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Sunday Sevens #157


Linking up with Natalie at Threads & Bobbins for another edition of Sunday Sevens.

1. I went to a baby sprinkle, so called because they had a shower for their first baby and this was more low key.


2. I finished the blanket I had made with just twenty minutes to spare! Yes, it’s a little boy this time.


This was the blanket I made for his big sister two years ago.


3. Tess is enjoying lots of cuddles with us. This is our bed and we can’t even get in it!


4. We popped down to Brighton for the day to see our granddaughter, planning to have a picnic. The weather was foul, so we improvised and made a den under the dining table and ate our picnic there instead.


5. Mum, Sis and I went to a vintage textiles fair at Ilminster Arts Centre and stopped on the way for tea and cake in a café on a converted double decker bus. Caught Sis mid-blink:)


6. Also at the Arts Centre is a permanent crafts section. Love these animal puppets made from branches and sheepskin and might have a go at making something in the same vein.


7. As it’s the Easter holidays, The Boys came with me to Knit ‘n’ Natter and went down a storm with all the ladies who were hugely impressed that boys could knit and crochet. No 3 Son wore a T-shirt he’d made for good measure and to impress them even more!


8. Craft wise, I made a quilt for the school fair.


9. These socks were finished and blocked.


10. 25 more pots of jam were made, this time all for the school fair.


11. I’m making a wardrobe full of clothes to dress a doll, also for the school fair.


12. White T-shirt, tweed skirt and sheepskin coat so far.


13. I’ve also started knitting an outfit for her.


14. After seeing it on Lynne’s blog, I bought this book on Amazon. If I can find time to actually make anything from it is another matter entirely.


15. And then it was Easter. Both Air b’n’b bedrooms were let from Good Friday through to Easter Monday, as well as having two extra family members stay for the weekend, so much of it was spent cooking and entertaining. Good job that’s what we do best!


Happy Easter!

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21 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #157

  1. Wow what a week! I’m always amazed at all you fit in – Wonder Woman!!!!
    You epitomise generosity of spirit!
    Love that the boys joined you at knit and natter and that they are so proud of what they do. I’ve just started to teach my 8 year old grandson to knit – so far so good!

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    • Oh, that’s so lovely to hear – I hope he loves it as much as my boys do. Creating something with your hands is so much more satisfying than half an hour on an X-box! Can’t wait to see his first efforts. I don’t feel particularly busy, it’s just that any down time is spent crafting, as my fingers itch if they’re sitting idle. Little and often seems to be quite productive for me:)


  2. It sounds very busy and productive–good for you. That cake is gorgeous and dramatic in its ruffles. The phrase ‘baby sprinkle’ reminds me of the need for nappies!

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  3. Your boys must have gone down a treat at Knit and Natter. Well done you and them!

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  4. And you sleep – when? I’ve done four rows on a CAL and completed the first Persian Tile – fifteen more to go – That is my weeks accomplishments 🙂 I can’t believe how much you get done in a week! That dog book looks pretty interesting. I saw a crochet doll somewhere on facebook and then lost it. It was a kind of etui – with pockets in her dress for scissors etc and places for pins. Loved the idea, have you ever come across anything like that?

    Liked by 1 person

    • No, I haven’t, but am now intrigued enough to go and hunt one down. Are you enjoying the Persian tiles? I didn’t want mine to come to an end as I loved it so much. Reading it back, it does seem like a lot to pack in, but my hands get fidgety if they’re sat idle, so all my down time is spent making things.

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      • I’ve hunted with no luck as yet – please do let me know if you are more successful. I’m loving the Persian tiles – I’m making four at once, as I decided not to change up the colour combinations, and this way I get to really understand the pattern. It’s such a pleasing thing to make isn’t it! You pack a lot of everything into each day – I’m in awe 🙂


  5. i especially love your first two blankets!

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  6. I love the dolls outfits. Dressing a doll is a project I have always wanted to do, I wondered where did you find the doll to begin with? The coat is amazing. Love your socks too. I bet your air bnbs felt spoilt by you, you are so good at hospitality. Such a busy week. Good for the boys gong to knit and natter.

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    • Oh, you must find a school to do the same! Dressing dolls IS such fun as you can get a lot done very quickly. I did put out a request for a second hand doll, but with no luck, so ended up buying one. It’s a Designafriend doll from Argos and cost £20, although I think they’re cheaper now. I hope our b+b guests feel spoiled – we do try, and their reviews have all been good. The Boys loved all the attention and chatted away like old friends to the ladies, so much so that they can’t wait to come with me again on Thursday!

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  7. A beautiful and crafty week, and lots of guests and family and visitors. Best way to spend Easter.
    Glad to see it seems a bit warmer and pleasant, no snow this week. 🙂 although a bit foul on some days. The picnic looks just perfect fun.
    I hope you had a wonderful Easter and are enjoying the week. 🙂 Take care.

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  8. I love the doll’s clothes – especially that tiny skirt! It’s so good that you’ve taught your boys to knit and crochet and even better that they obviously enjoy it!

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    • Thank you – the miniature tweed skirt is adorable, isn’t it? I must make some more this week, as we’ve been so busy with b+b guests that not much making has gone on lately, apart from at knit ‘n’ natter. The Boys will miss going to that – they loved being the centre of attention!

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  9. Love the little blue blanket (and most impressed with the cake!) and the horse puppets. Also very impressed with your sons’ skills!

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    • I have no icing skills at all, so was also very impressed with the cake. Loved those puppets and was thinking about going back to buy one for our granddaughter. I’m also loving that The Boys are back into their knitting and crochet – they go through phases of loving it and not bothering. Just like us all, I suppose:)

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