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Sunday Sevens #11


I’ve had a busy week of making and haven’t had time to do much else really, so this week’s Sunday Sevens is a bit different. Instead of showing you things that I have made or done, I thought I’d showcase seven things I bought at a craft fair this week by other talented craftspeople. Hop over to Natalie at Threads and Bobbins to see what this link up is all about.

1. A beautiful felt poppy hairband which I am going convert to a brooch by removing the elastic and adding a pin. The beads in the centre really sparkle in the light and I love the inventive use of an old map as a means of presentation.


2. Simple wire hearts with a colourful bead by Helen Bagwell at Longfield Designs – these will look pretty on my Christmas tree.


3. Two painted, handcrafted wooden door wedges – so simple, but I love them.


4. A cute pair of wristwarmers in wonderfully soft yarn.


5. A brilliant reinvention of used carrier bags – knitted eco bags!Β  These were being made and sold for charity so I just had to buy one.


6. Admittedly I had intended to make something similar for No.3 son, but it’s such a fabulous set and entirely handmade for just Β£6.00 that I saved myself a task!


7. Anyone who has ever “owned” a cat will understand.


I’m chuffed with my purchases and pleased to support local crafters in a small way, although everything was totally underpriced for the hours that had gone into creating such unique items. I paid the grand sum of Β£23.50 for everything!

Have you bought anything from other crafters recently?

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17 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #11

  1. We went to a local craft fair last weekend and I came away with lots of goodies! Like you with the minion set, I could have made some of it myself but I like to support other crafters πŸ™‚

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    • I usually manage to buy a few things that I wouldn’t even attempt to make myself such as wooden items or jewellery, but if I see something I love like the poppy, I just buy it whether or not I could make it myself!


  2. Some lovely finds and I’m sure the other crafters very much appreciated your support too πŸ˜‰

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  3. Some great buys πŸ™‚ I’m with you on the door steps, simple but perfect.

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  4. I honestly can’t decide which of these I love the most. And yes, so many people sell their hand-made items for shockingly low prices. Sigh. One day, perhaps, we’ll live in a world where hand-made isn’t seen as second best by so many people.

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    • I just don’t think people realise how long it takes to make something by hand. Mass produced machine knits from China are so cheap that non-crafters expect the same sort of prices for handmade items. I suppose that’s why most of us have a Day Job and craft in our spare time for the love of it.


  5. Thanks so much for your lovely words Sheila, made my day to see my little hair bobble in such a fabulous photo on Facebook πŸ˜‰
    We bought Teddy the “evil” minions – he is soooo proud πŸ™‚
    It was a lovely craft fair, and your village is gorgeous!

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  6. All of these are so beautiful! They are going to be very happily received πŸ™‚

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  7. A very nice selection of items. I’ve bought many a time from other crafters, things I could make, but then I’ve come to realize that the item is already ‘made’ and when do I think I have time to do all the things I really think I want to do. I get an item that I appreciate the value of and they get the ‘purchase’. We all win. πŸ™‚

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  8. That was a lovely haul, we don’t have craft fairs very often and when there’s one I am usually working πŸ™‚ but I do like buying Handmade πŸ™‚

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