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Sunday Sevens #152


Sunday Sevens is here again! A weekly blog series showing a glimpse of your life outside the blog in about seven photos. Linking up with Natalie at Threads & Bobbins

  1. We’ve enjoyed some cold-but-sunny days this week and have managed to get out with Tess a few times.


2. Thanks to the Air Scarf in my car, which blasts hot air from the head rest, it’s never too cold to have the lid down!


3. Oops, we ate lunch before I remembered to take a photo. It was delicious, trust me.


4. A day on my own, so I took myself out to knit in a café with a view.


5. One of the girls at school arrives in a pony and trap when the weather is nice.


6. No.2 Son went to Bath to watch them play rugby against Sale. Bath won by one point apparently, so it was a good match.


7. As the trip was organised by the school for the boarders, they had a ‘back stage’ experience to meet some of the players.


8. I took No.3 Son out for tea and cake one afternoon. No, he didn’t eat his supper afterwards.


9. Forgot to send these chocolates to No.1 Son’s girlfriend with her birthday card. I thought, if I take a photo of it, then that might stop Him eating it and denying all knowledge of its existence.


10. This student made a great skirt to wear to school.


11. I caked up two of my Unravel purchases from last Sunday….


12. ….cast on…..


13. ….and completed the first sock by Thursday!


14. Then I went back to cast on the second sock of a pair I started last week…


15. …and finished that, too.


16. All because I was dying to see what this skein would knit up like.


17. Freshly caked and ready to go!


18. This fab red sequinned fabric arrived from Minerva Crafts and will be a new dress for my birthday in a few weeks.


19. Finally, here’s a video snippet of No.3 Son in his dance class practising the Cha Cha with his lovely little partner. They’re only ten!

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24 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #152

  1. As always a wonderful week full of immense variety. Where are the dance classes? My grandson would love to go – he’s a real Strictly fan. Probably too far away , but ….
    You are turning into a sock machine! They all look so cosy.
    Can’t wait to see what you do with those red sequins!

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    • In Yeovil, about half an hour’s drive for us, but the lessons are an hour and a quarter long, which makes it worthwhile and are only £4.00. Boys are always in short demand so he would never be short of a partner! We don’t watch Strictly as I’m allergic to anything with a panel of judges – he got the obsession from Dirty Dancing. Socks have become a bit of an addiction as they’re so eminently wearable and a joy to knit. Although these are to be gifted, this time. A simple dress is on the cards so the sequins can take centre stage.

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  2. WOW! He’s already an amazing dancer and very good on his feet. Bravo! The skirt on your student is lovely and I’m sure she’ll wear it a lot. Looks like a good wardrobe piece. I taught my 10 y/o granddaughter how to sew this weekend. What a blessing to be able to share our love of sewing. Love the teal (light blue?) socks. They are awesome! And while I’m certain the warm air from the headrest is very nice, your steering wheel is on the wrong side. 😉 Can’t wait to see the birthday dress!

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  3. You are becoming a sock maker extraordinaire! Love them all.
    I bet you feel like joining in at the dance classes don’t you – I know I would.
    Tell Mr. H-L he would be one of the few people at no risk of being shot by a hunter in these parts wearing that get up – usually an orange hat is all it takes to advertise your presence (though it doesn’t always work). 🙂

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    • I’ll admit to being a bit obsessed with knitting socks as they’re so portable and relatively quick to knit, compared to a jumper. Oh yes, our feet are tapping away as we watch him dance!


  4. I guess it does not matter if its cold, as long as its sunny and your car is warm. Looks perfect. lovely view at the cafe, the lonely tree really stands out. Always awesome to go “back stage” and meet the players.
    Cute chocolates and grand idea to take a pic. 😉
    Great knitting, and looking at the new yarn, it is pure spun golden goodness. I would want to knit that too.
    Your dress is going to be stunning. That is really gorgeous fabric.
    Your son has excellent dance technique, very natural and talented.
    Have a great week, I am happy to it looks less muddy. 🙂

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    • We do get some funny looks when the lid is down when its below freezing like it is today – but my passenger this morning said it was warmer than inside her house! There’s nothing quite like casting on a new project, is there? So many lovely yarns and so little time. The walk today was dry underfoot as the ground was frozen solid, which is not necessarily more comfortable for your feet, actually. She says – I sat in the café with my friend whilst my husband walked the dog and met us there!

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      • 🙂 I understand, it does look strange, but I know the warm air is mostly sufficient to keep comfy even with the lid down.
        Absolutely. I tend to keep the yarns on my dining room table when I want to cast them on, I just have a need to have them handy. 😉
        True, frozen solid soil lets the cold creep in anywhere. I am sure Tess will look forward to warmer days. 🙂
        That cafe is so nice, and you had a great view, I loved it.


  5. Lol! Knew you were spoiling for a new obsession when socks started flying off your needles! Have you seen bamboo as a yarn ingredient over there? Naturally antibacterial, so they say, and the one pair (store bought) I have are luscious. As I only get to wear them but a handful of times, guess this is one obsession I shall forego. But will enjoy your foraging and knitting frenzy, as well as the rest of your usual week’s astonishing array of activities. xx

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  6. Oh those socks!! 😀 I so love to see your boy dancing! And watching that video just fills me with delight – more boys should learn to dance imo – it gives them such confidence, grace and poise and man he moves well for ten years old!

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  7. You are getting quite a production line for the socks, well on your way to all home made socks!
    Lovely video of the cha cha, they look like they are having a great time. 🙂 I hope he enjoys the competition on Sunday.
    I look forward to seeing the sequin fabric in action, it looks very luxurious!

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  8. It looks like another busy and productive week–good for you. The Air Scarf is new to me, and cracks me up! The world is very inventive indeed–


  9. Loving all the socks and number three knows how to throw those shapes, Mr Snake hips!


  10. LOVE the dancing – he’s so good! Also loving the pale blue socks – boy have you done a lot of sock knitting! Ha ha! The number of times I’ve finished a meal then remembered I should have taken a pic for Sunday sevens. Have you got the top down in your car today?

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    • Still in my dressing gown so no, not yet – will do on the school run though, as skies are blue:)
      I’ve started a shawl now, although I ought to do the second sock first, really. You know how it is when you’ve got lots of new yarn screaming “Cast me on, cast me on!”.

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      • Oh yeah! You’ve just got to cast on. They must be good heaters. That wind chill is hideous. I keep having to refresh the birds water because it keeps freezing over.

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      • Oh they are, believe me, that’s what makes it a pleasure to drive, otherwise why bother with a convertible in this country? We put out fresh water for the hens this morning and it froze solid within an hour!

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      • You’re right. Although I find them so noisy when you’re going fast, I’ll stick with my old 4×4 🙂 Not surprised about your water. I’m feeling so sorry for all the birds, they’re all puffed up to twice their size trying to keep warm.

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  11. So much knitting…
    I can’t wait to see what that dress turns out like.
    No 3 son is looking good. 🙂


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