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Work In Progress Update (and a lovely video of my young sons crocheting!)


Well, another glorious Summer day – boys are naked trampolining, naked swimming and…..naked crocheting. Yes, really!

I love the Summer holidays (when we have a good Summer!) because we are outside from the moment the boys wake up until the moment they drop through the sheer exhausted joy of just being boys. And I have far less washing to do because…who needs clothes?

We really do make the most of the good weather while it lasts and, as I don’t like to leave them in the pool unattended, it means I have a good excuse to relax on the day bed in the garden and crochet/read for a large part of the day. How lucky is that?

Bertie crochet - 02small

As such, my latest blanket is coming on a treat so I thought I’d show you a quick update. This is the Greengate style one that I ended up having to write my own pattern for because Google Translate didn’t do a great job.  If anyone wants it, I will try to work out how to do a PDF for downloading but until then you will have to email me and I can send the pattern to you.

So, here it is so far;

Bertie crochet - 04small Bertie crochet - 05small

I had a few of my favourite books on the table next to me to dip into for when I got Crocheter’s Cramp. I love ‘The Handmade Home’ by Cherry Menlove (real name, apparently!) and it’s exactly the kind of book I would love to write one day. Hers stemmed from a highly successful blog but publishers are only interested when your blog has more than 10,000 folowers though, so might be a while yet as I’ve only got 20! Still, I can dream can’t I and I do have thirty-plus years of material to edit down first!

Bertie crochet - 03small

After a couple of hours playing in the garden, the boys needed a rest and decided to join me on the bed with their crochet.

Bertie crochet - 10small

Bertie is only eight and Freddy just seven, so they’re not old enough to be put off by the stereoptype that ‘crochet is for girls’. I will encourage them while I can; not that Bertie needs any encouragement – look how big his blanket is getting!

Bertie crochet - 06small

Freddy is short tempered and gets frustrated quite easily, but Bertie has so much more patience than me and quietly explains to his little brother how to put any mistakes right.

Bertie crochet - 08small

I was watching them and I couldn’t believe how fast Bertie can crochet now so I took a short video.

Here it is if you want to use it to inspire a youngster of your own:-

Video of my 8 and 7 year old sons crocheting!

My husband is NOT interested in crochet.

He does Man Things, like cleaning out the pool….

Bertie crochet - 09small

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3 thoughts on “Work In Progress Update (and a lovely video of my young sons crocheting!)

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blanket deep sighs of longing. You poor lamb having to spend sooo much time outside with your cherished family…… I hope you don’t crack under the strain, I realise life life can be hard you will just have to be brave and smile. Start writing your book anyway as us little bloggers will one day (when you are an accomplished author) be able to say ‘Ah yes I’ve been a fan for years don’t you know’ Brilliant family photos by the way xx


  2. Ha ha! I don’t know why, but I feel guilty if I’m sat down doing something for myself so it doesn’t often happen during the day. Silly really, there’s nothing the kids want more than just your time, sitting down doing stuff with them. As mothers/wives I suppose we’re so used to being rushed off our feet that we don’t feel we’ve got time to relax and do ‘nothing’.
    On the book front, I have self-published photography books so I may well do the same with crafts one day. X


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