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Sunday Sevens #102

Time for another Sunday Sevens as organised by Nat at Threads & Bobbins . Not that we’ve heard much from Nat lately – where are you Nat, we miss you?

  1.  Working on the lacy border for the Baby shawl commission that I’ve been slogging away at for a few months. Baby was due yesterday and I’ve run out of time! Trouble is, I get a numb bum if I sit for more than two hours at a time, so I can’t knit it any faster.

2. Whilst I’m still in my Summer linens and flip flops, I’m looking ahead to more typical Autumn weather and thinking about what to wear on the chillier days to come. I’m making the main view in orange and brown Ponte Roma – very seasonal colours. It’s actually a dress which looks like a skirt and top and I reckon it’ll get a lot of wear as it’s as comfortable as a tracksuit but MUCH smarter for everyday use. In fact, I’ve already got plans for a second one in different colours.

3. I finally got around to buying some spray starch for all those crocheted daisies that I made back in July. What a difference it makes. These are going to be a garland for my upcycled oak dresser.

4. As you probably know, I cook a LOT, so should be pretty good by now. However, cakes are not my forté – they always taste great….but look rubbish. Not this time! I used this Carrot Cake  recipe and followed it to the letter and it actually rose!

5. I doubled up on the icing so that I could put some in the middle, too, and topped it off with the grated zest of an orange.

6. Here’s what’s left of it on the far right after a friend hosted a very successful charity MacMillan Coffee Morning during which over £200 was raised!

7. My iPhone 5s is currently residing in a bag of rice. Why? Dear husband left it in his trouser pocket and it went through a wash cycle. I think it’s too far gone to dry out in a bag of rice. I’ve got 18 months left on the contract and no phone so you can imagine how cross I was. Anyone got a spare one…..?!

8. No.1 Son took a snap of the harvest lunch (as I no longer have a camera phone…). It was taken at the end when people had started to leave  so you’ll have to believe me when I say the hall was full and it was a lovely atmosphere.

9. And finally……#stitchingsanta 2016 has started! Click on this link to sign up and take part this year.



Sunday Sevens #53

Ah, late Summer – I love it. The Boys are back at school, the days are still long and warm and the bounty of the hedgerows is at its peak.

This week’s Sunday Sevens is more about the kitchen than the studio and, if you want to join in or find out more, visit Nat’s blog at Threads & Bobbins but, basically, it’s about showing seven photos of your week that may not be worth a full blog post in their own right. Oh, and it keeps you blogging when you’ve got nothing to say!

1. The first basket of elderberries picked – I had to be quick taking this photo before the hens came over to help themselves!


2. No.3 Son helping to strain the cooked elderberries ready to make jam. Wearing a white onesie is NOT the best choice.

Making Elderberry Jam

3. An early morning photo showing the freshly made hay bales in the field which is usually the cue to take the pool down and pack it away for next year, except it was so hot yesterday that The Boys were swimming in it still!


4. We did, however, deconstruct the outdoor gazebo area. The dogs promptly curled up on the quilts that came in for washing.


5. The sloes from last year’s sloe gin were kept in the fridge (alcohol is a great preserver) and Mr H-L made Sloe Port from them using red wine and brandy.

Sloe Port

6. I have this wonderful book which was a gift received soon after we started keeping hens. It has a brilliant recipe for hollandaise sauce which I use often.

eggs book

7. My appetite whetted by Camilla’s photo, I made Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and the aforementioned hollandaise sauce. Delicious!

ehhs royale

8. Of course, I had to make some butter first…..!


9. Oops, this is photo number nine but I had to include it to show that I am still beavering away at Christmas presents – this is the fifth out of seven luxury scarves I am making.


The rest of the week will no doubt be spent preserving more hedgerow goodies whilst they’re there for the taking.

Is anybody else busy making jam/chutney/liqueurs with the September harvest?