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Sunday Sevens #125


A bit late with this week’s Sunday Sevens as we’ve just come back from a few days away. Linking up with Natalie at Threads & Bobbins who thought it up initially, Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series showing seven-ish photos of your week outside the blog.

1. The Bluebells are at their best everywhere now, covering shady wooded areas in a glorious carpet of colour.

2. May is the month for Wisteria in England and it is beginning to flower on many a house locally. These are just a few I snapped whilst walking the dogs earlier in the week.

3. Lighter and sunnier evenings mean that riding is more fun for The Boys.

4. Ali from Thimberlina put a pic on Instagram of a really pretty top she had made. I tracked the pattern and fabric down and ordered it straight away!

5. Our Ascot Ladies’ Day tickets arrived! Now I’ve got to start thinking about making a frock….

6. The only crafting I’ve managed this week is this crocheted lily for a young lady called Jenny who is terminally ill. She requested crocheted flowers for her coffin and the IG community rallied around immediately to make her final wish come true, pledging flowers with the hashtag #aflowerforjenny.

7. Mr. H-L took me out for breakfast to ‘At The Chapel‘ on Friday as the start of our weekend away. Then we picked The Boys up from school and dropped them at my brother’s before driving on to Ross-on-Wye – more about that in a separate post.

Hope you had a good week – in fact, I’m just going to sit down and catch up on some blog reading now to see what you’ve been up to in my absence. Ta-ta for now!

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21 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #125

  1. You’ve crocheted a gorgeous lily and what a sweet gesture. Painful, too. I’m sure this means a lot to her. You live in a beautiful village with amazing homes and gardens. I’m happy to see the beautiful wisteria. Mine is already at the end of the bloom, but it’s fantastic while it lasts. Have a terrific week, Sheila.

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    • Thanks Alys, Jenny’s story is so sad – she’s only nineteen but such a brave girl and an inspiration. The Wisteria is just coming to its best now, a bit later than in sunnier climes, but no less beautiful. It always looks particularly lovely against the backdrop of old cottages and farmhouses, I think, and we are lucky enough to be surrounded by plenty of those. Enjoy your gorgeous gardens Alys – you deserve to!


  2. Thank you for the wisteria photos! Will look forward to reading more about your weekend away, and seeing your new blouse.

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  3. Thank you Thank you for the bluebells photo! It made me recall the singsong rhyme I sang as a child getting ready for a jump rope, “Bluebells, cockleshells, easy ivy overheads”. We sang that with two girls on the ends of a long jump rope and the song told the third girl jumping to get ready for the rope to swing over her head. Did you sing that too in England?

    Love the new fabric on order. What a cute top that will make! And the Lily…(sniff) so sad. But what a great gesture. And there you are in that reindeer frock again! You look awesome in that color!

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    • I’m not familiar with that skipping song, which is a shame as it sounds delightful for the playground! It is a sad story behind the crocheted Lily, but a plea that I couldn’t ignore. The reindeer top is my most-worn piece of clothing, I think – isn’t it great when you have a really successful make?

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  4. Your crocheted lily is beautiful, though so very sad to read the reason for it’s happening too.. What lovely bluebells and wisteria definitely caught in their prime, I’ve been so happy to see my wisteria flower for the first time. Loving the new fabric and top pattern 🙂

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    • Yes, a sad story behind the Lily, indeed, but nice to be able to help with such a plea. You have Wisteria? I’m envious – we should have planted some when we moved in ten years ago, but didn’t think we’d still be here now!

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      • Such a lovely gesture to help in the making of the flowers, I’m sure the young girl will be overwhelmed by the support and beautifully made pieces from everyone! Though wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a magic wand to change a future too?!!
        Given the time scale I’ve waited for the first flowers…and if you had planted one way back when, reckon we’d both be in first flower almost together lol 😉

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  5. I saw you had posted in my email alerts. A little thrill of joy ran up me. It’s like seeing a glimpse of another world when I read your posts, Ascot and posh breakfasts in one post, lovely. I recognise the top you are wearing too. Ross on Wye is such a pretty place, lookng forward to reading what fabulous things you got up to. Our wisteria won’t be ot for a while yet, but nice to see your pics.

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    • Oh, that’s so nice of you to say so! I often wonder if what I’m posting is too boring for anyone to want to actually bother reading. Yes, my reindeer top has been the most-worn garment this past year, I think. It’s lovely when you are really happy with a make that you wear it to death, isn’t it? The Wisteria in the West Country varies as to how much it is in bloom yet, but it’s starting to look glorious against all the old buildings.

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  6. I have to say that your reindeer top with the vest is brilliant. That color looks wonderful on you. Now the new top you are going to make is gorgeous with a whole bunch of sexy thrown in. Mr. H-L will love it! The houses with the beautiful wisteria on it are just stunning. The lily you made is precious. I love English houses.

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    • Thanks Robin, it’s still a favourite top and the matching gilet is just right for chillier days. The new top is strictly for Summer though, as it’s much thinner fabric. The old houses just look amazing with the Wisteria draping down the front of them, I agree – I can’t get enough of it! Love and hugs. Xx


  7. Sheila, you live in a truly beautiful part of the world. Your bluebell and wisteria photos are a delight. I was really taken with your crocheted lily for Jenny. The IG community is an amazing gang.

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    • We are lucky living here, but May is beautiful in most parts of the UK probably. You’re right about IG – they really pull together when it matters.


  8. Lovely post my dear! Sadly I’m sick with a cold that’s been going around lately so bummer, BUT I’m getting caught up on some blogging, so that’s a win! Love that off-the-shoulder top and can’t wait to see it! Lovely Wisteria pics too! I also, love getting a glimpse into your part of the world. So fab! :-*

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    • Hope you’re feeling better now and have caught up with your blogging – I haven’t! I also love seeing other parts of the world. We get to see places that are ‘real’ and not in travel brochures, which is so special.


  9. Awesome, I see you are wearing the cute Staghead!! You look amazing in it. Great week, and I am happy the weather is so stunning, it positively looks cheerful and Spring around there. Enjoy!

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  10. When we one day have a meet up we’ll have to be twins and wear out matching tops! Isn’t the fabric just lovely!
    Loving the wisteria too, I just wish I had the type of house to have it climbing all over! 🙂


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