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Sunday Sevens 138


Originally thought up by Nat at Threads & Bobbins, Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series showing seven photos of life outside the blog.

  1. Tess and I went for a lovely walk in the warm Autumn sunshine.


2. We passed this caravan that had just been dumped at the side of the road. I was sorely tempted to tow it home and do it up, but it looked to be beyond repair.IMG_3155

3. Spare egg whites were used up to make a pavlova for tea.FullSizeRender(107)

4. All that sugar was tempered with a good old healthy stir fry.IMG_3164

5. Creative-wise this week, I made this lovely lilac coat from some faux sheepskin that I fell in love with. I’ll do a blog post as soon as hubby has taken some pictures of me wearing it.FullSizeRender(109)

6. A bit late as I could have done with this handy little tool while making three pairs of socks recently, but I bought this Kitchener stitch aid from Rosie’s Moments on Etsy.FullSizeRender(110)

7. Mr H-L and I went out for lunch as he was starving after fasting for a hospital check up.IMG_3156

8. You may recall that I met fellow blogger MaRRose on a trip to Amsterdam last year. She was writing a book at the time which has since been published and now I have my own copy!IMG_3157

9. Fifi sleeps on our bed every night but didn’t want to get up one morning so I had to make the bed around her!


10. Tess isn’t so spoiled and sleeps downstairs in a proper dog box. She still likes to be close by whenever possible though, and here she is sat on a cushion straddling two armchairs in an effort to be as close to me as she can get whilst I crochet.FullSizeRender(106)

11. No.2 Son came home from boarding school this weekend and was happy to give both dogs plenty of attention. Rolling straight on to their backs for a tummy tickle, you can almost feel the contentment they’re emanating.


12. Friday night was carnival night in our local town, albeit with fewer floats than ever before.IMG_3263

13. The Boys wrapped up warm just in case, but it was a very mild night.IMG_3264

14. More crocheting in the car whilst No.2 son played football.IMG_3275

15. This is how the Eastern Jewels blanket is shaping up so far.

I’m religiously crocheting/weaving the ends in as I go so I’m not left with a monumental task at the end. In fact, I’m even crocheting each block together as I go so I can see quick progress!IMG_3172

Finally, for anyone that hasn’t yet spotted it, sign up for this year’s Stitching Santa is open until 31st October.

To join in or to find out more, click on the link.


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17 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 138

  1. you amaze me with your makes! sheepskin coat!!!!!

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  2. I just love your sheepskin coat, where did you get the fabric from?

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  3. I’m beginning to think you have more days in your week than the rest of us πŸ˜‰ Fab pic of Tess – definitely made me smile. Lovely kitchener stitch aid – Rosie and her hubby are such lovely people. They can’t live to far from you I guess? Love Fifi on the bed – Hicks never got on the beds, but wherever he was sleeping and whatever his age I always worked around him – I suspect you may be the same πŸ™‚

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    • Yes, Rosie is in Winscombe which is a couple of miles from where I grew up. Fifi – well, Tess too – follows me everywhere. I can’t even go to the loo without her getting anxious. It stems from gradually losing her hearing a couple of years ago and her sight is poor, too. She trusts and depends on me completely and pines dreadfully when I go away. She’s curled up on the office floor on a coat while I type this, bless her!

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  4. That coat is going to be gorgeous in lilac and no sheep hurt in the process either πŸ˜‰
    I like the way your blanket is shaping up, even though you were a little disappointed with the colours at first – I think the darker tones look more jewel like in any case. Good idea to weave the ends in as you go – I’ve been doing that with my crochet along blanket or at least I was until I got fed up with it a couple of months ago :/ I will get back to it though, once I’ve finished another one I started at the same time which was foolish really.
    What a great photo of Tess – I love her tail held up like a little mast. As for Fifi, she looks so regal on the gilded bed, bless her.

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    • Lilac isn’t really my colour, but it looked so fabulous in the shop that I couldn’t resist it! I absolutely HAVE to deal with the yarn ends as I go otherwise they just won’t ever get done, as a very old blanket will testify. Blocking each piece and crocheting them together as I go is great, too, as you can see progress quickly. Fifi wasn’t up to a walk this week, bless her. She spends most of her time asleep now, although she’s in good health at the moment. Just old, I guess, 15 next month. What’s that in human terms, I wonder?


  5. I love to see and hear how you are accommodating those little girls – of course you do! The coat is delicious!! And I love what is happening with your jewel blanket – and impressed with how quickly you move things along! Have another good week Sheila ❀

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    • Thanks Pauline, our little dogs mean the world to us as I know yours does, too. How empty our houses would seem without them, despite their diminutive sizes. I’m pretty certain no one else is going to have a coat like mine which is the main reason I make my own clothes. I would never normally choose lilac, but the fabric looked so scrumptious sat on the shelf that I just had to buy it! It’s so lovely crocheting with such happy colours that I’m flying through it – at this rate it will be finished next month and it’s supposed to be my big Winter project!!

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  6. Wowsers your coat is gorgeous, so glamorous. Love the picture of the dog walk! Sorry the carnival had less floats, so sad when these things loose popularity. The jewel blanket looks stunning too.

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    • I suppose it is a bit glam, I hadn’t thought of it like that. It’s cosy though, and easy to throw on so I suspect it will be worn loads in the Winter. Carnivals are definitely losing their popularity compared to the huge scale ones in Weston-Super-Mare that we used to go to as kids. Another tradition gone – such a shame.


  7. Great week. I love the coat. You make it look so easy. Your crochet is fabulous, all those pretty colours. It will make any day cheerful any time of the year.
    Glad to see the weather is still so mild and pleasant. Enjoy while it lasts.

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    • Thanks Joey, I’ve used the leftovers to make something generic for my Stitching Santa parcel as I haven’t drawn swap partners yet. I am loving this crochet as every octagon is different and there’s no getting bored. Quite the reverse, in fact – I can’t wait to get on to the next one!

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