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Sunday Sevens #149


Linking up with Natalie at Threads & Bobbins for this week’s Sunday Sevens – a weekly blog series showing your life outside the blog.

1. We may have to keep up Dry January as it’s saving us a fortune in the pub – sparkling water, lime and soda and a huge portion of hand-cut chips to share came to the grand total of £3.90! Yes, I did ask her to double check, and she insisted that’s all it cost.

You’d be forgiven for mistaking this photo for an almost identical one in last week’s Sevens – this is our favourite spot in the pub.

2. On the days we haven’t managed to walk Tess, she can be found basking in the sunshine on the back of the sofa.

3. Another day, another walk, this time it was cold, but dry and sunny. We sat next to the pub fire and had lunch. Tess always gets as close as she dare.

4. Well, the menu doesn’t get any more typically British than that, does it?!

5. After the pub lunch, we walked on to ‘On The Brook’ café for coffee.

6. Tess took up her favourite spot by the woodburner again.

7. Craftwise, I’ve cast on a new pair of socks, which must mean……

8. ……I’ve finished the purple ones!

These have been an absolute joy to knit from start to almost-finish, after a little hiccup where I ran out of yarn and had to buy a whole new skein just to finish the toe. I love them and they’re my fourth pair – I plan to have only handknit socks in my drawer by the end of the year.

9. No sooner were they off the needles, than they were on my feet. We stayed at a friend’s house and Tess made herself at home in their dog’s basket. I had a massive hangover at the point this photo was taken – I woke up the next morning still fully dressed and the only thing that could make me smile was looking at my lovely socks:)

So much for continuing Dry January – I swear that not drinking for a month has lowered my tolerance, hence the hangover at a far lowel level of alcohol than usual!

10. I thought I had a stone in my boot, but when I emptied it back home I found this. Our friend’s granddaughter had posted the remote control in my boot when I wasn’t looking!

11. Hangover cure.

12. Finally, some exciting news – we’ve opened up one of our spare bedrooms to paying guests on Air BnB, which should help when we eventually move to Exmoor to a proper B&B.

Here’s the link if you fancy a nose: – Air BnB

Now, we’re just waiting for our first booking……

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44 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #149

  1. So impressed with the sock knitting – must get over my resistance and knit some one day – my feet get so cold at this time of year.

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  2. The socks look great. Maybe incorporating more Dry January will help the budget plus the results–every other drink can be fizzy or something, for a bar tab of four quid including some food! I no longer have the recovery powers that would enable me to drink consistently or much at once.

    That airbnb looks cute, but seems like a cheap price. Is that the standard these days?

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  3. What lovely, cosy socks. I’m not surprised they went straight on your feet 🙂
    Do you have a particular area of Exmoor you want to move to? Very best wishes for your b&b 🙂

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  4. The socks are lovely, the room is lovely and I’m sure you will make excellent hosts and the bookings (and reviews) will come rushing along in no time! It’s a really good way to find out if the fit is right for you too!

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    • Thanks Pauline, it’s a bit nerve-wracking as, although we’re old hands at hosting and people have been telling us for years that we should run a b&b, it’s a big step to take in paying guests. We’ll see….

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  5. HUGE congratulations for your opening on Airb&b! Know you will enjoy the experience and make the right decision re your move. Your first pairs of socks? Really? At the rate you’re going, a drawer full will be a piece of cake – gluten free, of course. Lol!

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  6. Socks look great, B&B sounds very tempting, we’ve started staying in B&B’s when we visit my in laws in Weston super Mare, not sure I’ll be able persuade my OH to have the hours drive each way 😦 but I’ll try! By the way, what happened to the organist, been wondering about him since Christmas!

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    • Thank you:) I can’t wait to have paying guests, even if the thought is a little scary. I’m hoping we’ll meet some interesting people and maybe make new friends along the way. I have made tentative enquiries about the organist, but no news is good news, as they say, and I’m hopeful someone will tell us that she recovered.


