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Tutorial: Crochet Poncho


This last week has been pretty miserable weather-wise in South Somerset. I have managed to walk the dogs on several days but mostly they put one paw on the doorstep, feel the rain and high-tail it back indoors. They’re most definitely fair-weather walkers which is a shame because I quite like walking in the rain.

On the plus side, being cosied up in front of a roaring fire has had its advantages in that I’ve been finishing some WIPs (and starting some others…) and I actually have one ready to show you complete with a tutorial!

This one was relatively straightforward – I wrote the pattern as I went and got it right first time…with no unpicking at all! Or should I say “frogging”. That’s a lovely word that I’ve only just come across but I think I’ll use it in future:)

Anyway, drum roll please…..


crochet poncho

Most of the poncho patterns out there seem to be decorative rather than functional and I wanted one that could replace a coat and scarf, so I designed this one with a toasty cowl neck that can be rolled up around my face if it gets windy.

crochet poncho3

Two rows of granny stripe in blue were added at the bottom edge for a bit more interest.

crochet poncho4

Impossible to get a decent selfie but this gives you an idea of what it looks like on;

crochet poncho5

I love it!

It crochets up really quickly and could be finished in two or three evenings so why not have a go? Here are the instructions: –


You will need: 5 x 100g super chunky yarn in Red and 1 x 100g in Blue (I used “Life Super Chunky” by Stylecraft with 25%wool)

10mm crochet hook

Tension: 6 rows and 9tr in 10x10cm


In Red, Ch50, sl st in first chain to join round

*Ch3, 1tr in each st to end. Join with a sl st into ch3* Repeat ** until your work measures 8″ (20cm) then continue on to work the Poncho


Ch3, 1tr, ch1, 2tr all into next stitch (centre back), 1tr into next 26 stitches, 2tr, ch1, 2tr all into next stitch (centre front), 1tr in each stitch to end.

Subsequent rows are all treble crochet, increasing at centre back and front as follows: 2tr, ch1, 2tr

Repeat until your arm length measures 20″ (50cm)

Change to Blue in the sl st to join the last round.

Ch3, 2tr,*sk 2, 3tr* Repeat ** to end increasing at centre back and front as before. Join with a sl st.

Repeat last row.

For the final row, work 1dc into each stitch to end. Fasten off and weave in ends.

And there you have it! A lovely warm crocheted poncho to see you through Autumn:)

crochet poncho2

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128 thoughts on “Tutorial: Crochet Poncho

  1. I love this poncho ,I’m trying to crochet this but I can’t figure out how to connect the rows plz help Clara

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  2. Thank you. May I do dc instead of tr?

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  3. I love this and have been looking for one to keep a person warm. I want to make this to fit a 3X person. How many chains would I start with? And any other ideas? Thanks…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Are the stitches written in British or American terms

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  8. How can I print pattern?

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  9. Stitch count not even on first poncho row. 28 stitches used leaving only 22 after second centre. ??


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  11. I love this poncho. I made this with super bulky yarn and it’s is so warm and squishy. I think I’ll make another with lighter yarn. Can you add this pattern to Ravelry?


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  15. Absolutely perfect for my needs and skills.
    Can you use a lighter yarn than chunky and get a lovely result? We live in a warmer climate.
    Thank you so much!


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