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First Christmas Present! Stylecraft Jumper #9484


As usual, I plan on making a significant proportion of Christmas presents, although with better reason this year than previously.

If you read my last blog post you will remember that we have accepted an offer on our house and, predictably, the new owners would like to move in before Christmas. This presents more than one problem:

a) we host a big family Christmas every year

b) the purchase of our new place is uncertain/complicated so we will be in temporary rented accommodation

c) we need to save as much as possible for the move

Focusing on ‘c’ means handmade will need to preside, and on a budget, too. All you Makers out there will know instantly that the two, ‘handmade’ and ‘budget’, don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand as raw materials are often very expensive. That said, if I research carefully, I should be able to find some bargains – and my time is free (only when making presents!).

And so, on to my first Finished Off!

This 200g ball of Batik Swirl yarn in ‘Rainbow’ by Stylecraft cost just £8.99, and the pattern #9484 an additional £2.99. It’s an 80/20 mix of acrylic/wool so will wash well.


Because the yarn is self-striping, it makes for a quicker knit and all that stocking stitch in the main body is pretty much a mindless task in front of the tele of an evening.


The sleeves are a Godsend after some boring knitting and you relish the thought of a bit of cable to keep up the momentum.

Yes, I know it all looks a little weird because of the lack of symmetry in the colours, but stay with me….


I’m pleased to say that I have mastered the art of seaming and will admit that many a jumper in the past has lain in the depths of my wardrobe, unworn, due to bad finishing.


Not any more – how neat is this?!


All the ends woven in….


….and a label sewn in craft-style for good measure.


A quick steam-block and here it is.


Obviously, the back is different to the front, but I rather like that.



Close up of the cabled sleeves.


So there you are – first Christmas present in the bag, so to speak, and for the bargain price of £11.98.


How are you getting on with your handmade gifts this year?

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32 thoughts on “First Christmas Present! Stylecraft Jumper #9484

  1. Very cute, love the colour variations 🙂

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  2. It’s a gorgeous jumper. Please can you tell me the size of the one you have made or age of the recipient?
    I’ve just finished a pair of socks and have started another pair. Both pairs will be Christmas gifts.
    Thanks for sharing Sheila xx

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  3. I love the jumper, and such wonderful seams, so impressive! I am still dealing with October birthdays!

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  4. The jumper is gorgeous and unique!
    Did you follow a tute for the seaming. I used my old ‘Stitch and Bitch’ book to learn about seaming but yours look slightly different to mine so I wondered what method you’ve used.
    I have sort of started thinking about Christmas presents – I have the pattern and yarn for a shawl and I’ve promised somebody a heavy, knitted cable blanket but it’s too hot to start on those yet. The recent cotton crochet blankets have been just about bearable to do. Plus, I’ve crocheted some more dogs from the Kerry Lord book which I’m hoping to sell at the Christmas Fair in aid of the old doggies.
    Will you be able to host this year or perhaps you should let somebody spoil you for a change?

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    • Well, not really, I kind of used my knitting knowledge to work out a logical way to seam properly, although I must have seen it somewhere originally I suppose. It’s buried deep in the “knitting” part of my brain and resurfaces when needed. Still T-shirt and flip flop weather here, too, unbelievably – 23 degrees today! Hosting is looking extremely unlikely this year, so it’ll be a bitty Christmas in several places as no one else in the family has a big enough house to accommodate everyone at the same time. Shame but, as you point out, perhaps it’s my time to be spoiled 👏🏻


  5. This sweater is gorgeous! I would love to wear one like this! Great work!
    We are also moving and since I have to manage the move beside two small kids and a baby, I decided to pack my sewing machine first. I’m hoping this way I can stay focused on the move. So this year no handmade presents. Maybe no presents at all… 😀 But this does not mean that I am not full with ideas! 😉

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    • Ha ha, maybe I should follow your lead and say “No presents” until we’ve moved! Although, making things keeps me sane, so I’d be the one losing out. Good luck with your move – I hope it’s more straightforward than ours😀

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  6. I’ve got my fingers crossed it all works out smoothly in the end. Moving is stressful enough without adding in’ uncertain/complicated’ and Christmas! The little jumper looks most professional and I love the way the colours work – and the cables. I’m halfway through my second CP. First off the hooks was a Persian Tiles in red and green and the second is about as complicated as I get taking a ‘Winnie’s Wonderland’ square blanket and turning it into a long rectangle to sit on the end of a bed…….. And a number of packs of cards are ready to go too. So I think I’m a little ahead of the game at this point. But that’s because the coming months are going to be crazy and I need to be 🙂

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    • If you keep everything in perspective it doesn’t get stressful, after all, it’s not a life and death situation, just a change of address! Sounds like you definitely are ahead of the game, whereas I’m the opposite this year. I cast on my second Christmas present last night, though, so catching up.

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  7. Loving the jumper – so cute. Talking of Christmas – will you be hosting the stitching santa this year?

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  8. That is a super cute sweater. I love all the colours. They work so well.
    I have started thinking around the Christmas gifts ideas as well. 🙂 Time goes to quickly from here onwards.
    All the best with all your planning for the festive season and holidays, it is going to be fun and tricky. 🙂

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  9. Beautiful sweater! The yarn is lovely and the color changes so pretty. Great job! Good luck with all of future Christmas projects and with everything surrounding your move.

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  10. Lovely sweater & seams, Shiela! I was interested to see how the yarn knitted up – guess your patten was specific to that yarn. Hmm. Food for thought!
    Do hope your move becomes smooth, and you have a lovely holiday. xx

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  11. This looks lovely. I was thinking that you were very ahead of the game making a present already, but reading the comments I feel a bit far behind, I’m only just starting to think about it :p

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  12. Your so organised, I’m still sewing up the summer makes I cut out & finishing the blanket I started in Jan 😂😂😂
    Love the jumper. What’s the trick to neat seaming? I always seem to have bits I’m not happy with.

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    • There are different methods of seaming depending on whether it’s garter, stocking stitch or rib. Using the right one makes ALL the difference – there must be plenty of tutorials on YouTube, I imagine.

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  13. That is darling. Good for you, and good luck with house issues becoming uncomplicated and good right away.

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  15. Ah! Now I understand what’s going on in Your world at the minute – big changes afoot. Good luck with it all! Stunning jumper – great use of a swirly large ball of yarn. I hope it’s recipient is chuffed with it come Christmas 😊

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