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Sunday Sevens #64


As usual, I can’t stick to just seven photos for my Sunday Sevens and it’s a day late again for reasons that will become obvious in a minute.

If you would like to join in with seven-ish photos of your week outside your blog, visit Nat at Threads & Bobbins for full details.

  1. Took No.1 and No.3 Sons to the local ‘Help For Heroes’ Christmas Fair at Wincanton Racecourse. They each has an enormous slice of homemade coffee cake.

craft fair

2. My thirteen year old pattern-drafting student finished her silk skirt, made entirely from her own personalised skirt block.


3. No.3 Son wanted to make his brother a pair of pyjama trousers for Christmas.

Freddy sewing

He made them over two nights after school whilst N0.2 Son was at after school clubs. Nice and cosy in winceyette, too. He was VERY pleased with himself:)


4. My Thursday afternoon class finished another project so I gave them each a brooch I had made the night before to show how proud I was of them all.

felt bear brooches

felt bear brooch

5. Mr. H-L had a bad day at work so I took him down the pub for an hour whilst N0.1 Son babysat.


6. Five out of our six children (plus two boyfriends) were home for the weekend so we had lots of family meals together. Cooking for nine, three times a day kept me pretty busy!


7. It meant lots of cuddles with baby Lilah though:)


8. Lilah’s first visit to meet Great-Grandad at his nursing home.


9. Toasting marshmallows on the fire, the perfect end to a lovely weekend.


toasting marshmallows

How was your week?

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46 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #64

  1. Aww, a wonderful skirt! And a good pair of pajamas too! You have a very crafty family…I think you mentioned one of your sons cross-stiching, right? Baby lilah is adorable…

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  2. What a wonderful week. Family get togethers are so special, my side of the family all got together on Saturday and it was a lovely time. The brooches are super cute and I love your son’s trousers, he looks so pleased with them. I think they get so much pleasure out of making gifts!


  3. What a lovely week. We have a family gathering coming up soon. Lots to do first!

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  4. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos

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  5. So you have only been slightly busy then LOL what a wonderful montage of photos πŸ™‚

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  6. What a lovely family weekend you’ve had. Love those cute little brooches and well done to your son, they’re a great pair of pyjama bottoms, I wish I could sew like him. Lilah is a beauty.

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    • I’d like to say that I can now relax after such a busy weekend, but all that clearing up, bed changing etc….! The brooches were a last minute idea (the best ones usually are) but the girls were thrilled with them. As for the PJs, well, I’m proud of his efforts:)


  7. What a week πŸ™‚ and those brooches are gorgeous!

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  8. I love how the classes are going for the young people – that is really wonderful news and the pj’s – best present ever!! What a great family oriented week Sheila – exhausting but just so wonderful to have. The marshmallow pics are a real sign of approaching winter – will you get snow in time for Christmas do you think?

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    • Thanks Pauline, nine more children interested in seeing lessons this week, including two boys which is fantastic! Hosting family get togethers is tiring and a lot of work, but so worth it. We tend to get mild, wet winters in the UK – the only time it has ever snowed at Christmas we were in Spain and missed it all!

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  9. So wonderful to see kids learning to sew–crafts have added so much to my life, it always makes me happy to see someone taking them up as a hobby. Love your cute little pins!

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    • I know exactly what you mean and it’s the reason I love teaching so much. To see what begins as an interest develop into a passion is just amazing and I love the fact that I’ve helped create that:)

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  10. How lovely to be surrounded by so many of your lovely family. Love No 3s son’s PJ trousers for his brother – great to see his skill and enthusiasm. Love those teddy broaches too. Bet your class did too. An overkill of loves here, but it was really lovely post – so enjoyed reading it.

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    • Thanks Bekki, it really was nice to have most of the kids at home and happens rarely nowadays. The PJs should be a lovely surprise for his brother as he had no idea about the secret sewing sessions that were taking place! Thanks for all the blog love:)

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  11. Your week looks exhausting and satisfying. You’re a natural teacher and your students will have some lovely memories and who knows, maybe you’ve nurtured a lifelong interest in sewing. I love the pj bottoms, what a lovely Christmas surprise For his brother.

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    • I would be thrilled to find out in years to come that I’ve inspired a lifelong love of crafting, how fantastic would that be?! Kids have a natural creative streak that is easy to nurture if caught early enough, and I love to teach them.


  12. The little bear brooches are so sweet!! I bet the recipients were thrilled πŸ™‚ It looks like a cosy hour at the pub, I hope it cheered up your husband. Very impressed by the pyjama bottoms, and the speed at which your son whipped them up -not to mention how organised he is!

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    • Thank you for all those nice comments – it was such a busy week that I think I needed the hour down the pub as much as my husband! My son declared that he wanted to make those PJs NOW, so I dropped everything because I wanted to nurture the sewing thing while it’s here:)


  13. Those brooches are adorable. They must have been thrilled to get them. I didn’t know you had such a big family. What a treat to have everyone together.

    The little one is a treasure. I could hold babies all day long. Thanks for sharing your news.

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    • The girls went mad for the brooches so I was so glad I’d made the effort – it would have been easier to just buy some sewing related accessories but these seemed more appropriate. We don’t often get all the kids together at the same time but are hoping to between Christmas and the New Year. Can’t wait to see baby Lilah again!


  14. An amazing week, wow. I absolutely love the little bears, to cute for words. πŸ™‚
    Lots of fun with all the cooking, but having the family around makes it so much more worth it. Looks like a fun evening at the pub as well. I love the idea of a fireplace when going out on a cold evening. It makes it so pleasant and comfy, feels like home.
    The little ones did excellent jobs on the sewing, they really have great skills.
    Enjoy the week. πŸ™‚

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  15. I actually want your life! Or your students’… Those brooches are adorable!

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  16. A busy week for you! So lovely to see your family pictures πŸ™‚

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  17. Very cute Lilah photographs – how lovely πŸ™‚ That cake is quite a wedge, a good doorstop wedge!

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  18. Aw… baby Lilah with great gramps! Bet he was over the moon! Another lovely week finished off with one of my favourites – toasted marshmallows! Is Mr HL going to be keeping her moustache now Movember ‘s over?

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    • ‘Tache has well and truly GONE! I don’t mind a bit of stubble to look at, but it’s rough and prickly to the touch which is not nice so I’m glad he’s all smooth again. Everyone loves toasting marshmallows over the fire, don’t they? It’s one of those comforting memories from childhood that is now reaching another generation.

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  19. Happy times with all the family together, but don’t envy you all that cooking though…

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    • The cooking was nothing compared to this week – medlar jelly, chilli jam and fudge for the school fair on Saturday, together with bread sauce for 70, devils-on-horseback for 120, 12 chocolate pots and a marbled chocolate cheesecake for the village Christmas supper tonight!! Not to mention Friday afternoon spent peeling and chopping all the veg in a communal effort in the Hall!

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