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Sunday Sevens #98


We’re down to one car at the moment – the Mercedes is in the garage and may be on it’s way to the scrapyard in the sky as it may not be economical to fix.  Mr H-L has been using my car for work as I don’t need it in the holidays, but this means we don’t get out at all as there is very limited public transport.

What I’m trying to say, is that there are no pub photos in this week’s Sunday Sevens, and no Exmoor landscapes – just us at home, doing stuff.

  1. Progress is slow but steady on the baby shawl I’m knitting. At this point I was one third of the way through and the statistics were; 35 hours, 560 rows and 40,324 stitches.

2. I held two full day workshops this week. Just look at the concentration on her face!

3. The students love choosing their own combination of fabrics to make their creations unique. It started with piles of neatly folded fabric but, within seconds of excited rummaging, descended into this chaotic heap!

4. I found time to design and make a school bag for No.2 Son. He declared that he was too old to use the standard school “babyish” book bags so chose the fabrics for a more grown up version.

I’ll write up a quick ‘how to’ when I get time.

5. Talking of school, we made a rare trip to town to buy new school shoes and The Boys spent the whole time going up and down the escalators. They’re not used to such exciting entertainment in the country!

6. WHY are school shoes so expensive? £100 for two pairs of shoes and a pair of daps – criminal.

7. While we were in Yeovil, we popped into the outdoor pursuits shop and managed to snap up another gas burner, gas cannisters and a new lamp, all at half price, ready for camping next week.

8. I treated myself to six tin plates, all copies of original royal china. Who said you can’t dine in style just because you’re camping?

9. Being at home all week meant more baking than usual was done. The Boys wore their self-made butcher’s aprons and had great fun making chocolate cornflake crunchies.

10. Licking the spoons is always the best bit, isn’t it?

11. Finally – HOW can sleeping like this be comfortable?!

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29 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #98

  1. Lovely school holiday pictures. Perfect down time for the boys. Daps? Welsh blood there perhaps? Love the picture of the dog, bless him.


  2. What a lovely week at home! Your baby shawl is pretty and looks so soft … and my goodness, the time that goes into it! The new “big boy” bag is quite cool, nothing much better than chocolate face, love those fancy tin plates! and look at the sweet pup, so cute.


  3. Absolutely loved the chocolate-faced photo! What lovely classes you’ve had, and don’t the boys look sharp in their aprons & that cool (kewl) bag! Don’t feel too bad about your shoe prices, lovely, as we’d be paying about that for each pair. Particularly if they were Clarks. (Am bracing myself, as I need several pair for various outdoor activities.) Your lovely plates have reminded me of something… watch for it! 😉 xx


  4. Great photos so I’ll let you off for not visiting any pubs. That photo of Chocolate Face is brilliant! Don’t tell me you took it on your phone.

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  5. I agree about the chocolate face photo – it is a prize winner! Your photos always look like they are taken with very good cameras – you must have that natural ability……. 🙂

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    • Thank you, although they are just rubbishy snapshots compared to what I used to take. I was a professional photographer until a couple of years ago when the heavy equipment caused a slipped disc, hence a change of direction and starting the sewing school.

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  6. Doesn’t every proud mum have chocolate face photos LOL!! The escalators look like they could be rainy day entertainment in the future;-) Sounds like a great camping week is on the horizon..hope the weather is kind! Aren’t dogs so funny, the more uncomfortable they look, the more they snore!!

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    • Yes, we do and it’s always with a sense of deja vu that I take these photos – the same ones I took twenty years earlier with my first batch of children! As for dogs, well, they never cease to make me smile, either. Fifi is currently curled up precariously perched on top of a full bag of stacked fabric that I haven’t put away from the last workshop! The Boys are such bumpkins – they stare at the streetwise kids’ antics every time we go to town. The escalators are one thing, but you should see the excitement on their faces if we see a lift…..

