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A Question of Faith – and ‘Ta Dah!’


I had a Christening to photograph yesterday in The Day Job and, seeing the girls all dressed up in their finery, it almost made me wish that I had gone with tradition and had my four children baptized. But I don’t believe in a higher being, so I didn’t – that would have been hypocritical and just plain wrong.

It does make me sad though, especially when I see how much comfort people get from their faith when going through tough times. You can’t force yourself to believe though, can you? I do go to church occasionally however, and always when on holiday abroad, as I find the architecture and ‘feel’ of religious buildings fascinating.

I also love singing hymns – Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are just so special and I thoroughly enjoy these services in particular. I draw the line at joining in the prayers as it doesn’t feel right.

Does anyone else have this dilemma or am I just weird I wonder?

On the lighter side of life, I have another ‘Ta Dah’ moment to share with you….

Stripy throw small

Quite different to anything else I’ve made recently, more muted, dusky tones.

stripy throw 3small

stripy throw2small

Very simple – just rows of treble crochet (US double) and a border of double crochet (US single) finished with a picot edging.

stripy throw 4small

I used chunky yarn and 6mm hook so it made up nice and thick and cosy – perfect for when my niece slept outside;

stripy throw5smallIt was my son’s girlfriend’s birthday a couple of weeks ago – you may remember I taught her to crochet a while back? Well, she hasn’t managed to actually make a finished anything yet, so I made her a cushion in an effort to inspire her. So I suppose this is a little ‘Ta Dah’ moment too…!

Frankie's cushion small

Cushion back small

It’s still glorious weather-wise across much of England I think so we’re spending most of our time outside while we get the chance. Of course, that means more time spent looking at the state of the garden and the sheds in particular. I keep asking hubby to ‘go through’ the sheds as we can barely get the lawnmower in the door of one of them, but to no avail as yet. I also can’t decide whether to get a new shed door, paint the old one or….just leave it as it is.  I really rather like the rustic-ness of the way it has aged, with the peeling paint and the grille from when the previous owners used it as a kennel. The out-of-control mint smells wonderful as you brush past it to open the door.

Shed door small

What do you think?  Shabby chic or just plain shabby?

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2 thoughts on “A Question of Faith – and ‘Ta Dah!’

  1. Definitely chic …. your crochet is an inspiration many thanks for a little glimpse of what I’ll be able to achieve if I keep pushing my boundaries 🙂


  2. Thanks Roma – I only took crochet up again in February after a thirty-five year break, before which I had only done granny squares! Pinterest is my inspiration together with the amazing blogs that I keep happening upon.


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