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Jam, Flowers and WIP


Wow, we’ve got loads of blackberries this year! Sadly we won’t have as many next year because, whilst we were away, my son thoughtfully pruned the overhanging branches (quote – “Only the ones with no blackberries on”). He has unwittingly removed most of the growth that was going to produce next year’s fruit!! Hey ho, these things happen. blackberries

blackberryThe Girls eat as many as they can reach; it’s hilarious watching the way they flap with all their might in an effort to jump higher to get to the juicy, ripe ones which are just out of pecking distance!

hen eating blackberriesI am going to make as much blackberry and apple jam as I can this year in the hope that it will last longer. First two batches are in jars awaiting ‘hats’ and labels. I always give some away as Christmas presents paired with matching jars of homemade marmalade or another jam, so gingham hats and raffia ties are a must!

Jam making small

They look rather nice as homemade gifts go!

Homemade jam gift small

For our own use, I transfer jam from the jars into a lovely vintage jam pot. The lid was dropped onto the tiled floor and, unfortunately, didn’t survive, but I still love it.

vintage jam potsmall

Of course, there’s always a little bit left over that has to go through Quality Control….

Homemade jam small

If you let your hens free-range as we do, you’ll know that growing flowers in the garden is nearly impossible so my lovely husband brings home glorious blooms on a regular basis. Even so, the cheeky chickens still hop onto the coffee table to peck at the stamens! These should be safe though, as they’re well out of the way up on the dining table.

Vase of liliessmall


I know lilies are associated with funerals and many people don’t like them for that reason, but I absolutely love, love, LOVE them!

Stargazer Lilysmall

I wouldn’t dream of removing the stamens that stain everything a dark orange either; they’re just so pretty:)

Lily close upsmall

I wish I could paint – I would have my own watercolour floral masterpieces clinging to the walls like wallpaper….but alas my creative talents lie in a different direction.

Talking of which, here are a couple of WIPs – this one just waiting the addition of a few bits of hardware that are marked by eBay as ‘dispatched’…

Granny stripes smallGranny square flowers smallIncreasing base small

…and this one. In the words of Rolf Harris “Can you guess what it is yet?”.


And no, it’s not another basket. Intrigued? Watch this space….!

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10 thoughts on “Jam, Flowers and WIP

  1. Wonderful photos…. I love the one with the hen LOL you are soooo very busy, with your Christmas jams …drool, loving your crochet goodies such beautiful colours


    • Thanks – although I nearly didn’t use the “C” word as it is only August; but blackberries won’t wait until December unless they’re frozen of course. Anyway, it means a few less presents to worry about nearer the time. As for the hens, well, they’re into everything!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha ha! I haven’t even mentioned all the things I’ve started to make as pressies, but with the requests I’ve had methinks I should have started on Boxing Day!


  3. Yumm! I want to go eat some jam on toast now! I don’t can myself, yet! My step mama is about to do some though and I am anxious to help. I love your WIPs and the colors! In your last post you were talking about the seam in your project (I also hate that you can see them). But I did come across this technique on Pinterest and maybe it will help!


  4. What a lovely colourful post! 🙂 Picture after picture shows a beautiful contented life.! Your poor son, and all done with good intentions of helping ;-/ Your WIP’s are wonderful, I really must start working toward C things pretty soon too 🙂


    • Blimey Caren, I should think you have enough in your stash without having to make any especially for Christmas – you’re so productive I’m dead envious! And I suppose I am pretty much content with my lot now you’ve made me think about it. Although you do need to be creative and have a hobby or two to entertain yourself in deepest darkest Somerset!!


      • LOL! When you put it like that Sheila… I do seem to have a lot in store!!! 😀 but I had a couple of ideas for those nearest and dearest that I wanted to make, but, being put back with the commissions, so far, I’ve only had time to stroke the fabric occasionally when I pass by the pile ;-/
        Living in Somerset seems idyllic compared to grim grey Bolton (as it is for most of the year) I am still very jealous of your outdoor day bed too, I can’t think of anything more pleasant than languishing in the open countryside and being creative! So, I know what you mean about needing a hobby, I just can’t envisage not making things any more…I’m just worried, one day, we will all be like sardines squished in our house with everything I’ve made!!! 🙂

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