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Shawl KAL and other WIPs


It’s back to the needles of the non-machine kind for this post!

Claire of Mollie and Claire started a KAL yesterday and, as I’ve long admired her beautiful shawls, I signed up for this one immediately. It’s funny how it takes something like a KAL to spur you into action sometimes, isn’t it?

It also made me use Ravelry properly for the first time, by which I mean interact and upload photos of WIPs etc.rather than just browse and download patterns. Quite the revelation, so thanks Claire!

I chose an utterly divine yarn by Rowan – Kidsilk Haze Stripe (70% Super Kid Silk Mohair, 30% Silk) in a colourway entitled ‘Circus’, pictured thus on the website: –

Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe Circus sample

However, it looks like this knitted up so far……!

Lace leaf shawl KAL WIP

I’m hoping the pink will come out soon as I hadn’t intended to make a yellow and green shawl!

I have to admit that I’m a bit disappointed at the moment at the colours, although the yarn itself is stunning – so soft and extremely light that I just know it’s going to be a delight to wear.

I’m knitting on 4.5mm circular needles to give an open, lacy texture.

Lace leaf shawl KAL close up

I also have a wrap on the go at the moment, crocheted though, not knitted this time.

I’m using Katia Jaipur 100% Cotton (shade 213) which is another self striping laceweight yarn.

Katia Jaipur self striping cotton

Having bought the yarn from Deramores, I was browsing their blog when I spotted a competition that they were running here.

I had already decided to make a rainbow coloured wrap and the self striping nature of the yarn would be perfect for one of the competition themes, so I may enter it for a bit of fun:)

This is progress so far: –

Rainbow shawl WIP

The design is called Alpine Frost by Amy O’Neill Houck and can be found on Ravelry.

It’s a very simple repeated shell stitch which is rather easier to do on auto-pilot than the lace leaf shawl above!

Rainbow shawl WIP stitch pattern

As I mentioned, we are due to become first time Grandparents in September, so I made a third laceweight shawl!

This one is Malabrigo 100% Baby Merino Wool (not Alpaca, as I initially thought) and is super soft in cream – perfect for a baby of either sex.

Lace baby blanket

granny square baby blanket

It was crocheted on a 3.75mm hook, the design being a giant granny square bordered with two rows of scallop pattern – simple, but effective with such fine yarn.

It would make a nice Christening shawl as well I think.

alpaca lace crochet baby blanket

Is anyone else doing a CAL or KAL at the moment?

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43 thoughts on “Shawl KAL and other WIPs

  1. No CAL here, but that first shawl makes me wish I enjoyed knitting. And the baby blanket is perfect!

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  2. Love love your projects! The baby blanket will be so cozy for those precious baby snuggles. Congrats!

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  3. Hi, they are all lovely but I especially like the colours of the crochet wrap. I joined Sandra’s CAL at cherry heart and on ravelry as a way to give me incentive to finish my blanket. Not there yet but well on the way! You can see it here
    ( )
    It was the first cal I had joined but I hopefully it won’t be the last!! Sharon x

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  4. I’m doing the Lace Leaf KAL too! Had to put off starting last night but hoping to cast on this evening. I’m looking forward to seeing it in all the different yarns πŸ™‚

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  5. No KAL or CAL here. But that shawl does look gorgeous. Hope you find the pink soon!

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  6. These are sooooo lovely!

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  7. I’m loving your Katia Jaipur! I knitted the lace leaf shawl last summer in it – and it was lovely . Can’t wait to see how that one comes out. And your baby blanket is stunning.

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  8. PS: my Jaipur was white and blue! x

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  9. My fingers are itching for my knitting needles reading through this post! These are just lovely and it’s been ages since I used a multicoloured yarn like this. It’s always fun seeing the colours change. GREAT job πŸ™‚

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  10. Your yarn choices are wonderful and it looks like that pink is about to make a larger appearance quite soon! Your baby blanket/shawl is beautiful and so exciting that you are to be grandparents in a couple of months!! πŸ˜€

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    • Thanks so much, it’s great to be able to choose small amounts of expensive yarn for these things. I think the baby will be well provided for in terms of handmade items:)

