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Sunday Sevens #167


This week’s Sunday Sevens is the culmination of three weeks again – teaming up with Natalie from Threads & Bobbins.

1. My daughter came around for the day to enjoy the continuing hot weather as our garden is more private than hers….and she gets breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked for her.

2. The paddling pool has never seen as much use……

3……and we have actual olives on our olive trees!

4. Cock has learned how to climb the blackberry bush to get to the ripest berries and even throws them down for The Girls.

5. Then he comes in and finishes up the dog food, if he can get away with it. Tess is NOT happy about that.

6. No.2 Son finished school a week earlier than his brother, so we spent some nice time together, just the two of us.

7. The school does all his washing so I had no idea how small his trousers had got until he tried them on for me. He’s been wearing them like this for months and kept ripping the arse out of them – no wonder! His little brother is wearing the other pair and shows how they used to fit just eight months ago!

8. Growing up fast, he might be, but he’s still not too old to come down dressed up like this and scare the living daylights out of me.

9. We managed to sneak in a nice pub lunch with hubby, where my tan matched the colour of the table.

10. Another day, another venue, this time just drinks at a local café.

The pink dress is getting a lot of wear.

11. Craftwise, it’s been slow, but I did manage to complete the border on The Wedding Blanket and just have to block it now before sending it off.

12. Most of my time has been spent doing horrible things like cleaning behind the fridge and painting.

13. We finally got everything done though, and the house is officially up for sale. Here’s the link if you fancy a nose: –

14. No.3 Son is a goalkeeper for the Yeovil’s Junior Premier League and they got to play a mini tournament on the pitch at halftime during a Yeovil Town football match.

15. He was thrilled to bits to have his photograph taken with their goalkeeper afterwards.

16. We had a fun messy day making costumes and painting backdrops for my mother’s 70th birthday party, As it was Art themed, no shower was necessary and No.2 Son went covered in paint.

17. Just in case there is any doubt, that’s me on the far left, dressed up Lichtenstein -style.

18. At about midnight, The Boys collapsed on the straw bales, oblivious to all the music still blaring out around them. Oh, to be able to do that.

19. The Boys made their Gran this crocheted cushion and a knitted scarf, (which I neglected to photograph) on the back of which, No.2 Son gained a commission to make an identical one for an admiring guest.

19. We booked a table for a lovely little pub about twenty minutes away from us, followed the Sat Nav and found that it was an entirely different place to the one we thought we were going to. Such a nice way to discover a new great place to eat!

20. The National Trust said “Yes”! Next step is putting the lease to their legal team for change of use so we can run it as a B+B.

21. Reading through the terms of the I-don’t-know-how-many-pages lease deserved a pint at the end of it.

22. And then I left hubby to deal with the B+B guests while I hopped on a train “oop North”. The first leg of the journey up to Bristol was great and I managed an hour’s uninterrupted sock knitting…..

23. ……a further five hours of standing on two trains without air conditioning, and Ali (akathimberlina) had a very frazzled house guest to collect from the station. #sewdowndewsbury here we come!

Then followed a fab day in the fabric shops with loads of other lovely bloggers…..but that’s a whole different blog post:)

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25 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #167

  1. What a lovely few weeks! I really wish you well in the new venture what a beautiful property! How delightful to meet up with other bloggers for a sewcial !

    Your son is growing up so fast, you look such a happy family its always lovely to read your posts.

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    • Thank you so much, I’m itching to move and get started, although nothing is certain as yet. Yes, the meet up was a great opportunity to meet other bloggers and I wish I’d had time to have a longer chat with each and every one of them. We are a very happy family….far from perfect, but very happy and I’m glad that comes across!

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  2. Oh! What a fabulous post! I love your Mum’s Party Theme and the way you all entered into the spirit of it – I’ll keep it in mind for my own 70th in a few years time. Your Lichenstien was inspired!!! I would melt into a sobbing heap of pride and joy if any of my grandchildren made such marvellous gifts for me – your Mum looks so happy and proud!
    Congratulations on the house – good luck with the Sale. I will share it on FB – you never know!
    So good to see you with Ali – I bet you had fun – well deserved after that hellish journey!
    Thank you Sheila, what a wonderful skim through your glorious 3 weeks.
    ps Pink dress looks FAB!

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    • Thanks Sandra, and thank you for sharing our FB post – can’t wait to get the house sold now and just move on! It was ace to finally meet Ali, and she’s just as lovely as she appears to be on her blog – well worth the awful train journey. You can imagine how proud Mum is of the fact that her tweenage boys still make her things when most boys this age are too ‘cool’ for such things. Long may it continue:)

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  3. Very best wishes for everything going smoothly for you all. I love that cocky comes into the house to eat the dog food 😆

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  4. Things are moving along very nicely for you Sheila – such good news!! Though I suspect I’d just go cross eyed at the thought of all that legal paperwork – thank heavens you have a Mr to do it!! You have had – are having – a wonderful summer this year. And it’s lovely to see that pink dress getting many good outings too. As always it is a complete pleasure to have a little catch up – and best wishes for everything continuing to roll along nice and smoothly!

