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Sunday Sevens #33


Another week of Sunday Sevens as organized by Nat at Threads and Bobbins – seven photos that show a snapshot of your week.

OK, for the observant ones amongst you, it is now Monday.

And there are ten photos, not seven:)

Remember the crocheted basket I made? Fifi decided it would make a nice bed, filled as it is with lovely soft balls of mohair!


I saw this tray in the Museum Selection and just had to buy it. It sums up everything that is English in a garden, doesn’t it?


The hens and cockerel sealed the deal.


My silver tea strainer and vintage china finish the look perfectly!


Celebrated the opening of the new kitchen in our village hall with a Spanish themed supper – this is me cooking Paella.


My lovely sister bought me this fabulous vintage cake stand for my birthday last month. Not that I need an excuse to make more scones, but it’s like it was made for them.


Unfortunately, this proved too irresistible an opportunity for one naughty hen!



Having stolen and eaten half a scone complete with cream and raspberries, she flopped down inside the french windows and slept it off in the sunshine!


Tess has that look on her face that says “If I did that, I would be in my cage in disgrace.”


Hope you had a lovely weekend too!

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39 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #33

  1. Ohhhhhh…. that paella….

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  2. LOVE your tray! I wouldn’t be able to resist it either.

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  3. I love your naughty hen photo hahahahahahah

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  4. Fab pictures! I own that tray too! My colleagues gave it to me for my birthday last year πŸ™‚ I love it. Love Fifi and love your chicken. You look a bit too smart to be cooking paella! Lovely dress! x

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    • What a coincidence! It is the most perfect tray for tea in the garden that you could ever wish for. Although I did cook the Paella in that dress, I took my apron and flip flops off for the photo!

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  5. Aw, lovely pics! I can see whys there’s 10, there’s no way you could have left any of those out! πŸ˜€

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  6. An adorable dog and a cheeky hen, I love it! Great pics πŸ™‚

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  7. Fifi is just adorable, as is your tea strainer & vintage china! I am very envious of how glam you look whilst cooking Paella, which looks delicious – I’ve never even tried Paella 😦 I love the hen & cake photo too πŸ™‚

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    • Never tried Paella? You MUST! I wore flip flops and an apron for most of the cooking but had to take them off for the photo – and for the rest of the night, obviously:)


  8. Lovely photos. Want that tray! And so glad you mentioned the flip flops, I was looking at your shoes quite enviously and wishing I could wear such things on my rubbish feet.

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  9. Lovely, cheerful photos this week. Particularly like the naughty hen one! It sounds like you have a great, community spirit where you live πŸ™‚

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    • She is always up to mischief, that one! There are only 240 people in our village and no shop or pub so it all happens in the village hall. I’m on the committee so we get involved with everything. It is a great little community – very Vicar of Dibley!

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      • Sounds lovely! Very envious. We have a few meet ups with a few neighbours with kids the same age a couple of times a year, but not a huge amount of community spirit… The downsides of living on the outskirts of a city I guess, though there are lots of up sides too thank goodness.

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  10. Love the dog basket, he looks so snug! As for the hen ! Roast chicken, I’ d say! The tray looks really pretty.

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  11. I love your crochet basket! This is another of things on my ‘must get round to making one day’ list πŸ™‚ I was SO impressed with ability to remain clean and model like while cooking paella [well, cooking anything really!] and then you mentioned aprons and flip-flops …. crushed!!

    Your hen is a hoot! Owning a hen or two is also on my list if I ever get lucky enough to have a bigger garden, they are such characters! Great post!!

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    • I was just saying that, because they have me reaching for the camera every five minutes, the animals feature on my blog far more than The Boys! Hens need one square metre of ground each with a coop above, so you only need a 1.5 X1.5m space to keep three hens. They’ll spend most of their time in your kitchen anyway!


  12. A great fun week judging by the pics, so funny that your hen is partial to your home made scones and what a knowing look from Tess – as for Fifi, why not try out the comfy little ‘dog basket’ she looks like the crowning glory plopped in there… LOL!! Love your new tray and I bet your culinary skills are much sought after the wonderful paella! πŸ™‚

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    • I’ve come to realise that the animals feature more often in my posts than our children! Probably because they are even more unpredictable than kids and get me reaching for the camera at every turn. I mean, if you reached for your knitting bag and pulled out a dog….? We’re still eating Paella. We’ll be sick of it by the time we go to Spain in three weeks:)

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  13. I adore the basket you made. That is on my list of projects to try and make. Now the tea try and adorable. It suits you well. Hens and all. I have never tried Paella. I suppose because I don’t like mussels. 😦 Not to mention I don’t have a pan that big πŸ˜€

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  14. Love the vintage china and cake stand – you can’t beat a homemade scone can you? Also I really like the yellow & grey dress you are wearing. Your hens look adorable!

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  15. Lovely selection! So cute (and smart), your Fifi in that pretty basket. And there’s obviously no end to your talents: that paella looks so delicious! Marianne xx

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