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      • As you say it’s nice to indulge for little luxury items πŸ™‚ I have little doubt the baby will have all sorts of goodies lined up at your house before its arrival – what a lovely way to drift through summer(best get that outdoor day bed ready) making new little creations!!
        Talking of babies…at last the twins arrived πŸ˜€ …which must mean I’m a Great Aunt now! Somehow, Great Aunt makes me feel older than if I were a Granny ;-/ LOL

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      • Yay, congratulations! Those cot sets can be used at last! We haven’t set up the outside day bed yet as the weather hasn’t changed – hopefully after Easter:)

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      • I did visit Sarah four days before the birth, as she really wanted me to see the cot sets in situ,…They were so excited and thrilled to have them and even I was super happy they looked even better in/on a cot than I had imagined!
        I think we ought to consider moving south…especially if you might be thinking of setting up outdoors so early in the year πŸ˜‰

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      • How perfect, it’s great that they were thrilled – so they should be! Our gazebo is the permanent kind with totally waterproof top and sides so we can use it in the wind and rain as long as it’s not cold out:)

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      • Even with all those features, I think it would probably still struggle with the driving winds and horizontal rain here in Bolton, which we have predicted for some time yet ;-(

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  11. Aw, I I just love everything! And I’ve just visited the site where you bought your mohair silky yarn, now the big question is how on earth did you chose which colour way to order? They’re all stunning! πŸ˜€

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    • I know, they’re all great but I may have to try them all out because the samples shown online don’t look like mine! I’ve never felt anything quite so soft and light though, the feel is indescribably luxurious:)

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  12. Oh, that’s looking so lovely! You’ve been busy again! Marianne xx

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  13. I love your baby blanket! Perfectly classic. I’m sure it will be absolutely adored. Love the crochet yarn too. Will have to check that out. You have been busy!

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  14. Ok,so,let me clear my mind,please….. these are some busy days (we have started the search of a new home because my BM is moving for work) and i hadn’t had time to spend on line ( I saw your sweet comments at mine and have still to answer them, will done in a few hours…)…. then I read this post of yours and my thouthgs statred to run and became a beautiful and colourful whirlwind….. I can’t wait to settle down and craft again….

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    • I’m sure you’ll find time when you’re settled again. When crafting is ‘in’ you, there’s no getting rid of it. Even if you have no time to create, your head will be imagining the next project – which will be amazing as ever, no doubt:)

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      • Thank you so much ❀ ❀ ❀ You're so kind with me,as always.
        In the rush, I didn't see if you saw my tubular sweater FO..

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      • Yes, I did – very impressed with your interpretation of it:)

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      • Oh,sorry,Sheila,I have just seen that you had left a nice comment too and to which I had answered as well… Ok,this is the definite sign that my mind is now elsewhere… Be patient, I’ll be normal soon. Thank you for your this extra apprciation, so kind and sweet of you! ❀ ❀ ❀

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  15. WOW the Jaiper alpine frost wrap is beautiful. I loooover it. I have never tried any cotton yarn like that but I think I really need to. The shawl you are knitting looks so whispy. I can just imagine how soft it is. I adore the baby blanket. That is one thing I always give to expectant parents. They are always useful. Congrats on being expecting grand parents. Happy Easter Sheila. Lots of love to your dear family and to you of course. πŸ™‚


  16. Thanks Robin, we’re in London for Easter staying with family so no cooking for me this year! It’s bad luck to give baby gifts before the birth isn’t it, so I’ll have a huge stash to hand over by September. I’m really enjoying the shawl knitting too, something I’ve wanted to do for ages. Happy Easter!


    • I don’t think it is bad luck. The new momma gets a baby shower before the baby is born to help with clothing etc . What cotton yarn do you suggest I try? And where do I buy it? I have bought a lot of yarn from the Wool Warehouse and Deramores. There is a woman on Etsy that has a lot of adorable patterns I want to try. Super cute and by the looks of them cotton yarn would be best. Here is one Her name is ZoomYummy LOL I would love to do some of the beautiful flowers she has to put on a wreath for my mom.

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      • I forget you have baby showers in America – we don’t over here because it’s supposed to be bad luck to give anything before the safe delivery. Deramores is my favourite online shop; a finer cotton would be better for that pattern, I think, maybe 4 ply or thinner:)


  17. Thanks Lovie! I will have a look and see what I come up with. πŸ˜‰

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