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    • Thanks so much Pauline! We’ve just had a quick scan through the legalities and are meeting up at the house to have our questions answered – we’re not signing anything until we’re 100% happy with the paperwork! All very exciting though – just need to get this house sold now:)

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  5. Great post! Your boys are growing up so fast! You all have done amazing work on your existing home and I hope you get your asking price. It’s beautiful! One thing I notice different from US listings is that the square footage or amount of space isn’t mentioned. Maybe I overlooked it? Or is that not an issue in the UK listings? I hope the hotelier police don’t give your government grief over B&Bs. I’m hearing rumblings of it over here and now local municipalities may be looking into regulating them and imposing fees via permits & inspections. Happy birthday to your mum, she looks fabulous! Hope all goes well on the new purchase!


  6. Fabulous news for your B&B but don’t know how you can drag yourself away from your current beautiful home!
    Looking forward to hearing about the “oop north” meet up. Would really love to go up & meet the people behind the blogs but always seem to find out to late to book time off! Think we need a South West one but not sure where would be suitable?

    Liked by 1 person

    • We definitely need a SW meet up, but where are all the fabric/yarn shops?! We’ll most certainly miss our current home, but embracing the challenge of making a new one, even if it does take us another ten years to finish!!

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      • I’m sure it won’t be long before your new home looks fantastic even if a work in progress!
        We have some lovely little fabric shops in Plymouth but all spread out & a bit small for an outing! Any idea what Bath or Bristol are like?


  7. Lovely post, good luck with all the plans. You and Ali have the nicest smiles in blogland, how wonderful to see the selfie!

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  8. Sooo lovely to read all your doings from the last 3 weeks and see your soon-to-be new home/B&B. What a delightful family your mum has, and I’d never have guessed that was you in blonde! Hope your internet gets sorted right quick, and you’re not at this moment standing on yet another un-air conditioned train. 😱Such a grand bit of natter we all had yesterday and I loved seeing your (sewing!) booty. Hope we can continue, despite any bt probs. Have loads of things to ask, aside from Midsomer updates. Toodles! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was so lovely to see and talk to you ‘in the flesh’, sort of – such a pain that out internet won’t let us do that! When we move it will be better, apparently. Trains back were mostly fine and I had a seat all the way. Last one was cancelled but an alternative was found quickly and we ended up making a new friend after we rescued her from being stranded and took her home:)


      • Yes, lots of positive things to say about “virtual reality” when it allows sewing friends across the pond to have a real natter! Am delighted the trains were fairly straightened out on this journey. How kind of you to help out that traveller and make a new friend! Don’t know when my free calls to the U.K. will end, but assume some time close to Brexitting… or maybe not. Who knows?
        Forgot to update you on Midsome over here – We’ve been allowed to see the first programme when the cousins work a case together, but whilst every other programme in that year has been repeated, that one hasn’t. And the sequel “takeover” programme hasn’t been seen at all. But still, it’s so nice to have a sit down and crochet or knit whilst an old one is on. . . fairytale though it may be!
        Hope your connection improves so we can see more from you – you’re missed! xx


  9. So much to see again. The stand outs for me were the National Trust – they say ‘yes’ – and the photo of you and Ali, just narrowly beaten into second place by the enterprising cockerel – what a character!
    Anyway, I had a nosey at your lovely house and laughed like a drain when I saw the bit on the right hand side featuring ‘properties nearby’ . I almost broke open my piggy bank thinking I might as well have a little house in Somerset as a bolt hole at those prices. Unfortunately, they were sold in 2011 and 2001 so that was that little fantasy finished. Why on earth would they keep those on?

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    • They’re “Properties sold nearby” – those are the the last time any were on the market where we live as houses rarely come on the market! Hope ours doesn’t hang around, either, as I’ve mentally already moved into Allerford House, albeit unwisely. Was fabulous to meet Ali after all these years – she’s as ‘real’ and lovely as she comes across online:)


  10. Sheila! It’s been ages since I’ve caught up with your posts. Sorry, I’ve been a very bad blogging friend. So lovely to see how well all is going; the boys so grown up, a bit of your menagerie, news on selling and moving house (to a NT mansion!!!!), and such a beautiful picture of you and Ali. My opinion on our Ali is the same as yours. Lovely people, all you sewists. Hope to be back in the swing of things again soon and keeping up with your delicious happenings.


  11. Congratulations on your new venture! Love the crochet cushion!


  12. Beautiful and busy, as always. I am happy to see the weather is still so much summer and warm, and you all get to enjoy the outdoors. Congratulations and well done on the new house. I really look forward to that chapter. 🙂
    Have an awesome time and stay cool in these hot days.


  13. I hope all is going well with the new place and that you let us know sometime soon. It’s like waiting for the next episode!


  14. Your new home looks amazing, I bet you can’t wait to be in!

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