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Sunday Sevens #31

A quick round up of my week – the highlight of which was a visit to Liberty’s of London! And, yes, I did spend too much….

1. We did two of the Shaun The Sheep trails around London, this one was spotted in Chinatown. They’re also in Bristol which is closer to home so maybe next week….

Shaun the sheep in Chinatown

2. Interior of Liberty’s in Regent Street. Just stunning architecture.

Liberty's inside

3. Just to prove I was there!

Liberty's of London

4. I bought a metre and a half of three different fabrics and a ball of Kidsilk Haze to border my shawl.

I plan on making some summer tops or dresses but haven’t decided on patterns as yet.

Liberty fabrics

5. My daughter’s unfinished portrait in oils from her artists weekend we bought her for her birthday. It’s going to be good when it’s finished isn’t it?

Holly's portrait

6. Cheeky shot of Mr H-L Calendar-Girl style!

Naked digger

7. All he did was to move a pile of earth from one part of the garden to another as far as I could tell.

The Boys claimed the spoil as their WW1 trench, erected chicken wire ‘barbed wire’, dressed in camouflage gear and spent a very happy day rolling around in mud.


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