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Sunday Sevens #124


1. We took The Boys to Yo Sushi in Bath and they loved it. We got through 23 dishes between the four of us!

2. Packing suitcases for The Boys school trip ….. spot the stowaway.

3. The Boys are in the same class at school so were both going away on a school trip for the week.

4. Mr H-L bought me these glorious tulips to prettify the coffee table in the lounge.

5. I figured there would be a lot more time for relaxation without The Boys around, so I treated myself to some long overdue new slippers.

6. Hubby booked us both in to the spa for the day where we also had a couple’s massage and lunch. I didn’t take any photos, so this is one from their website.

7. Fifi is in season and Tess is confused – hence the bald patch appearing on Fifi’s back!!

8. We had a nice quiet dinner á deux in Matt’s Kitchen. Just a guy who opens up the lounge in his house three nights a week as a restaurant.

9. Isn’t it cosy?

10. A friend came around for lunch and I was feeling creative. Just in case you can’t tell, the main ingredients are Sea Bass on Dauphinoise potatoes.

11. We had to pick No.3 Son up a few hours early from his school trip so that he could take part in the football county finals. They came third out of the whole of Somerset!

12. Afterwards, we took them for lunch out at Tambourino Village to celebrate.

13. The next day, The Boys had two friends round for the day so we had fun making pizzas for lunch.

14. They ate every last scrap and were very pleased with their efforts.

15. After lunch, The Boys went out to play and we sat down to watch ‘Déja Vu’ – I’d forgotten what a good film it is. I managed to finish the first sock of the second pair I’m making as Christmas presents, and cast on the second sock. Yes, it is a little long on me as they’re for someone with bigger feet:)

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series whereby you share sevenish photos of your week. Linking up with Nat at Threads & Bobbins.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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13 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #124

  1. All the food looks good! Beautiful tulips – and poor Fifi!

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    • I know – having two bitches doesn’t make it any easier when one of them comes into season! Hubby knows that tulips are my favourite cut flower in Spring, so he often spoils me with some if he sees them.

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  2. Another glorious week. I like the stowaway and the pink suitcases, was there a fuss about the colour?

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  3. I’m not sure who I feel most sorry for Fifi or Tess – perhaps Fifi as that looks like her trying to escape via suitcase.
    How do you feel about making a second sock? I suffer from second sock syndrome so have to knit them both at the same time otherwise I’d end up with a drawerfull of mismatched socks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fifi climbs in any open suitcase – I think she’s hoping they all end in a camping trip! No, I never seem to suffer from second sock syndrome. I’m always eager to see the finished pair. I may not feel the same after the third Christmas pair, though…..

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  4. A lovely, varied and busy week, with enough time to eat and relax as well. What a perfect combination. 🙂
    I hope Fifi is okay, that bald patch looks very tender. Miekie has started wearing her T shirts as it is getting colder, and soon it will be sweaters and bandanas again.
    Lol. I saw very similar blue slippers at a store here, and they are on my list of shopping next time I am in the Mall. 😉 I love yours, they look very cosy and comfortable.
    Enjoy the tulips, flowers always makes the house feel so much more like home.
    Have a great week.

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    • Fifi’s fine and is happy to wear a coat, as you know, so the tender spot is protected. Her hormones are calming down now, so the fur should soon grow back. It looks worse than it is! I’m sure Miekie looks forward to sweater-wearing time – I know Fifi does. You can almost see her smile when you put it on. New slippers every now and again are just lovely, aren’t they? I hope yours are in stock when you go to buy them:)

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  5. Love the idea of Matt’s kitchen. That seabass looks restaurant standard!

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    • Getting in practise for our b+b! Yes, Matt’s Kitchen is a lovely idea and a low cost way to start your own restaurant. He’s been really successful and is a great addition to the local area.

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  6. Another lovely week apart from poor Fifi and Tess’s confusion. Congrats to No.3 Son on the football. Lovely sock. I love tulips too, but daffodils remind me of my Dad, so tulips aren’t allowed to be my favourite spring flower.


  7. The boys pizzas look very tasty and well done son#3 and his team for their achievements 🙂 Someone is going to be very happy with their Christmas socks!!


  8. Well done to the footie team!! 3rd in the whole of Somerset is fab!! And how gown up is number 2 son looking these days!? Where’s that cute young boy gone! Another lovely week and I’m so glad I’ve just had a big meal with sticky toffee pudding after golf because I would be eating my body weight in whatever i could get hold of after catching up on your posts! 🙂


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