an afternoon relaxing and I managed to block all four panels of my lace cardigan. They dried in no time in the dappled shade.

20. The world famous Desert Springs was our destination the next day.

21. A leisurely family lunch was enjoyed in the welcome shade of the porch dining area.

22. View from the dining complex over the golf course – the only places in Southern Spain to have real grass!

23. Back at the villa, The Boys played in the pool whilst we downed Summer wine by the jug full.

24. I started joining the cardigan panels together but, even though I finished all the knitting before our holiday, I still hadn’t stitched it together by the end of the fortnight!

25. The Boys climbed onto the plane tired but happy at 9.30pm. They crawled into bed at 1.30am UK time…..and we had to wake them up for school at 8.30 the following morning, poor things!

Thanks to Nat at Threads & Bobbins for organising Sunday Sevens; a weekly blog series in photo format.