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Sunday Sevens #106

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series started by Natalie who blogs at Threads & Bobbins.

  1. A good start to the week – a tidy and organised office!! With Mr H-L, No.1 Son and myself working from home a lot, space to work in comfort is a must.

2. Hallowe’en – The Boys and Fifi went Trick Or Treating. Our village is so small with so few children that we haven’t had a single Trick Or Treater knock on our door in ten years! They went to a nearby town instead and came back with a basket full of goodies, largely due to the cute dog dressed up in a ghost outfit, I suspect.

3. We took an old friend out for lunch mid week.

4. The first frost of the season arrived on Thursday in our corner of Somerset. The heating has now been turned on!

5. We took Mum out for a pub lunch as she was down for No.2 Son’s birthday.

6. No.2 Son is now eleven. Homemade carrot cake anyone?


7. Lovely hubby cooks supper while I teach ’til 6pm on Mondays and Thursdays.

8. Guy Fawkes night was spent in our Village Hall with about thirty others. A short firework display was followed by supper and a quiz and three surprise guests needing a bed for the night!


9. After a mad week, hubby and I managed to sneak out on our own to buy him a new ‘phone and laptop for his new company.


10. The Baby Shawl has been sent at last – here’s a pic of it being blocked and a blog post will follow shortly.

11. Commissions all completed and in the post means it’s time for some long overdue selfish sewing! How about this for a dress – mustard jersey with stag’s head print.

I’m now working on the somewhat complicated task of assigning swap partners for the Stitching Santa, albeit a day late. When you get your email, would you please reply so that I know it reached you? Thanks!