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#stitchingsanta Update


Just a quick post to show you what I’ve been putting together for my #stitchingsanta swap. This is the knitting/crochet category, although I have more to show you from the sewing swap, too, in a later post.

This blog was new to me and I spent a lot of time reading through the archives, researching all about her likes and hobbies. She is a very skilled knitter and I’m hoping I haven’t embarrassed myself with my comparatively amateur offerings!

I spent my budget on something I am pretty certain she will appreciate – two skeins of utterly gorgeous 100% Superfine Alpaca 4ply yarn, perfect for socks, in a lovely shade of blue that reminds me of the sea.

Artesano yarn

Artesano yarn detail

I found a free sock pattern and printed it out as a suggestion of what to make with it.

Artesano free Tiffanie sock pattern

I knitted this berry-red cowl in a chenille yarn which is so cosy and soft to wear that I will find it hard to part with!

Knitted Rib Cowl

This fair isle headband was fun to make and the reverse side is very neat, I am proud to say, with all the yarn carried across the back tidily. It coordinates nicely with the cowl, picking out the red.

fairisle headband

I will probably add an appliquΓ©d something to these tweedy fingerless gloves, just to liven them up a bit. Maybe in red to tie in with the cowl and headband.


I am hoping to find some bits and pieces to add to the parcel as I have a pound or two left in the budget. It will have to be clever shopping though, or more homemade things at that budget!

How are you getting on with yours?

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46 thoughts on “#stitchingsanta Update

  1. What gorgeous makes Sheila, someone is going to get a lovely parcel! x

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  2. Am certain your lucky giftee will be delighted!
    Beautiful work, as always, Sheila! xx

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  3. Crikey Sheila – you are setting the bar pretty high there! Amazing pressies. I’ve been stalking my recipient on her blog and am working on my makes.

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  4. New beauty on your blog! It is such a pleasure to read your posts! By the way…. I’m wondering why I do not look like the gorgeous lady wearing the blue socks when I wear mine around home…. and I swear I always try to but the result is not exactly the same…. :/ : / :/

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  5. Lovely makes. I posted mine yesterday.xx

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  6. They are lovely makes, I’m sure the person they are intended for will be very happy x

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  7. I’ve just had a visit to all your links so I’m caught up. What a fun, fun, fun idea. I love the spirit of this and enjoyed seeing all the creativity.

    I’ve just mailed my Christmas parcels to friends including your clever vintage fabric wallet and coin purse for one friend, and the tissue holder to another. You’ll smile to know that one gift went to Canada, the other to the US for a friend that will be moving to Spain for a year to spend time with her new grandson. Those gems are traveling the world.

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  8. Beautiful shade of blue Sheila, and a whole array of lovely homemade offerings. One very lucky person will be receiving this πŸ™‚

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  9. Mine are coming together and I received one of my secret santas already. Really hope the people I am sending to like their gifts. Can’t wait to post them this week. I am a sewer but found putting the knitting secret Santa together easier than the sewing one. Maybe because I am a novice at crotchet and can’t knit at all so have no idea what I am doing lol!

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    • I’m more a sewer, too, yet also found the knitting parcel came easier to me. I think it’s because I’ve got so many ideas for the sewing one that I’m struggling to tie any down and just get on with it!

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  10. Beautiful makes as always ❀

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  11. Oh my! Aren’t these lovely….you have a most lucky recipient! I’m working on mine, too, stalking and thinking and gathering bits and pieces. It’s coming together nicely I think (hope).

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  12. Mine are coming along nicely too. I’ve some machine time this afternoon so hoping to finish my parcel this week.

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  13. Wow you have been busy! Gorgeous gifts! Looking forward to seeing the receiver’s blog post πŸ˜€

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  14. What a great idea – this is the first I heard about a secretsantsswap – hope to be able to join in next year – what great gifts you have assembled.

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  15. Somebody is going to be a very happy bunny on Christmas day!

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  16. Gorgeous goodies, and such stunning ideas. The blue yarn is superb. πŸ™‚
    The headband and mittens are so pretty. I am sure your buddy will love all of it, and stay nice and cozy warm during the holidays. πŸ™‚

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  17. That yarn looks like a real bargain and I’m not surprised you don’t want to part with that cowl. Am a bit behind with mine. Keep thinking, but not doing – grrr!!

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  19. Thank you very much for this. It was lovely to open in the morning on Christmas, the wool looks a lovely colour and I have to find something great to do with it. I made a couple of pairs of wrist warmers for presents for people but never got round to making any for myself so they will be lovely.
    I will be blog about it more when family have left and I have time to use the computer more.
    Thank You Very Much πŸ™‚


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