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Sunday Sevens #117


1. Found another little pub we hadn’t tried before – The Ship Inn at West Stour. I was still recovering after a day or so of sickness so Mr H-L had to eat on his own. The fish pie comes highly recommended, according to him.

2. I stuck to just a pot of Earl Grey. A cute little churn of milk was served, even though I drink it black. A nice touch though.

3. Mr H-L’s third pair of shoes arrived in the post. To say he’s pleased would be an understatement.

4. I finished the portable doll’s house just in time to take it with us when we visited a cousin in Windsor for the weekend.

5. We spent a wet and blustery day in Windsor. The Queen must have been in residence as the appropriate flag was flying.

6. On our return, I met my mother and sister at The Mendip Inn, a pub halfway between us, and bought lunch as a thank you for looking after The Dogs for the weekend.

7. I had some scraps of leftover chunky yarn which I thought would be ideal to make a coat for Fifi.

8. This is the inspiration for our downstairs cloakroom – the gold Koi Carp wallpaper is from Osborne & Little and has already been ordered, as has the panelling. Well, I did say I wanted something a bit different, didn’t I? 

9. A step too far, maybe??!!

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30 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #117

  1. As always, great pics! Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell though. Trust you’re completely better now? I love the Koi Carp paper, but the loo is definitely a step too far. One day you may find me in your husband’s wardrobe trying on his shoes 😉 As for the dolls house, it’s beyond fabulous. Are you going to write us a tutorial? (Yes, I never get my machine out any more and I have no one to make one for, but i still need to see a tutorial!)

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    • Yes thanks, just felt dodgy for a couple of days. You’re not suggesting that the fish tank toilet is a tad tacky, are you?! I will blog the doll’s house, but the project was in a Mollie Makes magazine a few months ago. I think I need to make another one as our granddaughter would probably love one when she’s a bit older.

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  2. Oh I love the toilet cistern – but won’t the fish be a bit disturbed when it gets flushed though?!

    Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly Sheila, there a few sickness bugs going around in Gib at the moment. I have been playing nurse to Littlest – thankfully he’s fully recovered and back to school tomorrow.

    It’s so nice to see a gentleman with a keen interest in footwear! Mr H-L is a very snappy dresser!

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  3. I’ve been missing the Sunday Seven’s posts – I’m seriously wondering why! The koi wallpaper is truly amazing, I salute your panache. But oh dear the last photo? A mile too far really isn’t it? But you know, someone may just love it 🙂 The portable dolls house looks fabulous in your hands and Mr’s shoes …. my goodness, a delight to look at, so they must be a blessing to wear!

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  4. That wallpaper is seriously ‘posh’ and I love the flooring in that photo.
    I got ‘Woolly Woofers’ for Christmas – I put it on my list after seeing it on your blog – and I’m determined to knit a couple of things from it. I thought I might be able to sell a few ‘novelty’ ones at the fund raising events I sometimes participate in as they are all doggy people that attend. My dogs are all too big to dress up and they won’t countenance it! I sometimes manage a quick annual santa hat photo shoot before it’s shaken off and killed.
    The Mister’s shoes are very dapper – nice to support a British company apart from anything else.
    Love the photo of your mum and sister with their massive plates of grub and glass of wine in hand – obviously women after your own heart!

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    • I didn’t want to go down the obvious route with the loo – all cream walls and limestone tiles. Not me, at all, and at least the Koi will be a talking point! Woolly Woofers is a great book, isn’t it? Perhaps I could send the coat to you for your charity events? We do try to buy British where possible, and handmade is even better. Oh yes, we do love a nice meal and glass of wine – who doesn’t?


  5. Definetly tacky toilet but the wallpaper is stunning. Those portions of food look enormous. Your Mum is clearly your Mum but you and your sister don’t look alike. Those shoes. My son wore some brown ones just like that shape and with tthe holes at the anniversary party but not the fancy bits, He would adore them. Ibet your dolls house was a real hit!

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    • No, my sister and I are polar opposites, and there are only eleven months between us! Fancy mens’ shoes are hard to come by, unless you go down the handmade route. Women are certainly spoilt for choice compared to men. Yes, the doll’s house went down very well and she couldn’t wait to play with it.


  6. Happy to read you’re feeling better now Sheila 🙂 Your little dolls house is lovely I’m sure your granddaughter would love one as she gets a little older! Very smart Shoes…bet Mr. H-L can’t wait to wear them!! Absolutely love your little room theme fab wallpaper…not too sure I would be happy with fish swimming around behind me though 😉 Fifi will look so cute in her new woolly!

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    • I think our granddaughter’s mum thought the doll’s house was for her after seeing my posts onInstagram, so I’ll definitely have to make her one as well! Mr H-L has been wearing all three pairs of shoes on rotation to break them in as the leather is quite hard at the moment, but will soften gradually. Don’t worry – the fish tank cistern is not happening!

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  7. I really love that dolls house – looking forward to your blog post. Glad you are feeling better.

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  8. Fifi is going to look super cute, and really nice and warm.
    Glad to hear you are recovering, a nice pot of tea sure makes one feel better.
    I love the doll house, it is the best gift I can imagine, and it can go everywhere. Awesome.
    Enjoy the week, what is left of it.

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    • Shame the coat didn’t fit in the end! I only had the bug for one day, thank goodness – I’m rubbish at being ill. I loved the fact that the doll’s house was portable – such a great idea and it went down extremely well.

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  9. Love the wall paper and the paneling. You’ll have visitors queuing up to use your littlest room.
    Sorry you’ve been ill. Most tiresome. Hope you get taken out to a pub soon to make up for watching your husband eat 😉

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    • Well, it won’t be what most people will be expecting in a downstairs loo, that’s for sure! Definitely one room where you can afford to go a bit crazy with the décor. Oh yes – been out to eat three times this week to make up for missing out when I was below par!

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  10. Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly, but sounds like you’re on the mend. I wonder if the Queen reads Love Sewing and reads sewing blogs? She might have heard of you and invited you in for a cuppa, I know I would! But then I’m not the queen, lol. Love, Love, Love the decor for your loo!! What’s going to be on the back of the door? I think it needs something to surprise people when they close it being them! 🙂

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  11. Ohhh, I do love a bit of posh, statement wallpaper. Lovely! X

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  12. Hilarious loo, I was concerned about the fish before reading the comments, but the wallpaper is gorgeous.
    I’m late (again) so I hope your sickness is a dim memory now.
    Your dolls house is beyond cute!

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    • The fish tank cistern was just tongue in cheek – there’s no way I would have it in my loo! Although, I suppose people do, or they wouldn’t be selling them. It was just a one day bug thankfully, as I don’t have time to be ill, lol!

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