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Sunday Sevens #129


Linking up with Natalie at Threads & Bobbins, Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series showing seven or so photos of what life is like outside the blog.

1. We have our first ripened blackberry of the year!

2. To put it in context, here is our blackberry bush running from over the shed door on the left, all along the fence to the right. If you zoom in you can see we’re in for a bumper year, which is just as well as we have just finished our last jar of blackberry and apple jam. Mind you, the hens will pinch as many as they can reach as it’s a thornless bush and is, therefore, easy pickings. 

Those aren’t nettles on the bottom left, but a massive patch of hardy mint. What can I say – it’s a rustic country garden:)

3. It looks like my Uncle’s dog is sulking because Tess is curled up next to him – he’s gone as far to the opposite end of the sofa as possible to make a point!

4. I was pleased with this new poncho bought from a friend who sells the French ‘Captain Tortue’ range.

5. It has had it’s first outing already – Pad Thai with noodles and not a drop spilt. In hindsight, not the most sensible colour to wear when dining out.

6. Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake for pudding, but I couldn’t eat it all.

7. I had to do a bit of shopping for my Auntie who lives in Spain. She fell in love with the cushions in our guest room whilst staying with us, and I said I’d look for some similar ones. Yellow velvet with grey piping – these are the closest match I could find. Hers are the smaller ones in front.

8. I’m half way through a third pair of socks that are destined to be Christmas presents. Guess what? I’ve also managed to source some see-through wellies at long last! I reckon that, together, they’ll make a great gift. Or am I kidding myself – can anyone actually get excited about receiving socks as a Christmas present? 

I hope so, ‘cos they take bloomin’ weeks to knit!

9. Pie and a pint at the pub with The Boys.

10. Well, pork pie actually. And he had a pint, I had a gin.

11. I started a ‘scrappy’ blanket, unwittingly choosing the same colours as I was wearing. Hopefully, this will be another Christmas present, this one costing nothing but my time.

12. After a trip to the dentist, The Husband felt like a glass of wine to cheer himself up. We shared a pizza fresh from the in-house pizza oven.

13. By a stroke of luck, we were able to park my car right opposite the cafรฉ window which meant I could run out and put the lid up if it rained. 

It didn’t.

14. Mr. H-L had to dig a new, lower trench for the oil pipes in preparation for the new decking which is being laid next week. The Girls were in the trench with him literally pecking at his spade as he was turning up all the worms.

15. The Boys went to watch Yeovil play Bristol City in Yeovil. 

I stayed at home to cook for friends that were coming for supper, definitely the better deal.

That’s all for now folks – now we’re off to No.3 Son’s first dancing medal tests. Wish him luck!

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22 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #129

  1. Best of luck Number three. I love the poncho and the necklace and that pudding, looks amazing. Well done on the No spillage front, I would have problems with that one. In fact I am a legend in the family for needing mopping up, usually by children! I love a rustic garden, it describes ours quite well!

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    • ‘Rustic’ conjures up much nicer images than ‘Unkempt’, doesn’t it?! It’s amazing what a weekend in the garden can do to smarten it up, though. White is never a good choice for mealtimes, but I do like to wear it in the Summer months. I now have the picture in my mind of a dribbling old lady being wiped by your adult children, lol!!


  2. Good luck to No3! Loving the poncho too. Don’t think I’ve even seen a blackberry this year, let alone a ripe one. It is a bit early yet though. Where did you find see through wellies? Although I’m thinking they’re only really good for town wear – my ordinary boots get muddy enough walking to our local.

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  3. Excellent week. I was going to ask where you had found the wellies too. Please tell me they are adult sized ๐Ÿ™

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  4. I love the socks and am sure you will be a hit at any festival you care to show up too with the see-throughs showing them off! Good luck with the dancing!

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  5. Socks and clear wellies sounds like an awesome present to me! Love homemade blackberry jam. We’ve got a way to go before the blackberries ripen up here! I also have lots of mint growing in my rustic garden. I make it into mint vodka. It’s a lot nicer than it sounds!

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  6. We also have a thornless blackberry romping its way around the (neglected) veggie patch. Massive berries on them aren’t they? Lovely poncho but when I wear white I might as well hang a sign around my neck saying ‘spill something here’ – even when I think I’ve got away with it, when I take the thing off I’ve usually put my elbow on something or sat on something or even just brushed past something.
    Anyway, well done to son No. 3 – I’d much rather watch dancing than football too – luckily I only had girls and a husband that’s not interested in football.


  7. You hooked me with that first shot of those glorious berries! Lovely topper, too. If it’s natural fibre, if (when?) it needs a “face lift,” get out the dye. Looks too good on you not to save!


  8. Wow early for blackberries, how lovely! And I think the stripy socks and see-through wellies sound like a perfect cosy Christmas pressie, I’d be happy to receive them! Have a good week ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. I think you need to cut down on your portion sizes of your main courses as it’s not right to be leaving puddings!! Again!! Glad you managed to finally find some see through wellies, and at a more sensible price too!


  10. I absolutely love your garden. I miss the country / farm very much when I see how lovely yours is. Thanks for always sharing with us, makes us miss the great outdoors less. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I adore the top you got, it is perfect. And those pillows!! Wow, they are stunning.
    Hope you get lots of berries for lots of jams and enjoy the sock knitting, it is looking fab!


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