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      • I reckon the deja vu is great and keeping you young too, as well as enjoying the moments second time around ;-)!! LOL Fifi sounds like quite the adventurer, Peppy just manages to plop himself in the middle of my laundry pile, being so big, he probably wouldn’t last long precarious up high!
        It is lovely to hear that your boys are ‘bumpkins’ it’s so rare to keep innocence these days! I hope they manage to keep their excitement for lifts for many a year to come too 🙂


  7. Lovely photos. School shoes!! I remember going to White Rose with my boy (now 25) and parking outside BHS. We walked in and he spied some black leather shoes in the sale ‘can I have some like this and go home?’ Of course love. Phew 10 mins and home. You have brought some amazing memories back. Thank you K xXx

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    • Wish our shoe-buying trips were as easy! The fitter advised us to take No.2 Son to a podiatrist as he has flat feet and ankles that fall inwards, which explains the last ten years of problems trying to get shoes that fit him! No doubt that will be even more expense….

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  8. Ace pics! Love em all, but what about no 3 hair?? Have his gorgeous locks been chopped??? They looked to have in your IG pic. Happy camping next week, and hope your merc makes a reasonably priced recovery. Mine’s just gone 14 and I think I’m going to be in a similar dilemma soon. 😃

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    • Yes, they both had a haircut yesterday, after I did Sunday Sevens. I did (sad as I am) get hubby to take a pic mid-haircut for next week’s Sevens. It’s the air suspension that’s gone on the Merc – about £2500. Can’t justify it until he’s got a ‘proper’ job again after being made redundant in March. Just thinking about what we’ll need for camping and realising that much of it is homemade. Might take the bunting this year, too:)

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  9. Great pics of happy faces (and a contented pooch). Your life is wonderfully full.

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  10. Looks like you made the best of your time at home! Loving that baby shawl!! ❤

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    • Well, yes, I don’t like to ‘do’ nothing as I get fidgety. The garden is beckoning today though, as the weather seems to have brightened up a bit. Not to sit in, I might add, but to weed the driveway!


  11. I used to love the school holidays when my 3 were younger, days of baking & making. It looks like your having a fantastically chocolatey time😃 Beautiful baby shawl, you must be so patient. It’s going to look fantastic & worth all those hours

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    • Oh, I love the Summer holidays, too! Lazy mornings, leisurely days doing whatever takes your fancy, lack of routine….heaven! I promised a friend from school days that I’d make a shawl for her granddaughter who is due in October – time is VERY tight as I only get to knit for two hours in the evenings and I’m going to need to do more than that!

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  12. I think that is a shocking price for shoes! they use guilt to ramp up the cost! Loving the new grown up bag, and your little doggie looks so peaceful! It is so nice to see your boys baking, it reminds me of happy days when my children were small.

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  13. I adore the plates, they nearly look like china with the right lights.
    And I need to come shopping in your mall, ours are normally so full and busy. Yours looks so much more relaxing. 🙂
    Indeed, I always found school shoes very expensive as well. Plus my daughter wore uniform, so it was a costly business each year.
    Love the baby shawl, it is so delicate. It is going to be stunning.
    Have fun this week, and I hope the boys get to much more baking, it sure looks fun. 🙂


    • Ours wear uniform, too, but last year’s still fit at the moment, thank goodness. We don’t have a ‘mall’ (indoor shopping centre?) in our nearest town – this is a big shop on the high street but it wasn’t busy. Trying not to panic about finishing the shawl in time, but more than two hours sitting still knitting in the evening hurts my back.

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      • 🙂 Indoor shopping centres are pretty popular here, and we have a few around, specially in the bigger areas. I prefer the more quiet places, with lots of small shops still.
        I like that big shop, it looks really nice to shop at. Even better when not busy.
        Indeed, sitting knitting for that long is a lot to do. I would not be able to sit much anyway if I had a garden and town like yours, I would much rather be out enjoying the country. 🙂
        But I am sure you will finish and it is stunning already.


  14. Lovely pics and great to have a week almost all at home. Ha ha! I love the way dogs can fall asleep in such crazy positions 🙂


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