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Yarndale, Crochet Scarf & Designer Curtains

Wahay, we’re off to Skipton tomorrow – Yarndale, here we come!

Three girly days filled with yarn-related happiness and three nights of drinking wine away from home. Us four ladies having bought our tickets for the much awaited yarnfest four long months ago, thought it wise to book some decent accommodation at the same time while there was still some choice. Long gone are the days where I’m happy to sleep anywhere as long as it’s spotlessly clean. Oh no, nowadays I want somewhere at least as nice, if not better, than the home I’ve left behind. £39 a night Travelodge will NOT do.

Luckily, Cononley Hall was available and £90 a night for B+B in 5* luxury is a bit more up our street!


So, rooms booked, tickets at the ready, now for the FIVE HOUR drive up from Somerset……

Looking on the bright side, when did you last get to sit down and crochet for five hours flat??

Talking of which, I have finished another WIP.  It’s a Christmas present for a male in the family and I’m hoping it’s masculine enough.  I’m basing my choice of colours on my husband’s taste but he is rather brave on the colour front to say the least!!

crochet scarf2Wa

Today’s Challenge: How to take an interesting photograph of a scarf (without a model)!

crochet scarf

crochet scarf3

crochet scarf4

I’ve also finished with the designer fabric I bought in the charity shop. There was enough to make a pair of full-length curtains for our dining room which I am absolutely thrilled about. I can’t show you pictures of them in situ yet as the room still needs to be painted, but here they are all neatly folded waiting to be hung.


So, until next week (post-Yarndale) toodle-oo!