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Sunday Sevens #148


This week’s Sunday Sevens comes from a Super Soggy Somerset…..

1. Reluctant to let a “drop” of rain keep us inside, we decided to go for a one hour walk. Note that I said ONE hour.

The footpaths were a little on the wet side.

2. Impassable in places unless you wore wellies. Luckily, we did.

3. Even the roads were flooded and still it rained. This photo was taken ONE hour in, by which time we were soaked through to the skin.

4. Snowdrops were emerging everywhere and looked so pretty covered in raindrops.

5. THREE AND A HALF hours later, we got back to the café from where we started. Yup, his internal sat nav appeared to have temporarily broken down and we got utterly lost. Even my knickers were wet through, so we hogged the woodburner and drank lots of coffee/hot chocolate while we warmed up. Can you see Tess curled up right in front of the fire? She wasn’t AT ALL impressed on the walk, so much so that she refused to go out the next day!

6. Back home, hubby immediately lit the fire and I put on my cosy pink handknit socks.

7. Talking of socks, this pair was finished and blocked. The yarn was a Stitching Santa gift from Bekki at The Dartmoor Yarn Company.

8. No.3 Son had claimed these before I’d even finished knitting them. Here he is wearing them, all (un)dressed in his PJs just before going to school for a Bedtime Story event.

His headmaster now wants a pair:)

9. You may have noticed in the last photo that No.3 Son has had a much needed haircut!

10. We walked to the pub one rare dry afternoon after Tess had deigned to step foot outside of the house again.

11. Burn’s Night was kept the traditional way with haggis, neeps and tatties with a whisky cream sauce.

12. Craftwise, I cast on my second sock.

13. A little beaded crochet was completed, too.

14. We met up with my Auntie (who lives in Spain) in Nottingham for the weekend, where we had been invited to a 50th birthday party. After a hard day’s shopping, we shared a tapas board in a bar nearby.

15. The birthday boy’s cake, complete with the Cornish flag and Cornish pasties to celebrate his origins.

16. That night was The Party….and this was the only photo taken with me in it, so I thought I’d better show you.

16. A happy end to the week as Fifi came home and took up her rightful place on the sofa next to Tess.

It’s nice having her back:)

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #148

  1. That sounds like one of my husband’s ‘short walks’ although I wouldn’t have embarked on any walk in that weather. Mr. T’s satnav is good but his 6’4″ assessment of a 5’3″ person’s speed is not. I thought you had spared Tess the danger of drowning as I couldn’t see her in the photos but no 😉
    I love all the socks and that little beaded project which looks very delicate and fiddly.
    That’s a tasteful little ‘urn’ for Fifi – I know Tess can’t read but do you think she knows? I would think she does, otherwise she’d be very miffed if anybody else was taking up that space.

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    • Although Mr H-L is only 5’10”, I’m only 5’2” and we have exactly the same issue with his striding out and leaving my little legs behind! How does that work – my legs move faster than his, but I walk slower? I don’t think Tess would know it’s Fifi in the casket as it doesn’t smell of her. Unlike the sofa and everything else in the entire house. No wonder she’s pining, although I think she’s a bit happier this week as she’s eating a tiny bit now.


  2. The faces of your men folk on that walk are a picture, and you can’t beat the warm up after a walk like that. Poor Tess must have been swimming half the time. Did you wear the see through wellies? Doesn’t your boy look grown up without those locks, very smart! Another super seven!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It wasn’t actually cold whilst we were walking, even soaked through to the skin, as it was a mild 6C. Sooooo nice to get warm by the fire though, as you get cold when you stop. Tess wasn’t impressed and was overjoyed to dry out by the wood burner. The see-through wellies were both gifted with the socks I made, so I don’t actually have any😬

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  3. I’d starve if I visited…I don’t know what any of that food is and would stare at the menu like it was Greek! Son #3 looks so handsome with the hair cut! My neice says he’s cute and wants to know if he has a girlfriend yet.😉 Sadly, I informed her that long distance relationships rarely last. Love the bead project, so elegant. Glad you have Fifi home.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha ha! Haggis is sheeps’ heart, liver and lungs in a sheeps’ stomach casing. Neeps and Tatties are mashed swede and potato. Delicious – if you aren’t put off by the ingredients! No.3 Son is popular with the girls, as is No.2 Son and no, long distance relationships aren’t a good idea, lol:)


  4. Oh, the last photo made me cry a couple of tears – it’s a lovely box for Fifi! I loved seeing the obvious enjoyment of deep puddles on the – er – short walk……. Your boys are growing up!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Pauline, oddly I feel happier now Fifi is back home. It’s a real comfort to see her little casket sat on the side next to me. The walk was enjoyable largely because we didn’t get cold – cold AND wet is a recipe for misery:)

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  5. Great to see a drop of rain wasn’t going to interrupt a ‘stroll’ LOL
    WOW loving your crochet project
    The last photo was a bit of a tear jerker ~take care xx

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  6. 🙂 The soggy walk looks worth it if I look at the lovely warm fire to get warm and dried out with. Although I think Tess made the right call to wait for dry weather before venturing out again. The food and cake and eats all look delicious. Nice to see Fifi back at home too. I can understand how you feel. 🙂
    Enjoy the rain and walks and puddles, I know it wont stop you from getting out and about. 🙂 Have fun.


  7. Oh that walk… we have all been there before… at least you didn’t get blown away like nikki on our ny day walk…


  8. I just attended my first Burn’s night. I live in the states and I am certain that our celebration was different than any over on your side. My youngest just recently joined a piping band and although she doesn’t play them yet she read a poem and led the precession while presenting the haggis. She carried a sword almost as tall as herself. And I ate the haggis. It was really good but, again probably not any where near as close to how it’s made there. I am looking forward to next year’s celebrations.


  9. I’m flicking through your Sundays sevens….and recognise the frock…. it really looks fab on you 😍

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