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Sunday Sevens #109

Time for another Sunday Sevens, a weekly blog series dreamed up by Nat at Threads & Bobbins.

1. It seems mini matchbox-sized toys are ‘in’ at the moment, so I’ve made this miniature rabbit and am working on a matching mini bear as gifts for little ones.

2. A little bit of needlefelting has been completed and will be blogged about soon. I used luxury silk tussah which shimmers in the light – beautiful!

3. A sneaky glimpse of another Stitching Santa gift, made entirely from leftover scraps of fabric and ribbon, so is a ‘free’ addition to the parcel.

4. We’ve decided to invest in some of these outdoor fairy light trees for our driveway. Why the wires are only ten metres long is beyond me though, as it means we can only do the bit by the house and I had visions of a dozen trees lining the length of the driveway.

5. Fifi has taken to climbing inside the dirty laundry basket while we’re out, comforted by our smell, I suppose. Because she’s deaf, she can’t hear when we return, so I managed to snap this image of her still curled up fast asleep. When she first did this, we couldn’t find her at all until Tess showed us where she was!

6. A nice pic of No.2 Son after his riding lesson, cuddled up to one of the stable’s many dogs.

7. Bath Christmas market! 

8. Our 22nd annual Christmas shopping trip to Bath, and my daughter and I were joined by No.1 Son’s girlfriend this year. We started with Eggs Royale and Hot Chocolate Orange for breakfast.

9. Mulled wine helped the festive shopping along…..

10. ….and Prosecco with supper in a pub finished the day off nicely.
11. The next day, the two of us popped into Shaftesbury for an hour. You’ll recognise this view of Gold Hill from the Seventie’s Hovis advert.

12. We had coffee in a hotel, where I just had to take this photo of me wearing my Stag’s head Coco dress underneath this ENORMOUS pair of antlers!

13. To top off a fab week of Christmassy stuff, hubby spoiled us both with new cars. Here’s mine – a Mercedes SLK convertible and, no, the novelty hasn’t worn off yet!!