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Crochet cowls and beanie


Just a quick post today to show you a few finished Christmas presents. I don’t think any of the intended recipients read the blog, so as long as I don’t put them on my Facebook page it shouldn’t spoil any surprises:)

First, another chunky cowl in purple fleck….

purple cowl

….and another in black fleck;

black cowl

The free pattern and tutorial can be found here.

Finally, here is the crocheted beanie in a fab ribbed design;

ribbed beanie

Personally speaking, I would have loved it in lime green like in the original pattern which can be found over at Hopeful Honey, but most people have more conservative tastes than mine:)

Next, onto the monogrammed napkins – now they really are a challenge!

How are you getting on with your handmade Christmas gifts?

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14 thoughts on “Crochet cowls and beanie

  1. Im trying to keep up with you lol
    You are doing great… Love the gifts!!!

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  2. Surely everyone needs a little Lime Green in their lives ??…..beautiful gifts that will be treasured 🙂

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    • You’d think so, but teenagers like to fit in rather than stand out from the crowd, don’t they? They’ll probably think they’re boring presents like socks are for men. I love handmade socks:)


  3. Love your gifts! Wish I was as organised!
    Last year I made everyones Christmas presses (except my sons) and I plan to this year but haven’t started yet. I’m finding it hard choosing what to make, so I’m going to make mostly Christmas Stockings. I’ve bought some white fleece blankets with silver swirls on from IKEA and plan to use these. They were only £1.50 each!

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  4. I’m sure everyone will be thrilled with your lovely gifts and I can’t believe how fast you make them – maybe I should take up crochet instead of battling with Flying Goosey quilt 2 ;-/

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    • Well, they’re only token presents really, not heirlooms like yours promise to be:)


      • Tokens they may be!.. but still very beautiful and made with lots of love for their lucky recipients 🙂
        This Goosey quilt No.2 is going for sale this time, Dearest can’t keep having my creations – he’s still not paid me for the last 45 he’s claimed! Whether it will ever sell is another thing – if not, maybe it will become my Grandchild’s heirloom – that’s if…if I ever have one in the future !!!? LOL 😉

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  5. Always good to get few ticked off your list!
    I’m probably half way through my Christmas makes. No, I’m kidding myself!

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  6. These look great. To be honest I haven’t handmade Christmas presents for a long while. The whole precession tends to leave me very stressed. Maybe I just need to find some simpler patterns…


  7. Those are all beautiful and cozy looking! Also, you look lovely in the hat! Keep up the good work, love!


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