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Sunday Sevens #12


My week in pictures for this, the twelfth, #sundaysevens – pop over to Natalie at Threads & Bobbins to see what it’s all about:)

1. Advent Calendar finished in the nick of time! I have a tutorial to post later this week.


2. The Christmas DVDs are coming out! Watching “The Polar Express” with the boys.

photo 5

3. They drew 0-0 but Freddy got “Man of the match” – check out that medal!

photo 2

4. Fifi and Tess curled up as close as they can get – they definitely sense when you’re in pain.

photo 3

5. Bedside book bag (tutorial here) made for a little girl’s Christmas present….


6. ….leftover fabric made a sweet little cover for pocket tissues to go in the box for my #sewingsanta giftee:)


7. It’s coming off tomorrow – my husband’s “Monkey’s Tail” for Movember.

photo 1

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14 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #12

  1. I love the advent calendar… I’m looking forward to your blog post to find out what you have put in those little pockets! Adam and I had a little chuckle at your husband’s monkey tail too, we both think that he should keep that all year round!
    Sorry to hear you were unwell, hope you are feeling better 🙂

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    • It’s all in a good cause though and supposed to make you smile! He had cancer two years ago so men’s health is one of the things he likes to shout about:) I don’t believe in chocolate advent calenders so the ‘gifts’ in this one are slightly different. All will be revealed….

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  2. Seeing your sewing Santa gift made me feel like I need to get my skates in for mine! I have a couple of items, but need to give it some further thought…

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  3. That moustache is genius!!! He absolutely mustn’t shave it off!

    Anyway, I love the advent calendar. What’s on the little cards in each pocket? You’re going to tell me to wait for the tutorial to find out, aren’t you!

    Congratulations on a successful week. 🙂

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  4. Love the moustache! And I hope you’re feeling better.

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    • It certainly has been a conversation starter all month – even total strangers have approached him to donate! I usually start feeling better after the first bucket of painkillers has kicked in about 10am each morning:)

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  5. I love the advent calendar too! What sort of treats have you included? I also think the bedside book holder is such a lovely and pretty idea. I’ve also started watching Christmas films, but Polar Express is one I like to save until Christmas Eve 🙂

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    • Inserts will be revealed in my post later today:) I’ve made quite a few book holders for people as they’re such a simple but useful thing if you’ve no room for a shelf or table next to the bed. Our favourite Christmas film is, of course, “It’s A Wonderful Life” which we’ve already watched three times in the last couple of weeks! It always makes me blub and I NEVER cry over a film! The boys ask to watch it again and again which is lovely seeing as it was made in 1947 and is black and white:)

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