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Sunday Sevens #62


Welcome to this week’s #sundaysevens, as thought up by Nat over at Threads & Bobbins – a weekly blog series featuring seven photographs of your week to show a bit more about the person behind the blog. Why not hop over to see what it’s all about and maybe join in too?

Nine photos this week…..

  1. Mr H-L decided to make those sloes go even further. We used the same sloes to make sloe gin last year, re-used them to make sloe port this year and here he is using them for the last time to make sloe port cheese, a kind of jam to go with cheese.

It took him ALL DAY.

Sloe Port Cheese

2. A good friend came round for supper while his wife is away on a nursing elective in Nepal for six weeks. This is my take on the old classic Prawn Cocktail.

Prawn Cocktail

3. I gave The Boys a long overdue haircut….


4. ….that’s better!


5. We had a family get together at my sister’s to celebrate my niece’s eighteenth birthday.

Alice's 18th Birthday Party

6. Her dad made the cake!

18th cake

7. Baby Lilah all dressed up for this year’s Children In Need. A record breaking £37million raised on Friday night alone!

Lilah Children In Need

8. I organise a Christmas Craft Fayre every year in our Village Hall. We raised a more modest £322 for the Hall funds.


9. No.2 Son went off this morning at 8am to help out at the stables. He’s wearing the new jodhpurs and riding boots he had for his birthday last week, although wellies and tracksuit bottoms would probably be more suitable for a day’s mucking out!


How was your week? Has anyone made a square for the ‘Crochet For Calais‘ refugees yet? I’m on my third:)

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22 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #62

  1. Lovely cake, what a super week

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like a lovely sociable week! I’m very impressed to hear about the men baking and making preserves! Your Christmas fair looked lovely too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • They’re a well trained lot, the men in my family – or are we just strong women?? The fair was lovely – small, but very friendly and such a lovely atmosphere. I’ll show the things I bought soon.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You do hair cuts!! Amazing. Did you learn that or is it just your fabric cutting skills applied to something else??

    Liked by 1 person

    • A hairdresser ruined my daughter’s hair years ago and I knew I could do a better job, so I’ve done it ever since! That’s why they wear it long, to hide the wonky bits:)


  4. Ooh, yummy cake! The craft fair looks fun…

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  5. Ooh I want some of that ptawwn cocktail 🙂 I cut my girls’ hair too, saves a fortune! You did a great job 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Amazing fundraising for the village hall, well done!

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  7. Oh my the boys got a haircut! Number three son still has his curls. That is a good thing 🙂 Love the new riding boots .. they are super nice. You will have to tell me how the sloe cheese tastes. I have never heard of it. Baby Lilah is so precious in her sweet yellow suit. Congrats on the fundraiser. You go girl!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Boys’ ‘after’ haircuts are so long that they’re most boys’ ‘before’ photos! Keeping it longer is more forgiving of any mistakes though:) The sloe port cheese is like a sweet-for-savoury jam, really nice and goes well with strong blue cheeses.

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  8. Another fab week! Your prawn cocktails looking delicious! They’re just like we do them with the big fat king prawns hanging over the side. Where’s the brown bread and butter though? 😀

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  9. Love the CIN babygro, super cute! Very impressed with your family’s creative efforts all round: from haircuts to cheese jam! Goodness knows how you fitted a craft fair in too…

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  10. Well done you on the craft Fair. Lilah is soooo cute. And I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with a husband who wears his glasses in strange places 🙂


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