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Sunday Sevens #84


Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series devised by Nat at Threads & Bobbins – visit her blog to find out how YOU can join in.

1. I gave The Boys a long overdue haircut.

2. One of my students lost a tooth during sewing class, so I wrapped it up safely for him to take home and put under his pillow for the tooth fairy. Yup, that’s how young my students are!

3. This colourful bundle of fabrics arrived from Minerva Crafts for my next three months projects for the blogger’s network.

4. We went out for supper with friends mid week to Matt’s Kitchen in Bruton. Basically, he opens up his lounge as a restaurant for three nights a week. He’s an untrained, self taught chef and is amazing!

5. These are the renegades that came with us:)

6. Finished in sewing classes this week; one pair of surfer shorts and one pair of tartan wool shorts with turn ups.

7. Also completed; two versions of the same square necked blouse.

8. A present turned up in the post from The Netherlands!

9. Marianne, who blogs at, saw this bag and thought of me.

9. She also sent me this lovely little crocheted pin cushion complete with pins! I’ve long since admired these on her blog and am delighted to now own one. And just look at that postcard……it certainly did brighten my day.

10. We spent the weekend getting Mr H-L’s late parents flat ready for sale. Even the terrace got scrubbed to within an inch of its life.

11. A few pots were replanted with things that, hopefully, will survive without being watered every day.

12. Finally, after two weekends of hard labour – finished! 

Anyone want to buy a two-bedroomed garden flat in London for the same price as a four bed detached house with paddocks  here in Somerset?!!

12. Back home, laundry from the flat was piled up waiting for its turn in the washing machine. The only thing that could be better to curl up on, from a dog’s point of view, is dirty underwear. Just sayin’.

14. Our wedding anniversary is next week and we usually have a European city break but, as we won’t have a London base for much longer, we thought we’d take the opportunity to stay for a few days over the weekend and see some shows and eat out.

Claridges is booked for dinner on Saturday night:)

Hope your week was good!

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27 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #84

  1. Think that flat will be sold this week! Full of admiration for your young sewers, I need a lie down right now having just cut out a dress for my granddaughter. The pattern said one metre needed but the pattern pieces laid out the way shown needed another 10 cms. Yikes I had to figure it out! But mission accomplished. Enjoy your anniversary.

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    • It’s usually the opposite – you buy the suggested yardage and have enough leftover to make another garment if you’re careful with the layout! Sounds like you were lucky in the end.


  2. I’m wondering what your boys looked like after their major haircuts! Your young sewers are just amazing aren’t they (obviously they have an amazing teacher too!). You’ve made a great job of dressing the London flat, I’m sure you’ll find a buyer in no time.

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    • That was just one haircut after the clippings from the first had gone in the bin! Maybe I should have put them out for the birds that are all nesting at the moment? I’ll try to remember to take a photo of The Boys before it all grows back again. My young students never fail to amaze me with their efforts – I’m so proud of them all:)

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  3. Your students are wonderful!! That bag & pincushion are too cute.

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  4. Looks like a lovely week! The flat looks great! Congrats on your wedding anniversary I hope you two have an amazing time!

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  5. You’ve been as busy as ever then… Fab job on sprucing up the apartment, looks spotless! The property prices in London are just crazy! Have a fab city break, looking forward to seeing the photos next week πŸ™‚

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    • London property market is mad and there’s definitely a ‘look’ that you have to conform to – we took the estate agent’s advice and carried it out to the letter. No photos allowed in Claridge’s but I’ll try to remember to take a few of the rest of the weekend.

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  6. I’m convinced there must be more hours in a week in Somerset…or, just your time management is excellent!!! Your young sewing ladies are brilliant, all such lovely garments, bet they have a whole new wardrobe by the end of summer πŸ˜‰ Lovely surprise gifts too I’m sure they will get lots of use! Happy Anniversary to you both, hope you have a lovely time! πŸ™‚

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  7. Another super busy week at Chez Sheila I see – I always need a cup of tea and a lie down after reading your weekly exploits!! Love the pin cushion – I have never seen such a happy one before. Enjoy your London weekend.

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    • Thank you Pauline, we are ready for a weekend away, that’s for sure. That’s a very good description of the pin cushion – happy. It was such an unexpected surprise, and such a lovely one at that.


  8. You’re a whirlwind of activity and so talented, your little students are doing great and are making useful things. Enjoy your city break and dinner at Claridges.

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    • Thanks Annie, it’s wonderful to see my students blossom and gain confidence in their sewing. We’re so looking forward to our weekend away, in particular dinner at Claridge’s as we’ve never eaten there before.


  9. Now that was some week! And how cool is that to get an unexpected present in the mail? Christmas! Yay! Those square necks look great. Not only are your students talented, they’re beautiful and handsome too. (You can tell them your blogger friend from Texas said that. And yes, I own a cattle ranch and wear cowgirl boots πŸ™‚ Happy Anniversary from across the pond! Looks like it will be fab. What’s a paddock?

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    • I know, a surprise gift is even nicer, isn’t it? A paddock is a field that comes with a house over and above the garden, usually to keep horses in. Land is very limited in the UK as you can imagine, and costs an absolute fortune, so it is a very desirable asset to have.


  10. What a lovely gift! And such talented young sewers! The flat looks amazing, I am sure it won’t be on the market long! Have a fab anniversary,

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    • I love my new pin cushion and it is in use already. My students are growing in confidence week by week which is lovely to see. Fingers crossed that somebody thinks the flat is amazing and it sells quickly. Thanks for the good wishes:)


  11. Wow, another awesome week, and so much happening. Love the outings and trips and places you get to visit, and so happily share with us all. Always great to see such stunning places.
    Love the way you cleaned out and the potted plants. Looks so very cheerful and just like Spring.
    Have a great time. πŸ™‚

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  12. We’ve got a few nice places planned for the weekend so I’ll share those next week. Flowers and plants add the right finishing touch when selling a house, don’t they?


  13. I’m glad your sewing classes are going well, don’t go knocking any more kids’ teeth out though! I remember last year’s anniversary trip to Amsterdam (or maybe I don’t remember if that was wrong…) wow time’s flown!


  14. Sheila, you’ve been busy! A remodeled bedroom at home, and the staging of your in-laws London flat. I would love to buy a London flat, though your country home has equal appeal. Let me buy a jet first. πŸ˜‰

    There is lots to love here: lost teeth, haircuts, beautiful fabric and dress patterns, and all your hard work. I hope you have a restful weekend ahead.


  15. Yep, I love your Sunday Sevens – and I’m seriously contemplating joining in ….
    Ah, your students all look so happy and proud – well, they have every reason to be!
    Thx for sharing my little surprise gifts here – glad they arrived safely, and you like them.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend away, and a very happy anniversary!


  16. Claridges for dinner – very nice. Since it’s now bank holiday Monday, I’ll also say, hope you had a fab time. You look like you’ve been busier than ever – with some great results. And nice to see our boys are in sync with their overdue hair cuts πŸ˜‰


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