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Refashion: Onesie To Slipper Boots


This the last in a three part series showing how I upcycled an old Onesie into three new garments.


Second part: HOODIE

This third and final part shows how to make a pair of slipper boots!

before  and after

These are the feet of the onesie that were remaining after the rest had been remade into other garments.


Some more leftover knit fabric was cut into a 5″ strip twice the width of the flat boot top, plus a seam allowance.


After sewing the short edges together to form a circle, pin to the boot top, right sides together and matching seams. Stitch in place.


Press seam up towards the cuff and overlock the raw edge.


Top stitch about 1cm up the cuff, catching the seam allowance as you go.


Turn cuff to the inside having the overlocked edge protrude over the seam by about 1cm. Pin in place.


Working from the right side, stitch in the ‘ditch’ of the seam, leaving a gap for threading the elastic.


Stitch again in the middle of the cuff, leaving a gap for the elastic as before.


Top stitch close to the top edge all the way around the cuff.


Cut four pieces of 1/2″ elastic to loosely fit the ankle…


…and thread them through each channel on both boots with a safety pin.


The ends of the elastic are hand sewn together.



A sweet pair of slipper boots.


These turned out to be the favourite part of the recycled outfit and are great for sliding across oak floors.

Hmmm, that reminds me of a ‘game’ we used to play when we were kids. Mum used to put wax polish on rags, tie them to our feet and ‘let’ us slide on the linoleum floor in the dining room.

Wonder if I could use that ruse on my boys?


Hope you enjoyed this post, how to make slipper boots from an old onesie – if you’d like to see more;

You can find the first post here: TRACKSUIT BOTTOMS

and the second post here: HOODIE

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5 thoughts on “Refashion: Onesie To Slipper Boots

  1. How cute!! You go girl! I bet they are a huge hit. I am hoping I get that good on my sewing machine. My pjs are coming along. Only thing left is to add the elastic and hem the legs. Woo hoo!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend lovie!

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  2. Fab! And love the idea of sliding along floors in them. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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