  7. Your room looks lovely hope you have success

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  8. A lovely week, and I would have one of those pub lunches any time, specially the pie. 🙂
    Tess seems happy and settling in much better now.
    Your socks look so pretty, you will definitely have a whole drawer by the end of the year.
    Your Airb&b room looks stunning, just what one would need. 🙂 All the best, and I look forward to seeing or reading about the guests when they start dropping in.

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    • Yes, Tess is getting a bit better and is eating a little now. She’s definitely enjoying all the extra attention! I’ve accumulated quite a few skeins of sock yarn so hopefully my goal is within reach. I’ll certainly keep you updated about any b+b guests we might have.

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  9. Good luck with the B&B . That must have been some night round at your friends!

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    • It was a good night, although I suddenly just fell asleep, apparently! I certainly don’t remember getting up off the chair and taking myself off to bed at 4.30 in the morning.


  10. Ooh exciting stuff opening up your spare room! It looks lovely and I’m sure any guests will thoroughly enjoy it!

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  11. My first glass of wine on 2nd February made me go a bit woozy but, by the next evening, I was managing a second glass without any noticeable effects 😉 More than that and I can’t cope with the after effects any more. Just thinking about a hangover makes me feel ill these days.
    Your typical British menu made me laugh (and a bit homesick, although you can keep the liver) but I thought the Roasted Aubergine was a bit ‘fancy’ 🙂
    Those purple socks are gorgeous – I’d want a pair in every colour.
    Next time I’m down your way I’d definitely like to make a stopover in your lovely home. The nearest I would probably get is Bournemouth to visit my daughter though 😦

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    • The menu made a bit of a change, if I’m honest, as too many pubs are doing fancy food not very well. I’ve decided to stay off the alcohol and just have the odd glass – you’re so right, the consequences are just not worth it any more! It’s nice to think that some blogging pals might come and stay one day if they’re in the area:)


  12. Another good week. That sounds like a spectacularly good night at your friends house! I hope they managed without a massive search for that remote 😂.
    I will be checking you out on the map as a possible stopping point on our drive to Cornwall later this year – the room looks lovely 😃.

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  13. Congratulations on completing dry January! You must be a cheap date now with your lower alcohol tolerance! Your socks are gorgeous. You inspired me to finish my sock that’s been on my needles for two years. Now I’m on to the other one. At this rate I’ll have knitted myself a pair of socks in four years 😂😂

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    • It’s true – I’ve only been drinking sparkling water every time we’ve been out! That’s the only thing about me that’s cheap though, if you asked my husband’s opinion – I’m renowned for having expensive tastes. So pleased to inspire you to finish your sock, too; hopefully we’ll see them on your blog in weeks rather than years, lol:)


  14. So glad you are taking a step nearer to your dream B & B. Looks amazing. You will definitely be the hostess with the mostest. The socks are darned good too. Mxxx

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  15. Best wishes on your foray in of the world BnB I wish you every success xx

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  16. Great to see so many pictures of Tess 🙂 How’s she doing? And how are you doing? The room is beautiful and very reasonably priced. Shame I don’t live further away to need it 🙂 Glad the first booking was a great success – of course with you as hosts, I knew it would be. Love the socks! probably already said that on IG. I take it you didn’t have your foot in the boot at the time you thought the remote was a stone? Can’t beat sitting by the fire in the pub on a cold winter’s day 🙂


    • It seems that Tess is taking Fifi’s death even harder than me as she still isn’t really eating and I don’t think she’s barked once. We’re giving her lots of attention though, so I’m sure she’ll improve and relish her new role as Top Dog sooner or later. I actually wore the boot all the way home and only found out it wasn’t a stone when I shook it out! We really enjoyed our first B&B guests and can only hope that all our guests will be like that. No, there’s nothing like a pub fire after a brisk Winter walk.

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  17. Your airb&b looks such a cosy room, congratulations on such a great first review. 😘

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