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Sunday Sevens #158


Linking up with Natalie at Threads & Bobbins for another Sunday Sevens…..

1. Week two of the Easter holidays started with us taking The Boys out to Hauser & Wirth in Bruton. No.2 Son looks bored, but he assures me he was just concentrating on the art commentary.

2. Afterwards in the bar…..serves me right for asking them for a nice photo for the blog!

3. We spent a day clearing some 8ft high undergrowth, helped by some appropriate refreshment.

4. A good day’s work!

5. Found this little nest amongst the brambles – don’t worry, it wasn’t currently in use.

6. Just a cute pic of my boy and a spoiled Tess!

7. There’s nothing like a bone to help you get your appetite back.

8. We have been fully booked for seven out of the last nine days with three different lots of guests, each booking both rooms. Our last guests were celebrating a birthday and were over from Belgium, so we surprised them with a traditional English cream tea – homemade, of course! They were delighted:)

9. After the rooms were cleaned and the washing was on, I sat down for the first time in what felt like days and had my own private cream tea whilst The Boys were at football.

10. Then it was back to our normal healthy eating.

11. The Boys enjoyed their second knit ‘n’ natter and can’t wait until half term when they can go again.

12. No.2 Son (in his new hat) bought some new yarn and has started making himself another crocheted blanket, this time in a more pre-teen colourway of blue and grey. Meanwhile, his little brother had picked up his blanket again after a long break.

13. She doesn’t read my blog, so I can show you the fingerless gloves I made for my sister’s birthday today. They match the socks I made her for Christmas with those see-through wellies. Free pattern is here.

14. This little knitted outfit was finished for the doll I’m dressing for the school fair in June.

15. Cardigan, hat, leg warmers and fingerless gloves, a paid for pattern by Knitting Nanny-Mo on Etsy.

16. Isn’t it cute?

17. I shall leave you with one very happy clucking hen!!

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #158

  1. Love the gloves – really pretty, and who could resist a cream tea (Cornish style I notice). More happy chickens please – since I cannot have any myself.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No 2 son is looking very cool at knit & natter with his shades and shorter hair! Love seeing children get involved with creative activities.
    Fingerless gloves are next on my list once I’ve finished my 1st pair of socks…..that shouldn’t be too long as I’m finding the sock knitting as addictive as you said😂 Yours are really pretty so will look at that patten.
    As for your cream tea, those amazing scones are making me hungry

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So glad your Airbnb is going well – looks like you really spoil your guests – I’ll have to book in! Fresh laid eggs for breakfast too!


  4. An excellent week!


  5. Your boys are competent with both hooks and needles – it’s really impressive!! The gloves are snazzy and the doll outfit very cute! Is the happy hen about to lay an egg or just enjoying her day? I’ve noticed hen ownership is becoming ‘a thing’ and there are several places around me that now have happy clucking sounds coming from them. You can’t beat a fresh laid egg! Have another good week Sheila!


  6. Your knitting is prodigious, Sheila, and very lovely!


  7. I really love that the boys have their own projects, and they are growing more and more every time I see photos of them! Love your knitting projects, just sent my mum the link for the fingerless gloves.


  8. Its so fantastic that your sons enjoy yarning projects too! Complete cuteness overload on the doll clothes! Love it!


  9. Knitting for dollies!! I’ve been asked to make some clothes for a doll but he’s 72cm tall and a bit ‘niche’ so I can’t imagine him in anything knitted – apart from maybe a beanie. I can’t find any patterns so I might have to get ‘creative’ – I’ve got some spare fabric I could make him a kimono from 😉
    My favourite photo this week is of Son and Tess.


  10. A lovely week with definite spots of green in the garden all around now. So glad to see Tess all smiley and chewing away.
    I think the guests are loving the country stay. I know I always do. Just something about getting away from the city.
    And so much crafting happening, very good!! I adore the doll and her outfit. Any girls dream. 🙂
    Your chickens are adorable. They really make me miss the farm a lot.
    Enjoy your week.


  11. LOL! That chicken is the best! I’m sitting her giggling as I type this and hubs is looking at me funny. I love that your boys both knit with gusto. It’s a skill they will surprise their brides with one day. You did an AMAZING job on those doll clothes!!! They are truly a treasure that will blow someone’s mind that they didn’t come from China. Be sure to include a note that they are handmade by you. Fabulous job on the fingerless gloves – lucky sister! When your hubs is finished with the weed wacker, I’ve got 60 acres of barbed wire fence that needs the fence line cleaned up if he doesn’t mind Texas cactus. It’s pretty mean stuff…tell him he’ll need his boots. 🙂


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