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Knitted Mermaid Blanket


This month’s blog post for Minerva Crafts is a brilliant pattern for a Mermaid’s Tail blanket. With instructions for babies, children and adult sizes, it is a quick knit using super chunky yarn.

Click on the link for the full blog post: Mermaid’s Tail Blanket

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22 thoughts on “Knitted Mermaid Blanket

  1. I have one of those to make but in DK. I should have used chunky yarn! Looks very pretty!

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  2. How lovely!! It looks super warm and cosy 😉

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  3. I bought one of these for my daughter’s birthday in April, it’s lovely but now I have to say yours looks thicker and also she can’t get her feet into the tail (it’s just a floppy feature) – I love that part of yours!

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    • Yes, this pattern is a good one and I like the fact that the tail fin can be waggled with the feet. I haven’t seen off-the-shelf ones, but you’re the second to say you’ve bought one:)

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      • It was handmade 🙂 but I think there are cheap China ones now and I’ve heard New Look do them which is kind of a shame, I know a lot of crafters sell them!


  4. That looks brilliant. It’s a shame my daughter didn’t mention she wanted one earlier in the year when there would have been time to knit one. Instead, my Mum bought her one which doesn’t look anywhere near as lush 😦

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    • Oh no! Although there is actually enough time still – I’m just about to start a second one for her sister😬

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      • Well, my Mum knits but not that fast. As Beth says, New Look have them now and the Chinese sellers (which is probably where the New Look ones come from) and I haven’t seen them yet as they are in Christmas wrapping but I’m imagining they won’t be anything like as good as the sort of one you have made.


  5. What a charming photo…and mermaid tail. The receiver will be thrilled.

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  6. Already planning on making one of these, if I cna get the yarn in super chunky, it will definitely be jumping to the top of the to-do pile after Christmas!

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  7. I suspect my (33 yr old) daughter would love this!

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  8. Such a sweet picture. I love the mermaid tail. They have a shark for boys too. the legs go in the body and tail like the mermaid. Instead of the waist at the top you have the sharks mouth open teeth and all for the boys to have at their waist. It looks like the little one is being eaten! LOL Awesome!


  9. Ok, now this is just AWESOME! If only I was a knitter… 😀


  10. Oooo, what a super snuggly blanket, everyone will want one, I bet you’ve could fill the whole of 2017 just with orders for these 🙂

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