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Sunday Sevens #137


Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series showing seven or so photos of what you’ve been up to.

1. Got this far with the poncho only to be stumped. A quick bit of research discovered that there are errors in the pattern but Bergere de France won’t respond to any of my emails!

2. Frustrating, but at least it meant I got to finish the third pair of Christmas-present socks at last. Finding the right place to join each ball of yarn is always a challenge, but I’m pretty pleased with the pattern matching.

3. This Westie was also finished off and sent to its new owner in Australia……

4. …..and an old needlepoint was upcycled into this cushion cover.

5. We had the dentist on Tuesday which meant taking No.2 Son out of school for a couple of hours. He doesn’t come home now until half term which is four weeks away, so it was really lovely to snatch a bit of time with him, even if it was only in the car and on the dentist’s chair!

Doesn’t he look tall? Can’t believe his little brother will be big enough to join him next year….

6. Apart from sock-knitting, dog-knitting, poncho-knitting and upcycling an old needlepoint, I squeezed in some jam-making this week, using what must be the last of the season’s rhubarb.

7. The dresser shelves are looking pleasingly replenished now, with an extra eleven jars of Rhubarb & Ginger.

8. I did find time to sit down and enjoy my favourite magazine when it landed on the doormat, though. Does anyone else buy The English Home? 

9. I stumbled across this giveaway on IG but couldn’t resist ordering the kit immediately.

10. Lots of places had sold out, but I managed to buy one from Black Sheep Wools and it arrived the very next day.

11. I’ve done two hexagons already and, whilst I love it, I have to say that the picture is a bit misleading as it is overexposed – the actual colours are quite a bit darker in real life. These are the two on the top left.

12. We had lunch at out favourite local hotel.

13. Mr H-L brought me up breakfast in bed at 10am this morning……

14. Which is where I am right now writing my Sunday Sevens.

Looking at the French windows out onto the balcony, I’ve just noticed an absolute plague of ladybirds.

Isn’t that supposed to mean we’re in for an Indian Summer??!

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16 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #137

  1. Fabulous week again. Hoping the ladybirds does= Indian Summer. So far today has been good.

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  2. I’m sure your jewel tone throw will be just lovely despite being a bit brighter than indicated….. #2 does look very grown up!

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  3. I’ve had problems with Bergère de France in the past – patterns and yarn – so I avoid them now which is a shame as it’s the only wool stocked by our one and only local craft store.
    I did look at that lovely crochet blanket but I’ve got two on the go at the moment – well, I’ve sort of hibernated one of them for now – and I think the Persian Tiles might be a step too far for my abilities at the moment. I think it will still look beautiful even though the colours aren’t as bright as you thought.
    Good luck with the Indian Summer.

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    • Oh dear, wish I’d known about issues with B de F before I committed to the poncho. Never mind, it will challenge me to work it out for myself which is no bad thing as every skill learned is a bonus. If you can do a granny square, you can make this blanket as it’s only a combination of doubles and trebles mainly. Very easy despite the complicated look.

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  4. What a lovely week you had.
    The boys are getting so big now. Two very dashing young gentleman. 🙂
    And your kitchen is getting ready for Autumn already. Lots of toast, tea and jam days, I would imagine.
    I love your cushion, and your new crochet. It looks stunning.
    I see Fifi joined you for the breakfast blog session. She is just such a cutie.
    The ladybirds are supposed to be good luck. 🙂 So enjoy them while they visit. There is probably something in the garden and surrounding farmlands that attracted them.

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    • The ladybirds have gone now – I hope that doesn’t mean any good luck has gone with them! Autumn in the kitchen is great after a Summer ‘fast’, cooking-wise. Who feels like sweating over a hot stove in the Summer? Longer nights are great for more crafting, too. Not much to dislike about this time of year:)

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      • 🙂 I think we will keep our fingers crossed that the ladybirds have only ventured as far as the garden, for food.
        I totally agree, hot kitchens and stoves in summer just wont do. Worst is, my kitchen faces west, so I get lovely sunsets while cooking, but also the heat. Thank goodness for good blinds. I still love my kitchen, although its not nearly as lovely and large as yours. 🙂
        Autumn and Spring are perfect times of the year.

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  5. You made that Westie? That’s insane! So talented! My mom is from Wisconsin and we had wild rhubarb growing in the back yard. Rhubarb pie is a personal favorite but unfortunately the hot temps in Texas aren’t favorable to it growing here. I can buy it frozen but it’s not the same. If I can find it fresh, it’s like $11 a pound or something outrageous like that. I fo indulge when I can though. Great post!

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    • We’ve started growing our own rhubarb which should hopefully be ready in March but, even so, it’s only £1.50 a pound in the shops. I take it Wisconsin is quite a bit further North than Texas then? It’s funny to think that different parts of the same country can have different climates. The whole of the UK is so small (800 miles tip-to-tip) that we all have pretty much the same weather.


  6. I also enjoy reading blogs on a Sunday morning with a cuppa! Your breakfast looks very tasty! It is hard when they go to senior school – no more waiting at school gates I still miss it now. But your boys are growing up – fast!

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    • Sunday morning lie-ins are a luxury that I look forward too whenever I get the chance, and breakfast in bed is a welcome bonus! No.2 Son is at boarding school with No.3 following next year, so it takes a bit of getting used to, especially when he doesn’t want to come home even on the Exeat weekends!! Still, we should be grateful he’s loving it so much, I suppose:)

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